Last night’s panel

There’s an article about it in today’s Pantagraph by Sharon K. Wolfe. The headline: Drug advocates focus efforts on reforming laws is a little misleading (“drug advocates”?), but those are usually written by somebody else. And they spelled my name wrong. But the article itself does a good job of briefly hitting some of the highlights.
I had a great time, and really enjoyed sharing the stage with Greg Francisco and George Pappas. We seemed to complement each other well in terms of the points we covered (and boy, did we give them a lot of good information). The audience was interested and engaged and probably would have stayed beyond the hour of Q&A that we had after the presentations.
A big thanks to the Illinois State University chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy for putting it all together.
Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get it videotaped. Sorry — I would have loved to share it with you. However, you can see the powerpoint slides we used (converted to web — just click on each page to advance) here, and you’ll get a little idea of some of the points we covered.

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