“What I do with my body is my business.” – Washington State Patrol veteran Barbara Werner, talking about the COVID-19 vaccination.


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  1. Son of Sam Walton says:

    Forbes Magazine Slams Civil Asset Forfeiture. He indicates that cops become simple thieves and nothing more when this practice happens. The most important stuff in Forbes is Steves Comments/Facts front page and he slams it right there out in the open.

    He calls it Legalized Theivery.

  2. Uncle Albert"s Nephew says:

    Where was such outrage from the religious right when I was forced to piss in a cup?

  3. one of Pete’s fave subtopics (groan… my bad, couldn’t resist):

    Sailing ship captures a narco sub

  4. Servetus says:

    Artificial intelligence algorithms and computers allow drug law enforcement to ban drugs that haven’t yet been produced or offered for sale:

    15-NOV-2021– UBC researchers have trained computers to predict the next designer drugs before they are even on the market, technology that could save lives.

    Law enforcement agencies are in a race to identify and regulate new versions of dangerous psychoactive drugs such as bath salts and synthetic opioids, even as clandestine chemists work to synthesize and distribute new molecules with the same psychoactive effects as classical drugs of abuse.

    Identifying these so-called “legal highs” within seized pills or powders can take months, during which time thousands of people may have already used a new designer drug.

    But new research is already helping law enforcement agencies around the world to cut identification time down from months to days, crucial in the race to identify and regulate new versions of dangerous psychoactive drugs. […]

    AAAS Public Science News Release: UBC researchers train computers to predict the next designer drugs: Global law enforcement agencies are already using the new method

    Nature Machine Intelligence: A deep generative model enables automated structure elucidation of novel psychoactive substances. Michael A. Skinnider, Fei Wang, Daniel Pasin, Russell Greiner, Leonard J. Foster, Petur W. Dalsgaard & David S. Wishart

    • Son of Sam Walton says:

      This is as much good as it is bad. Under prohibition this is horrible, but also an advantage when wanting to combat substances that should never exist or be handed out to people who never wanted the negative consequences. It’ll help find naxalone style cures as well. But this will offer the world more forbidden fruit before they even grow on the vine with people naturally wanting to defy the law for various reasons. This will also help chemists find new drugs by having AI do the research as well.

  5. darkcycle says:

    Happy turkey day, couchmates. Will try to return to share up the WKRP Turkey-drop episode for tradition’s sake later (if someone can get to it before me, please share away), but for right now I am on my tablet, and that is more difficult than with my home confuser. Enjoy!

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