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“What I do with my body is my business.” – Washington State Patrol veteran Barbara Werner, talking about the COVID-19 vaccination. Hmmm…

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Positive news from the mess

Amid a Labor Shortage, Companies Are Eliminating Drug Tests. It’s a Trend That Could Create More Equitable Workplaces A growing number of companies are eliminating workplace drug testing to attract and retain workers amid a global labor shortage […] Vice … Continue reading

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So, we were right all along?

The years we spent dealing with the tired “What about the children?!?” arguments. Of course, we pointed out that teens may actually not be as eager to rebel with marijuana when grandma is taking it for her glaucoma. And we … Continue reading

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Is public discourse on drug overdoses improving?

This article today in the Washington Post caught my attention: Drug overdoses deaths soared to a record 93,000 last year The death toll jumped by more than 21,000, or nearly 30 percent, from 2019, according to provisional data released by … Continue reading

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Best headline response to Richardson facing Olympic disqualification for marijuana use

The Onion weighs in. Dream Crushed Over Trivial Bullshit Represents Nation Better Than Gold Medal Ever Could

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Great headline

Flint’s old police academy sold for marijuana grow facility despite objections

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Sharing with you a post I made today to a different audience… __________ This is a disturbing anniversary. Today, June 17, is 50 years since President Nixon declared drugs “public enemy number one” — a speech that kicked off a … Continue reading

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Amazon supports marijuana legalization

Amazon Won’t Screen Employees for Marijuana Use, Will Back Federal Legalization Amazon CEO Dave Clark said Tuesday that the company will no longer screen most of its employees for marijuana use, and it will back federal legalization legislation. “We will … Continue reading

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Time for drug sniffing dogs to find a new job

… and we’ve got one for them. On the Covid Front Lines, When Not Getting Belly Rubs The three Labradors, operating out of a university clinic in Bangkok, are part of a global corps of dogs being trained to sniff … Continue reading

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Senate Majority Leader

"Today is what you might call a very unofficial American holiday: 4/20." — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on legislation to end the federal prohibition on marijuana. — The Recount (@therecount) April 20, 2021

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