Dangerous questions for ending drug wars

A dangerous question for prohibitionists and the politicians who favor drug wars might be this one:

“Do you agree or not that pertinent actions should be taken, within the legal and constitutional framework, to begin a process of investigation into political decisions made in years past by political actors, with the aim of guaranteeing justice and the rights of possible victims?”

The question originated in a recent voter referendum in Mexico that reflected deep dissatisfaction with former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s empowerment of the Merida Initiative, or what some call Obama-Biden Merida 2. The referendum envisions a means of forestalling an era of Biden-Harris Merida 3.

The U.S. Congress investigates its own corruption only on rare occasions, and even then not very well. Posing the investigation question in the U.S. is likely to work best as a state referendum. It would enable and commit a state government to officially and aggressively investigate the progenitors and current political actors for whom drug wars have been a source of power and enrichment and whose corrupt practices limit the state’s ability to address vital public health and safety concerns.

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7 Responses to Dangerous questions for ending drug wars

  1. NorCalNative says:

    Sadly, the US drug war is an important and essential tool for managing Empire. Attempting to remedy the associated corruption and crimes may never be possible.

    Like that Clinton woman said, “there’s just too much money in it,” in reference to ending the drug war.

    The mostly Boomer attack on Schedule I has clawed back cannabis to a degree and is working on psychedelics. However, until we have all drugs legal at the international level the ability for any government to cause problems under the guise of the drug war will continue to be problematic.

    Prohibition is way more than just a cash machine, it’s also a great tool to crush emerging social changes problematic to authoritarians.

  2. strayan says:

    Attn: My notably absent couch-mates!

    Volkow has just admitted that she had no idea what she was talking about all these years:


  3. kaptinemo says:

    I’m not dead

    (Reaching into pocket, flipping safety on pistol off) An’ I’m not goin’ on the fu*kin’ cart, either.

    Read something this morning. It’s very telling, and readers here can appreciate the unconscious hypocrisy that underpins the current hysteria regarding vaccinations as being particularly germane to drug prohibition:

    As the Los Angeles Times reports of Captain Christian Granucci, a Captain in the Los Angeles Fire Department and a 31-year Veteran of that Department, Granucci is now under fire for his fiery anti-mandatory vax warning as seen in the 2nd video we’ve embedded directly below.

    Warning “I am done being silent on this matter,” also claiming “and so are many of our members,” he then accused his own Fire Department administration, and union, of “being in lockstep with total tyranny.”

    Also warning correctly “this isn’t about the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated” but “this is about freedom of choice”, what more illustrates tyranny than someone else being in charge of what WE chose to put into our own bodies? Granucci then warned “I am so hopping mad right now, you have no idea. My head could pop.”


    This, coming from a man who almost certainly demands people piss into a bottle to get/keep a job, and who supports the system that makes that demand.

    “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out!” – Derek Jacoby as Emperor Claudius, BBC series I, Claudius

    They have. They are. Just as we predicted here, back in the 20-Oughts. The DrugWar sired the events of last year and this, long ago, with racism being the underpinning of drug prohibition.

    The long-awaited explosion finally erupted last year, but the problem is people like that fire chief still don’t get it: that personal sovereignty is absolute, or you’re not free. And if you’re not free, you’re chattel. He’s chafing at a collar he never gave any thought to wearing before. As are a great many, today.

    • NorCalNative says:

      LOL. Entertaining and educational, I always learn something from your comments.

      My education on Drug War bullshit has resulted in my current situation where I’ve rejected so-called evidence-based allopathic medicine. Tried to establish care but refused to play the idiotic Schedule I game.

      Tired, really tired of pretending dated clinicians sans education on the endocannabinoid system have my interests at heart. And it’s certainly not helpful when an MD says “I won’t manage your pain unless you have cancer.”

      I’m using cannabis for pain management. Docs want to sub anti-inflammatory meds, anti-depressants, and sleep aids instead.

      Not happy about not having a Primary Caregiver. Too damn old to pretend cannabis has no medical benefits.

      I was taught that the ECS is: The master control panel for almost every physiological process in the body. Now, why in the world would ANY medical professional be interested in that?

      OT. NorCal cannabis has a serious smoke-taint problem. Smoky OG anyone?

      • kaptinemo says:

        I lurk, from time to time, and was surprised any remembered me. As to why my absence, let’s just say I’ve weathered a lot and survived it. But it’s also because of having the worst trends warned about here for 20 years materialize with dreadful inexorability.

        Troy didn’t believe Cassandra when she said bad shit was coming. Nobody believed us, either. I’m not gonna wind up the way she did. Nor should you, Couchmates. We’re already in the eye of a huge social storm; it moves slowly, and people might think it’s over, but it’s a mighty big hurricane moving very slowly. I’ve found a relatively quiet place to hopefully ride it out.

        I always knew we would win on this issue, if only because of demographics. Those demographics made their voices heard last year exactly as was predicted here so long ago.

        The 9/11 generational cohort lived in de facto lockdown all their lives because of the DrugWar turning schools into prisons. Then they make the big prison break (graduation) and what happens? They’re in another lockdown, only worse. >NukeXplosion.exe results.

        We tried to pull the mufflers off people’s ears so they could hear the ticking time bomb, and they’d bite our fingers for our troubles. Then it blew up. Fick them. I am ‘too old for this shit’, and am retiring from the field.

        At the risk of being made to eat crow without ketchup, a prediction: In 2 years, the question of drug prohibition will be settled, if only because the government that promoted and maintained it no longer exists. What takes that government’s place is anyone’s guess, but it may be too busy trying to maintain itself to bother with BS like drug busts.

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