Open Thread

“bullet” For those in Central Illinois, don’t forget that Prohibition Kills: An Evaluation of the War on Drugs is tonight at 7 pm.
“bullet” Tomorrow, I will be on the Steve Fast show on WJBC radio at 4:40 pm (Central time) to discuss the issues involved in tonight’s panel.
“bullet” Via Philip Smith, check out Do Skunk Stats Stink at STATS.
“bullet” The drug czar is touting a New Zealand pilot study claiming an increased lung cancer risk from cannabis. Of course, the New Zealand study is nowhere near as detailed and uses a sample that’s only a fraction of the U.S. study (Tashkin) that found that even very heavy marijuana use did not cause cancer, but the ONDCP failed to mention that.
“bullet” A couple of readers have sent me a link to Totally Baked Movie. Based on what I saw of the trailer, I seriously doubt that any Academy Award nominations will be forthcoming.
“bullet” Welcome Bob Barr to the drug policy reform movement. We’ll take converts any day.

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