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January 2004



A National Police Force?

Yesterday’s Denver Post had some additional detail on the case of the marijuana stolen by the Feds (here’s my recap of the case), and the Post article included this:

Department of Justice attorney Michael Hegarty argued that the officers who went into Don Nord’s apartment in Hayden on Oct. 14 were all deputized […]

What’s the special of the day?

This man wants your bong.

Take a good look. Scary, intense, powerful U.S. Attorney for Nebraska appointed by George Bush. According to the Lincoln Journal Star, he calls his work “part of the United States’ push for narcotics ‘demand reduction.’ When U.S. officials ask countries such as Mexico and Colombia to fight drug supplies, he said, officials there ask […]


I was very honored to have been nominated at Wampum for Koufax Awards for Best Single Issue Blog and Best New Blog. I didn’t make the finals in either category, but no matter — there’s some really great blogs to check out and vote for. Do so here. However, all that pales in comparison […]

Around the web…

“bullet” Via Vice Squad, Art Garfunkel is fighting the charges. “bullet” Via TalkLeft. Read Senator Durbin’s response to Ashcroft’s unwillingness to even discuss American freedom:

Attorney General Ashcroft’s response today is an unfortunate over-reaction to a reasoned and measured effort to mend the PATRIOTAct. Three months ago I asked senior officials at the Department […]

Businessman shot in botched raid

In Wednesday’s Gazette:

58 year-old Streamwood man Robert Kennigil was shot four times Tuesday night by federal agents serving an internal revenue service audit at his home office. He was pronounced dead at Mercy Hospital two hours later. Mr. Kennigil was the owner of a mail-order sports clothing company. Treasury spokesman Mark Connell […]

Worth its weight in gold

Disgusted Vet wrote and pointed out that the price of gold has dropped to $406.70 an ounce. At this rate, gold may soon be cheaper than marijuana. (23% of those polled at Marijuana Prices Directory claim to have paid over $300 for a good ounce)

Comment on Drug Court and the War on Drugs

Drugs and Alcohol

ONDCP to link drugs and drinking in new ads that debut in the Superbowl. The beer and liquor industries are not amused. Of course, these ads as usual will probably not work. Oddly enough, the ONDCP will be allowed to experiment with high priced controversial issue ads on the Superbowl using our tax money, […]

Federal Tyranny

Libby at Last One Speaks points out a good article at alternet: States Rights vs. Federal Tyranny by David Morris

So here we are. Conservatives dominate all three branches of government. They are using their control of the legislative and executive branches to assert their authority to police individual behavior.

Read through the recent […]