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“bullet” Via Vice Squad, Art Garfunkel is fighting the charges.
“bullet” Via TalkLeft. Read Senator Durbin’s response to Ashcroft’s unwillingness to even discuss American freedom:

Attorney General Ashcroft’s response today is an unfortunate over-reaction to a reasoned and measured effort to mend the PATRIOTAct. Three months ago I asked senior officials at the Department of Justice to work with me and my staff on changes to the PATRIOT Act that reflect the very real concerns of many Americans. After 90 days of silence, today they issued a veto threat. This extraordinary reaction to a bill that hasn’t even had a hearing in the Senate demonstrates that the Administration fears that this reasonable bipartisan approach is likely to succeed.

Go Dick!
“bullet” Today’s the day. Great Britain has reclassified and downgraded marijuana. See TalkLeft’s post and my earlier posts.
“bullet” Good article. Great headline: No Child’s Urine Left Behind
“bullet” Interesting drug war discussion going on at John Kerry Internet Town Meeting. Why not join in? Maybe we can increase the candidate’s awareness.
“bullet” Eugene Volokh has commented on my student organization’s conflict with the university regarding their free speech rights. (I mentioned it back in November) Relevant documents are available here.

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