Target America dying a slow, agonizing death

Today, the DEA unveiled the next tour stop of their offensive “Target America” exhibit.
From what I can tell, it’s pretty pathetic — a small part of the exhibit that was at the Museum of Science and Industry, moved to the hallway in the lower level of Navy Pier in Chicago, next to the escalators, near the stained glass exhibit.
As far as I can tell so far, the media has had very little interest in even mentioning it (as of this moment, a TV station clear across the state in Moline, Illinois is the only one besides the DEA reporting it).
It seems likely that our efforts to protest the exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry have had an effect — and alerted the media that this is biased propaganda.
Our website responding to the DEA exhibit — DEA Targets America — has gotten quite a bit of visibility.
This partial exhibit will be at Navy Pier until September. It seems unlikely that there will be another exhibit after this one.

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