Weekend Updates

“bullet” Server problems. Sorry for those of you who were having problems accessing the site yesterday. Salonblogs was undergoing emergency server repair and the comments were out (and tended to freeze up the loading of this page).
“bullet” Welcome to WJBC listeners who caught me on the Steve Fast show yesterday. I had a fun time on the show, although it was way too short to really get the points across about the problems with prohibition. If you have any comments, questions, or disagreements, please feel free to post them here.
“bullet” WJBC also has this very short (just a few seconds) audio clip of Greg Francisco from Thursday’s panel. Nice pick.
“bullet” For some light reading, check out this entertaining piece: Bong Hits’ Dude Strikes a Blow for Class Clowns
“bullet” With Passover beginning Monday, there may be some Ashkenazim wishing they were Sephardim.
“bullet” More drug war victims of one kind or another via The Agitator: Botched Drug Raid Kills Ex-Marine (disturbing story with more here); Colorado Makes Way for the Next Peter McWilliams (read the entire Denver Post article — it’s heartwrenching); John Tierney covers the pain doctor re-trial in Opening Salvos at the Hurwitz Trial.

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