*New Links and Blogging Milestones…*

New Links and Blogging Milestones…
It’s been an interesting day, coming out of a delightful weekend in my blog world.
First, I met Jeff Trigg of RandomActOfKindness, a very bright and articulate defender of civil liberties who has a category on Decriminalization. Well, I met him in the blogosphere, but it was still great, and nice to discover that he’s in my home state. Check his site out.
Jeff was nice enough to link to me, which generated some other connections, including another interesting local blog – Bill Dennis’ Peoria Pundit. Bill has the fascinating pedigree of a “former liberal Democrat, former member of Libertarian Party, now small-‘L’ libertarian and anti-idiotarian media critic.” Bill was kind enough to link to me as well
Anyway, partly as a result of this Illinois blogaround over the weekend… somehow,
blogdex decided that Drug WarRant was an element of “the most contagious information currently spreading in the weblog community” and listed me in the top 50 this morning. This resulted in a spike of visitors today (Hey, I’m new enough to consider 50 or 60 new visitors a major spike!) and…
I got my first nasty, incoherent email today, from a process server who didn’t like my views.
Thus ends my first month as a blogger. I think I’ve made it!

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