The DEA is… like cool, man

The DEA sends out a “Biweekly E-mail Informant” where they brag about their recent arrests, and sometimes it’s just embarrassing when they try to be hip, fly, phat, groovy and happenin’
Here are the headlines for the current issue:

  • Operation Polar Express Puts the Chill on Boston Ecstasy Traffickers
  • NYC Heroin Trafficker Trades in Bling and Classic Cars for Jail Time
  • Sour Grapes for the Vineland Boys: San Fernando Valley Gangsters get Decades-Long Prison Terms

Here’s another odd moment in one of the pieces:

“This group marketed their Ecstasy by using images such as superman, a bat, a kangaroo, and even the Statue of Liberty. It’s ironic that a group of traffickers who chose to use our symbol of liberty now face losing theirs,” said DEA Special Agent in Charge of the New England Field Division, June Stansbury.

There is, in fact, more irony in Stansbury’s statement — representing, as she does, an agency that works to take away Americans’ freedom — than there is in the Ecstasy images.

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