*Odds and Ends around the…

Odds and Ends around the Drug Reform Community
bullet imageVisit the Drug Policy Alliance Action Center. This is a great way to get involved easily. The site gives you specific action items regarding current legislative bills or issues, and one-click ways to send pre-written (or your own) letters, faxes, or emails to your Congresssional representatives or other public officials. If you wish, it will remember your address, representatives, and which action items you’ve already done. Some of the current action items include:

bullet imageLast One Speaks has an excellent piece on Operation Eradication in Columbia.
bullet imageA candlelight vigil is being planned outside the Supreme Court September 22, as a memorial to medical marijuana patient and activist Cheryl Miller, who died June 7.
bullet imageThe October issue of Playboy magazine (not available online) is out with a feature by Dean Kuipers on the “Siege at Rainbow Farm.” Rainbow Farm was a Michigan meeting ground for marijuana activists. Kuipers’ dramatic re-creation of the deadly five-day standoff documents what really happened. (If you don’t want to pick up Playboy, here’s online info about the Rainbow Farm tragedy.) [Update: Full text now available online.]
bullet imageMedia Awareness Project has a focus alert on Donald Rumsfeld’s recent statements regarding supply side failure.
bullet imageDrugsense Weekly – a roundup of this week’s news in the drug war.
bullet imageStop the Drug War has its new issue of Drug War Chronicle online.

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