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“NO ONE WOULD KNOW IT WAS US”: TRUMP THOUGHT COULD HE FIRE MISSILES INTO MEXICO AND BLAME IT ON ANOTHER COUNTRY …former Defense Secretary Mark Esper recounts that in the summer of 2020, Trump asked, on at least two occasions, … Continue reading

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John Oliver, Fentanyl, Harm Reduction

If you have HBO, I highly recommend watching the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Season 9, Episode 5). It may be available on other platforms. In this episode, Oliver takes on the misguided drug war approaches … Continue reading

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Website glitches

Updates to WordPress weren’t working properly with the theme that I was using for DrugWarrant, and we were losing some functionality (along with images, etc.). So I have switched to another theme. It will take a bit of getting used … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Frontrunner

According to several articles, the current frontrunner for President Biden to nominate to the Supreme Court to replace Breyer is Ketanji Brown Jackson, a former federal public defender. Biden’s Likeliest Supreme Court Pick Brian Fallon, the executive director of Demand … Continue reading

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Campaign Ad


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Corporate choices

I’m fascinated by all the concerned “freedom-fighters” who are opposed to companies mandating vaccination, negative COVID tests, and/or masks. Where have they been when it came to decades of drug testing? It seems odd to me that many of those … Continue reading

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Still Happening

Two Moms Reported to Child Services for False Positive Drug Tests from Poppy Seeds Today, two women filed lawsuits against Garnet Health Medical Center alleging that the Middletown, New York, hospital drug tested them without their consent when they were … Continue reading

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How long does it take to implement something that’s proven to work and saves lives? NYC Safe Injection Sites Open In Landmark Shot To Curb Overdoses A first-of-its-kind effort in New York City aims to prevent drug users from overdosing … Continue reading

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“What I do with my body is my business.” – Washington State Patrol veteran Barbara Werner, talking about the COVID-19 vaccination. Hmmm…

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Positive news from the mess

Amid a Labor Shortage, Companies Are Eliminating Drug Tests. It’s a Trend That Could Create More Equitable Workplaces A growing number of companies are eliminating workplace drug testing to attract and retain workers amid a global labor shortage […] Vice … Continue reading

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