Tucker Carlson vs. Mark Souder

And Carlson wins in a knockout.
Watch this video all the way through and see how Tucker continually sets up Souder and lets him hang himself. The end of it is classic!

[Thanks, Jay]

Here’s a rough transcript of the last part:

Carlson: … and how many people died from marijuana overdoses last year?

Souder: Uh, if you count the, uh, uh, amount of crime associated with marijuana…

Carlson: No, no, just marijuana overdoses. Just the drug itself, which you said is like cocaine now. How many people died from it?

Souder: Uh, I don’t, I don’t, uh. 65 percent of emergency room admissions for drug abuse are marijuana.

Carlson: Huh. OK. But did anyone die that you know of?

Souder: Uh, presumably so, thousands have died, the only question is, you said “overdose” –that isn’t even most of the deaths related to prescription drug or to cocaine or heroin — there’s a whole range of drug crimes and so on. I don’t know the number of overdose. Marijuana is often managed ah, with meth —
no drug user is a single drug user so marijuana is often in the mix of most deaths so it would be very hard to separate what’s what. A marijuana user is very seldom just a casual marijuana user, ah, except in the early stages, they’re often gonna polydrug.

Carlson: Yeah. OK. I’m not endorsing drugs, but I know a lot of casual marijuana users, so, that’s wrong.

But I appreciate you coming on. Thanks a lot, Congressman.

Souder: Thank you, Tucker.

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