American Idol controversy

I’ve never really had much interest in American Idol and haven’t followed it at all, but this item caught my attention.
Apparently Akron Watson has been disqualified from the Hollywood Round, and speculation is that it may be for a previous marijuana bust. However, I’m skeptical about that reported reason, given:

  1. Watson told Fox about the bust up front
  2. Fox stood behind Bo Bice in season 4 (despite previous cocaine and marijuana arrest records)
  3. Paula Abdul

Fox has said they will never reveal the reason for Watson’s disqualification.
The controversy did bring back memories for me of the 1998 Winter Olympics when Ross Rebagliati almost lost his snowboarding gold medal for testing positive for trace amounts of marijuana. Or when World Flying Disc Federation decided to start disqualifying ultimate frisbee players for testing positive for marijuana.
I ask you. What kind of a horrible world is this, if snowboarders, ultimate frisbee players and musicians can’t smoke pot?

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