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August 2003



*Labor Day Reading…*

Labor Day Reading… I will be leaving for far northern Wisconsin this weekend, away from WiFi and cell phone reception, to visit my sister at her new log home, so I won’t be posting. However, I leave you with reading assignments. Check out Jacob Sullum’s article in Reason: Altered Minds: Former drug warriors turn against […]

*Meth / Speed / Crystal…

Meth / Speed / Crystal / Glass / Crank /Tweak / Yaba / Ice Peoria Pundit notes that two bills were signed by the Governor of Illinois this week to combat methamphetamine production (As Bill says “Yeah, well, that ought to solve the problem.”) These actually join other bills which were passed earlier this summer. […]

*Who is the United States…

Who is the United States Drug Czar? In looking through my referral logs today, I realized that an unusual number of people today were googling the phrase “Who is the United States Drug Czar?” And they’re coming to my site looking for this information. Perhaps it’s an assignment for a class? Well, I thought I’d […]

*Law Enforcement’s Drug of Choice*

*Bolivia: Drug War Casualties*

*New Links and Blogging Milestones…*

New Links and Blogging Milestones… It’s been an interesting day, coming out of a delightful weekend in my blog world. First, I met Jeff Trigg of RandomActOfKindness, a very bright and articulate defender of civil liberties who has a category on Decriminalization. Well, I met him in the blogosphere, but it was still great, and […]

*Tulia – 35 Pardoned!*

Tulia – 35 Pardoned! On Friday, Texas Governor Rick Perry pardoned 35 people who had been convicted due to an atrocious abuse of drug war tactics, a corrupt undercover deputy, and prosecutorial misconduct, which resulted in the 1999 arrest of 10% of this small town’s black population on drug charges without evidence. Within hours of […]

*Odds and Ends around the…

Odds and Ends around the Drug Reform Community Visit the Drug Policy Alliance Action Center. This is a great way to get involved easily. The site gives you specific action items regarding current legislative bills or issues, and one-click ways to send pre-written (or your own) letters, faxes, or emails to your Congresssional representatives or […]

*”Patriot Act, Victory Act, Despot…

“Patriot Act, Victory Act, Despot Act” “The cause we have chosen is just.” With these words, John Ashcroft kicks off his tour to defend the destruction of American freedom. Attorney General John Ashcroft is giving more than a dozen speeches around the country at taxpayer expense to promote the Patriot Act; and a new even […]

*Reactions to story on Canadian…

Reactions to story on Canadian MPs The Globe and Mail had some followups today on the story of MPs asking John Walter’s office to help defeat a Canadian marijuana bill. The editorial staff, while avoiding full condemnation, observed that “They look like sneaks, and deserve to be criticized.” A delightful letter to the editor gave […]