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May 2006



Radley: Raiding Reality

In this article in National Review Online, Radley Balko nails Sensenbrenner and Hastert for caring more about fellow congressmen than their constituents.

Funny. Congress — especially GOP leaders like Hastert and Sensenbrenner — don’t seem nearly as concerned when much more violent, confrontational raids happen to their own constituents. In fact, last week, just as […]

Another victim of the drug war: science

At Don’t Try This at Home by Steve Silberman in Wired.

Garage chemistry used to be a rite of passage for geeky kids. But in their search for terrorist cells and meth labs, authorities are making a federal case out of DIY science.

A fascinating article on the legal hurdles placed in the path of […]

Do you know the Muffin Man?

… well you may have to visit him in prison for the next 10-20 years. Check out this must-read post by Micah over at Dare Generation Diary about the honor student and his friend who brought some marijuana-spiked muffins to the teachers lounge at school as a prank. Prosecutors are now looking to upgrade the […]

Deadly Drug… prohibition

A Deadly Heroin Mixture Is Claiming Dozens of Lives This story has been picking up steam in recent days as more and more people are dying around the country from this mix of heroin and fentanyl. This is a serious problem and is a fault of prohibition. Remember:

Under prohibition, we have given the […]

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Nall Y’all makes a difference

Check out Alabama gubernatorial candidate Loretta Nall’s story of her opportunity to speak to The National Coalition of 100 Black Women. What a wonderful moment she had.

Congressman subjected to office raid by men in suits

I don’t have a lot to say about the FBI visit to Congressman William Jefferson’s office. Certainly it has the potential to raise interesting Constitutional issues, but I don’t know enough about the warrant, or the circumstances around the search of his office. However, the response by Congress has been… disturbing. Suddenly, Democrats and Republicans […]

and the cracks in the facade begin to show

Fayetteville Observer Editorial”

… We have been at this for decades. Americans are now the most imprisoned people on the planet. The pace is picking up. And we seem to have no other main-line defense in prospect. That burdens supporters of the lock-’em-up ideology with the duty of answering a few questions. Is this what […]

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