Supreme Court Frontrunner

According to several articles, the current frontrunner for President Biden to nominate to the Supreme Court to replace Breyer is Ketanji Brown Jackson, a former federal public defender.

Biden’s Likeliest Supreme Court Pick

Brian Fallon, the executive director of Demand Justice, a progressive group advocating for court reform, told me. “It would signal a new era and a shift away from the decades-long default to former prosecutors and corporate lawyers.”

It’s not going to change the overall makeup of the court, but having the voice of someone who has been a defender would be refreshing.

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5 Responses to Supreme Court Frontrunner

  1. Servetus says:

    Ketanji Brown Jackson would make an excellent justice on the Supreme Court. She’s had exposure to ground zero of the drug war with respect to its collateral damages. She likely understands the government’s marginalizing of certain people based on their recreational drug use, or illegal use of legal drugs. And she’s not a former prosecutor.

    Prosecutors and even judges can believe that the government and its laws do no wrong. Someone taking a job as a drug prosecutor would necessarily need to be blind to the possibility that drug wars may someday be listed among the greatest human rights crimes of all time.

    Drug prosecutors appear incapable of projecting their minds into a future they don’t believe in. They believe their own hype. They take their cues about illegal drugs from law schools while dissing knowledgeable and objective scientists and investigative committees like the Shafer Commission.

    The classic drug prosecutor is depicted by former NYC mayor Rudy (broken windows) Giuliani, whose subsequent political denouement could have been anticipated by the fact he started out as a US Associate Attorney General specializing in drug cases under Nancy and Ronald Reagan. Nixon collaborator and former FBI agent G. Gordon Liddy of Watergate fame was a drug prosecutor in Duchess County, New York. He led the raid on Tim Leary at Millbrook. A former California attorney general, later a Congressman, someone who has little name recognition today, is Dan Lungren, another evil and diminutive civil service screw-up who sparked his political career as a gung ho drug prosecutor. Dan’s daddy had been the personal physician and a close friend of Richard Nixon. Dan went on to introduce asset forfeiture in Congress as a drug war weapon in his tough on crime agenda. He wanted to “[m]ake it illegal for a dry cleaner or a grocery store to take money from a drug dealer (…) and if they do, seize the business. Put the merchant in jail.” Then there’s VP Kamala Harris, a former prosecutor in Alameda County and San Francisco, California Attorney General, and later US Senator, who famously laughed off her prosecutorial career in marijuana cases when asked. She did however advocate for the re-scheduling of cannabis as a senator, although it doesn’t look as if she’s being very effective in dealing with the President on the issue. The list is long.

    In the bad old days of the Inquisition, the terms “persecutor” and “prosecutor” were synonymous. 19th century historical works on the inquisitions often don’t make a direct distinction between the two words beyond their spellings. Today’s distinction is meant to avoid any perceived allegiance of modern jurisprudence to the techniques of inquisitions. It’s not been a good disguise. A DPA and ACLU poll indicated that 82 percent or more of US voters still believe the drug war sucks.

  2. Dixie Normous says:

    The nomination, confirmation, and appointment of Justices to the Supreme Court of the United States involves several steps set forth by the United States Constitution, which have been further refined and developed by decades of tradition. If you or someone you know are in need of help to recover from addiction, Transcend Recovery Community is here to help.

  3. Servetus says:

    Tucker Carlson lies about the Biden administration distributing crack pipes to promote drug addiction:

    Mike Ludwig counters:

    No, the Biden administration is not giving out “free crack pipes,” as Tucker Carlson claimed on his show Tuesday night, specifically touting the racist rumor that the alleged pipes were being given “to Black people.” Carlson and far right lawmakers are exploiting the harmful and racial stigma that still surrounds crack cocaine to score political points and get attention — and their attacks signal a broader backlash against crucial efforts to contain the drug overdose crisis and protect public health. […]

    The uproar over “crack pipes” comes at a critical moment in the overdose crisis. Stigma, misinformation and conservative pushback have prevented syringe exchanges and other harm reduction programs from receiving federal funding for decades. Meanwhile, the government’s efforts to contain the overdose crisis with prescribing restrictions and law enforcement have failed. As the number of drug-related deaths reached record highs during the pandemic, the Biden administration made tentative moves to support harm reduction while continuing to pour money into “traditional” policies rooted in the “war on drugs.” […]

  4. Servetus says:

    Another example of drug wars facilitating voyeurism and child molestations that get committed by prohibitionists found residing in public schools:

    Mar. 01, 2022–A Wisconsin superintendent faces charges after she allegedly held six girls in a high school bathroom and told them to strip down while she checked to see if they were hiding vaping devices.

    Oconto County District Attorney Edward Burke announced Monday that Suring Public Schools Superintendent Kelly Casper, 51, has been charged with six counts of false imprisonment following accusations that on Jan. 18, she made four of the girls strip down to their underwear in a school bathroom. […]

    Casper, suspecting the students of having vaping devices, allegedly directed the teens to a bathroom in the nurse’s office and told the nurse to assist by ensuring that no one who wasn’t involved in the search came into the area, according to court documents. The nurse told deputies that Casper offered for one of the students to be searched by police but that the student said she didn’t want “a cop” to search her…the superintendent had allegedly directed the kids to take off their clothes once in the bathroom and stood in the doorway while the girls were inside.

    “None of the children involved were given the opportunity to leave,” Burke said. “The only choice they were given was to have the search conducted by a police officer or Casper.” […]

    Someone may someday make a porn video about the Wisconsin public school vape scandal featuring Kelly Casper in the lead role. Questions will then arise about whether to prohibit prohibitionists from entering into schools, or interact with or teach children. The debate is long overdue.

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