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A Deadly Heroin Mixture Is Claiming Dozens of Lives
This story has been picking up steam in recent days as more and more people are dying around the country from this mix of heroin and fentanyl.
This is a serious problem and is a fault of prohibition.

Under prohibition, we have given the right to the criminal of

  • who’s going to supply the drugs to the United States,
  • what kind of drugs are going to be supplied,
  • how much those drugs are going to cost,
  • how they’re going to be produced,
  • how potent they’re going to be
  • what age levels they’re going to sell to,
  • and where they’re going to sell.

And if they decide they’re going to sell to 10-year-old kids on our playgrounds, by God that’s where they’ll be sold.

– Jack Cole [of LEAP

And, of course, that means that we have given full control over the safety and purity of drugs to the criminal as well.
The government should know this full well, since this is not the first time we’ve faced this problem. Think back to the ‘good old days’ of alcohol prohibition:

There were few if any production standards during Prohibition, and the potency and quality of products varied greatly, making it difficult to predict their effect. The production of moonshine during Prohibition was undertaken by an army of amateurs and often resulted in products that could harm or kill the consumer. Those products were also likely to contain dangerous adulterants, a government requirement for industrial alcohol.
According to Thomas Coffey, “the death rate from poisoned liquor was appallingly high throughout the country. In 1925 the national toll was 4,154 as compared to 1,064 in 1920. And the increasing number of deaths created a public relations problem for . . . the drys because they weren’t exactly accidental.”[18] Will Rogers remarked that “governments used to murder by the bullet only. Now it’s by the quart.”

[Thanks, Bill]
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