Protecting children from drug wars

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN-5) recently introduced H.Res.356 – “Expressing condemnation for police brutality wherever in the world it occurs.”

The bill is in the early stages of being sent through committees and summarized, but its intent is unmistakable. H.Res.356 will focus world attention on drug war hotspots where children or adults are targeted, injured, or killed by members of militarized police squads ostensibly assigned to enforce that nation’s drug laws.

Children caught in police drug raids in Bolsonaro’s Brazil or Duterte’s Philippines typically aren’t as lucky as a Congressperson’s kid who gets busted for drugs. If drugs are involved, not much happens to the well-connected son or daughter of the public official compared to the subsequent misfortunes of other kids or adults whose lives are put at risk in botched police raids or arrests. Then there’s the ripple effect that runs through families and communities affected by the raids.

Given the bill’s potential to alter how the world perceives drug wars, H.Res.356 is likely to receive stiff opposition from Congressional members still connected to the lost hopes and dreams of a White supremacist drug-free society. In that case, the resolution’s successful passage may very well depend on individuals and citizen groups voicing their strong support for Rep. Ilhan Omar and the House bill that may yet help shield and save children from all drug wars.

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4 Responses to Protecting children from drug wars

  1. Son of Sam Walton says:

    I think we saw this in Isreal during the recent attacks. No doubt drug money played a huge role in funding Hamas, an organization at war with Israel. And drug money begat a response of toppling down buildings. And again in 2014, thanks in part to HSBC Bank who funded Hamas by laundering their drug money and getting away with it in a Federal Court in December of 2012.

    A lot of kids died.

    What about Afghanistan? Lots of children are turned into victims of the War on Drugs. What about the children (now adults) of the 9/11 survivors? Drug money purchased a lot of airline tickets, paid for flight training, and set up rent/shop in the U.S. for a few years, readying.

    The War on Drugs creates so much pollution, just look at Iraq and Afghanistan. And how we are spraying down the rainforest just to eradicate, forcing drug producers to destroy more forests in order to continue on.

  2. Son of Sam Walton says:

    My congressman has pissed me off by praising Law Enforcement and speaking out against Hamas in his new weakly email update. I had to email him something to remind him of the puddle he chose to stand in. I had to remind him that by not going after the banks and not supporting the end of drug money was the same thing as being a member of Hamas. That on December of 2012, according to the Federal Courts and backed by the actions and statements of America’s Law Enforcement: that stopping or responding to a terror attack (like another 9/11) is not the business or responsibility of the Fed, Mayor, State Law Enforcement, the governor, local authorities or the Military if said attack is the responsibility of an entity or a group like Al Qaeda or ISIS etc.

    He has the audacity to stand with Isreal while not acknowledging that the drug laws fund her destruction and he was reminded to donate 60% of all his income to Isreal or victims of drug money just to prove he supported her and believed in the drug laws being necessary. 60% of our overall enemy’s money comes from drugs at the very least. So, American Christians will donate 60% of all their money or support to ending the drug laws. That by not going after the banks was proof he supported Hamas since he stands for Federal Cannabis Prohibition and has been reminded numerous times about how our laws fund the bad guy, even after all the American Cops refused to acknowledge that laundered drug money by banks destined for terrorists was within their jurisdiction just like the NYPD had jurisdiction in NYC on 9/11.

    Now it is illegal for the local authorities to have jurisdiction when stopping or responding to a terrorist attack that utilized laundered drug money from a bank given the green light to profit by laundering money with no jail time or loss of bank jobs and without the loss of the laundering business itself after the banks admitted in court on December 2012 and agreed to pay a small licensing fee or a fee for a permit to keep laundering Drug Money to this very day.

    Markwayn Mullin is a very dangerous Republican and at 43yrs old and in congress since 2013, he’s old enough to know better. Most of his Okies voted yes on medical and he still supported keeping it illegal on a Federal Level, even recently, again. But he’s been in a small amount of trouble by the ATF for housing stolen guns at one of his businesses.

  3. CrystalBalls says:

    I was just wondering if the Drunken Olympics was actually a thing. Seems it is:
    “Back to the pool and it looks like we have an absolute thriller on our hands.”

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