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February 2007



Crime or Disease?

TV 10 in San Diego has a story out Who is Winning the War On Drugs?. It’s pretty standard TV journalism fare — a mention of LEAP and alcohol prohibition, some good points, some ignorant points. Overall, a reasonable balance for such a source. But then they decide to do a poll. An actual, four […]

Target America dying a slow, agonizing death

Today, the DEA unveiled the next tour stop of their offensive “Target America” exhibit. From what I can tell, it’s pretty pathetic — a small part of the exhibit that was at the Museum of Science and Industry, moved to the hallway in the lower level of Navy Pier in Chicago, next to the escalators, […]

Tucker Carlson vs. Mark Souder

And Carlson wins in a knockout. Watch this video all the way through and see how Tucker continually sets up Souder and lets him hang himself. The end of it is classic!

[Thanks, Jay]

Here’s a rough transcript of the last part:

Carlson: … and how many people died from marijuana overdoses last year?

Souder: […]

The DEA is… like cool, man

The DEA sends out a “Biweekly E-mail Informant” where they brag about their recent arrests, and sometimes it’s just embarrassing when they try to be hip, fly, phat, groovy and happenin’ Here are the headlines for the current issue:

Operation Polar Express Puts the Chill on Boston Ecstasy Traffickers NYC Heroin Trafficker Trades in Bling […]

Open Thread and Drug War Chronicle

Here’s this week’s issue. Vote Hemp’s press release does a nice job of nailing the DEA.

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American Idol controversy

I’ve never really had much interest in American Idol and haven’t followed it at all, but this item caught my attention. Apparently Akron Watson has been disqualified from the Hollywood Round, and speculation is that it may be for a previous marijuana bust. However, I’m skeptical about that reported reason, given:

Watson told Fox about […]