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March 2007



Karen Tandy speaking the truth

This gem from a speech by DEA head Karen Tandy back in 2005 has been making the rounds, and it is so true that I had to include it here as the quote of the day:

Our fight against drugs clearly knows no borders, it respects no age, and it respects no jurisdictions. We are […]


Weekend Updates

“bullet” Server problems. Sorry for those of you who were having problems accessing the site yesterday. Salonblogs was undergoing emergency server repair and the comments were out (and tended to freeze up the loading of this page). “bullet” Welcome to WJBC listeners who caught me on the Steve Fast show yesterday. I had a fun […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Drug Sense Weekly (and yes, the feature article is mine) “bullet”

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Last night’s panel

There’s an article about it in today’s Pantagraph by Sharon K. Wolfe. The headline: Drug advocates focus efforts on reforming laws is a little misleading (“drug advocates”?), but those are usually written by somebody else. And they spelled my name wrong. But the article itself does a good job of briefly hitting some of the […]

Open Thread

“bullet” For those in Central Illinois, don’t forget that Prohibition Kills: An Evaluation of the War on Drugs is tonight at 7 pm. “bullet” Tomorrow, I will be on the Steve Fast show on WJBC radio at 4:40 pm (Central time) to discuss the issues involved in tonight’s panel. “bullet” Via Philip Smith, check out […]

More people thinking about Afghanistan solutions

Daily Times, Pakistan:

As international efforts to eradicate Afghanistan’s opium production have proven fruitless and the problem keeps getting worse, some European governments are weighing legalisation of the drug trade, a German magazine, Spiegel Online, reported on Tuesday. “Governments in Berlin, Paris and Rome, along with NATO leadership are discussing a potentially explosive new idea: […]

Bong Hits 4 Jesus — the slogan of a new revolution?


It’s rare that arguments about something as stupid as a banner declaring “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” make their way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

This has been a fairly common theme in the press. I’ve read a number of articles that have disparaged Joseph Frederick for his stupid, immature banner, and the Supreme Court […]

DEA now accepting tips online

Announced yesterday:

Starting today on this web site,, the public can inform federal drug agents about illegal drug trafficking activity in their communities by submitting a tip on-line.

Yeah, that’s right. The DEA, a federal agency, wants to find more ways to short-circuit local law enforcement and have citizens communicate directly with them. […]

Speaking of oblivious…

Over at the WSJ