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May 2006



Picking up some steam

The news about the study showing no cancer connection to marijuana smoking is getting some wide coverage. Here’s a few so far: Boston Globe, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Scientific American, Reuters, Reuters, UK, FOX News, ABC News, MSNBC, BioX, China, Thanh Nien Daily, Vietnam, and Science Now (with the cute title: Mary Jane Trumps Joe Camel).


WebMD reports Pot Smoking Not Linked to Lung Cancer

We’ve been aware of this study for a little while now — but still it’s nice to see it showing up: WebMD

Pot Smoking Not Linked to Lung Cancer Study Shows No Increased Risk for Even the Heaviest Marijuana Smokers By Salynn Boyles, WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD on Tuesday, May 23, […]


Nell Bernstein, author of “All Alone in the World: Children of the Incarcerated,” writes in We Are All Prisoners Now:

One of the basic functions of incarceration is invisibility: We place our prisons in remote rural counties, build high walls and lock out the media. Then we fortify those walls with stigma, so that […]

Jury comes through – Dr. Paul Heberle acquitted

A victory for pain sufferers in the Government’s war to inflict pain upon them — Via Radley Balko:

Erie, PA- Nearly one year following his splashy perp walk courtesy of Attorney General Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, physician Paul Heberle, D. O. was cleared of all charges by an Erie jury earlier today. Citing a lack […]

Various things

“bullet” Cosmic Tap on Marijuana Muffins, Reefer Madness and Drugging Kids “bullet” LastOneSpeaks on an an annoying puff piece about Karen Tandy “bullet” Disturbing Statistics: 1,000 jailed per week; 62% of those in jails not convicted.

Open Thread

There’s a couple of articles that I’ve been meaning to discuss, but others have done a good job of taking them on, so I’ll link instead.

thehim properly trashes a really stupid article on “drugged driving Radley parses and dissects Jonah Goldberg’s rather bizarre What if Mexicans were Crack piece.

I’m off to play a […]

Colorable Suspicion?

Just got this from Tom at DARE Generation Diary

Stop Congress From Expanding School Searches Students for Sensible Drug Policy is asking for your help to stop a bill that would further curtail the rights of students in public schools all across the country. The so-called “Student and Teacher Safety Act of 2006” (H.R. 5295) […]

The media needs education on the economics of the drug trade

Marcela Sanchez has an interesting article in today’s Washington Post: Bolivia’s Morales Wants to Expand Coca Use The article covers most of the salient points about the issue that have been covered here and elsewhere, but glaringly absent is any understanding on the part of Ms. Sanchez of two critical points regarding cocaine trade:

Cocaine […]

This is Bill O’Reilly’s brain…

Via Media Matters May 17:

O’REILLY: You know, this immigration thing is very interesting because it — it points out a lot of things, bigger issues that y’all should be aware of. You know, Mexico doesn’t care about us. Mexico doesn’t care about the United States. And, you know, it — it — we have […]

National Parent Vigil

Today in the mail, I received an envelope from the Drug Enforcement Administration. What a delight! I so seldom hear from them. It was my ticket to “A Vigil for Lost Promise” on June 8. (Sent by official DEA taxpayer mail, of course. Would they do the same for this Vigil for Lost Promise?) The […]