Idaho sheriff’s office circles its wagons

Southern Idaho law enforcement is up in arms about a marijuana dispensary opening in mid-September in the nearby border town of Jackpot, Nevada. Discussions with Nevada’s Elko County leaders to prevent the opening of Jackpot’s new 24/7-365 weed convenience store were unsuccessful:

… Similar to alcohol, marijuana is an intoxicant. It slows reflexes and impacts coordination, Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter said. […]

Deputies have been sent to drug recognition school and have training in spotting drivers operating under the influence of marijuana, he said.

“I have a good team of deputies,” Carter said. “If there is an issue, they will deal with it as they always have.”

After the grand opening of the dispensary, he expects law enforcement agencies to have increased patrols along U.S. Highway 93.

“Anyone engaging in illegal behavior should be aware they risk attracting attention from law enforcement,” Idaho State Police said in a statement.

Really? A “drug recognition school” for spotting drivers under the influence of marijuana? Is spotting the drivers even possible? Does this mean passengers under the influence will also be spotted?

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  1. Son of Sam Walton says:

    Idaho-based THC Magazine about Cannabis, Hemp, and First Nations People is published by Mary Jane (cannot remember her last name) who witnessed her grand-folks become illegally arrested for growing cannabis back when she was just a child either in the 80s or 90s. She states that the First Nations Tribes and First Nations Colleges are the paving way for all things hemp and hemp medicine base and that a Kansas–Nebraska tribe are hempcrete specialists.

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