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December 2018



Big Pharma Suppresses Rebellion

Drug wars perpetuate destabilizing authoritarian political policies. One such US drug war policy relies on the pharmaceutical industry doping children to forestall rebellious behavior proven absolutely essential for preserving self-government.

Authoritarians rely on their ignorance and the ignorance of others for their own economic and political survival. Where ignorance fails, failed propaganda and failed social policies are deployed. According to author and clinical psychologist Bruce E. Levine, the disinformation schemes can prove disruptive, or even fatal, for individual citizens:

The United States is home to a drug culture in which both authoritarians and anti-authoritarians participate. Some authoritarians seek drugs that can turn large profits and that maintain the status quo by facilitating compliance. Some anti-authoritarians, especially early in life, prize a drug that makes them less compliant to authority and that blissfully connects them with the universe. Some people swear by Prozac or Zoloft, while others swear by marijuana or LSD. […]

…when we have experienced enormous pain from an illegitimate authority, we may be drawn toward any other authority that validates our pain, and it can become difficult to think critically about that validating authority, especially if we are stressed and vulnerable.

Malcolm X’s attraction to the Nation of Islam was similar to people whom I’ve known who have been assaulted by psychiatry and become attracted to the Church of Scientology, and then become embarrassed when they realize they’ve joined an authoritarian organization…. The greatness of Malcolm X lay not simply in his courage to challenge and resist illegitimate authority but in his courage to reassess his views.

As traumatizing as Malcolm X’s young life was, he was lucky in one sense. Nowadays, a teenager with a history of stealing would get a psychiatric diagnosis of “conduct disorder,” a severe “disruptive disorder,” and such kids are increasingly prescribed psychiatric drugs. After the breakup of his family, Malcolm lived in foster homes, and foster kids today in the United States are even more likely to be medicated on antipsychotic drugs than other children. And so it is quite likely that in today’s world, the young Malcolm would have been prescribed antipsychotic drugs, and the arc of his life would have been a very different one. […]

Bruce E. Levine, Resisting Illegitimate Authority: A Thinking Person’s Guide to Being an Anti-Authoritarian—Strategies, Tools, and Models (Kindle Locations 3280-3283, 950-963). AK Press Kindle Edition (2018)

Malcolm X’s confrontations with authorities and the story of the Nation of Islam church members who assassinated him are as informative as any of the religious, juridical or political entities who shortened the life of Peter McWilliams, author of Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do, the title taken from the classic song by Billie Holiday, herself a victim of 1930s Bureau of Narcotics chief Harry Anslinger.

Prohibition-biased politicians serve as lightning rods for prohibition. The legislator’s role emerges as a distraction concocted by a corporate media and aimed at gullible people. Separated from the therapeutic state, prohibitionists have no defense. They can’t rely on science and its vast amount of research that delegitimizes current drug war engagements. By definition, they won’t rely on cannabinoids or psychedelics for self-medication.

Given its pharmaceutical advertising revenue, the major news media is less likely to show up for the rescue. Meanwhile, Big Pharma exhibits no insistence for placing warning labels on its products alerting teenage consumers of threats to their freedom and that of the nation posed by legions of anti-democracy pills. Drug consumers shouldn’t lose hope and feel the need to relinquish their freedom, or die, to help a company’s stock go up, as some have done with opioids.

Provided with the correct information, and maybe some cannabis or magic mushrooms, patients and parents alike will be armed with options that set them and their teenage rebels free.

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42 comments to Big Pharma Suppresses Rebellion

  • C

    The FBI murdered Malcolm X.

  • NorCalNative

    Pete, interesting and thought-provoking post especially the part about anti-psychotic meds as “anti-democracy” pills.

    The drug war is usually thought of as keeping people from using narcotics and other pleasure-producing substances, but it’s also a congressionally-mandated scam and scheme perpetuated by Big Pharma and their owned congress critters.

    The U.S. and New Zealand are the only two countries in the world that allow direct-to-consumer advertising. It’s almost a misnomer to call the companies who make pills and powders Big Pharma, when in reality they are Big Advertising.

    Your last post where you discussed how prohibition has failed to allow research into Schedule I drugs fits right into this desire by government and business to manage dissent by chemical prescription. Take this, and NOT that, because otherwise jail will be your new home.

    I can just picture Pete speaking before a PTA group with a bag of weed and a bag of mushrooms and telling parents that if you want your kids to grow up to be good American citizens they need to discover their inner selves through psychoactive experiences.

    I believe psychoactives such as cannabis and especially the psychedelics tend to make people think globally rather than sinking into Nationalistic ideals. That’s certainly a threat to Empire in every way.

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever expressed this here before, but my thoughts are that if we don’t legalize all drugs in the next decade or so, we will have less chance to take away the power of extraction industries teamed mostly with the Republican Party. The people who will seek to maintain their status and the status quo until Earth gives us all the middle finger.

  • kaptinemo

    When I was in junior high and high school in the mid-1970’s, every classroom , every single one, had paperback copies of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World. But not prominently displayed on a bookshelf; nope, these were found in the shelving placed underneath window casements, as if haphazardly thrown there among other kinds of detritus like old magazines.

    Stranger still, there was no (predictable onerous and overbearing) demand that we students read them…yet they were always there, I can only surmise, to tempt the intellectually minded curious ones. The ones who were tempted couldn’t help but think that perhaps this was some kind of experiment on the part of school officials. Nor could they have known they were reading what would become de facto blueprints for a future society they had the misfortune to expect to exist in. The fictional cautionary tales went unheeded…and thus manifested into reality.

    Take a look up at almost every traffic light, and what will you see? Cameras. Almost everywhere now. What’s happening in China will happen in America, with an almost total surveillance state being built up around us, and formerly non-MSM Internet news outlets being fitted for bits, bridles and blinkers, courtesy of corporate initiatives to curb ‘wrongthink’. Which is itself being throttled by widespread usage of ‘anti-psychotics’. Orwell and Huxley must be commiserating in the Afterlife at the present state of affairs; they did warn us, after all.

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  • DdC

    Hemp Is Finally Legal.
    Let’s See if It Can Save the World
    #cannabis #leafly via @Leafly
    That bill was passed by the Senate on Tuesday, and found approval in the House on Wednesday, Dec. 12. President Trump is expected to sign it into law later this week.

    Jack Herer’s dream has finally come true.
    Hemp is legal, nationwide.

    “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”

  • WalStMonky


    I’m not going to be at all surprised if Tommy Chong gets deported or refused re-entry and permanently banned from the US in the very near future. I can just see Sgt. Stedenko yelling, “what the hell do you mean he’s not a US citizen?”

    Tommy Chong says Canada’s weed legalization has kept ‘underground market alive’TORONTO — Tommy Chong has a pass, man.

    While some Canadians who use marijuana or work in the cannabis industry have been given a hard time at the U.S.-Canada border lately, the famed Edmonton-born stoner who lives in Los Angeles isn’t worried.

    “I’ve got the Cheech and Chong pass,” the beloved comedy star of the “Cheech & Chong” drug-culture films, who is a marijuana advocate and has his own line of medicinal cannabis products, said during a recent visit to Toronto to shoot the upcoming “Air Farce New Year’s Eve” comedy special.

    “They see us coming: ‘Oh my God, it’s you, come over here.’ I could be carrying a kilo, a ton of weed and they’d say, ‘Go on through, no problem.’ They know better, because I always have weed on me.”

    Just because you walk by a hornets’ nest day after day doesn’t mean you won’t get stung, especially if you decide to poke it with a stick.

    • SwollenHead

      “Just because you walk by a hornets’ nest day after day doesn’t mean you won’t get stung, especially if you decide to poke it with a stick.”

      I did that once with a wasp’s nest in a hole in the ground. That was the end of a great afternoon, evening and night.

    • Aging Hippie

      I wonder how the millions of incarcerated minorities in U.S. prisons feel about him bragging about the “Cheech and Chong pass” ….the drug war and its consequences for many are not a joke. Sorry Tommy, you made me laugh once.

  • darkcycle

    Is this the new “treatment” model? Hold on to your hats, couchmates, this is frikking unbelievable. These people are charlatans and thieves of the worst order.
    This organization is taking money from insurance companies, referrals from “Court deferment” programs that they lobby for, and the families they defraud with this substandard “treatment” (which is based on simply driving their “patients” to AA meetings) model….and NOW they have the cajones to try to sell you a “student” for your very own pet, who you can pretend you saved. These parasites should be in prison.

    • WalStMonky


      Do I look like a masochist?

      • WalStMonky


        But seriously, I noticed something rather peculiar in the campaign finance reporting in Michigan. SAM gave $1.5 million to campaign against Proposal 1 but the local boobs only spent $750,000 of it. As far as I can tell they haven’t returned the unspent money. I wish I knew more about forensic accounting. It sure seems strange when we consider how much the prohibitionists whine about their financing disadvantage to the legalizers from “big merrywanna.”

    • kaptinemo

      In June of next year, Doctor-of-nothing-medical Kevin Sabet will enjoy his 20th anniversary of his first parasitically clamping his monetary sucking orifice upon his first host, the US taxpayer: House Government Reform

      During his tenure with the feds, Kevvie learned from the bureaucratic masters about how to be a successful parasite. In fact, he’s done rather well – for himself, that is – in maintaining a very clear pattern of fiscal parasitism. Rule One in such a game is to never be so greedy that you kill the host by draining it too quickly.

      Rule Two is to acquire a degree of mastery in the art of camouflage; notice that no media wonk to date has asked (clearing throat loudly) ‘Doctor’ Sabet if he has any medical credentials that would accredit him to speak knowledgeably about the medical aspects of addiction.

      Truly, not only does the ’emperor’ not wear any clothing, but is covered in syphilitic sores, and yet the traditional media looks right at him and does not see either his nudity or his scrofulous affliction. He might as well be as big as an elephant…and he seems to be working on that, too.

  • kaptinemo

    Prohibitionists: a most specious species: A Gathering of Prohibitionists

    “Before getting into specifics, my overall take is that the group ignored all positive aspects of legalization while pushing minor points of negativity that are dubious to begin with.”

    Like I said, ‘specious’. Ever and always their modus operandi.

  • Kevvie's Conscience

    “He might as well be as big as an elephant…and he seems to be working on that, too.”
    Wouldn’t he make a great new mascot for the GOP? They could make a blimp of Kevvie the Elephant and fly him alongside the inflatable Trump Baby.

  • WhereWasLinda

    Is she still on this earthly plane?

    The Modesto City Council on Wednesday awarded its first-ever permits to eight retail marijuana businesses looking to sell cannabis products out of storefronts.

    • when Linda’s community anti-drug grant $ ran out so did most of her interest. IF one wishes to find her, google activist1, she’s still around

  • kaptinemo

    Is she still on this earthly plane?

    I sincerely hope so. You have to be alive to suffer.

    California’s final rejection of prohibitionism in favor of outright legalization is a direct refutation of her chosen life’s-work, and is thus not only a refutation of her work but a rejection of her. And people such as Linda take that very personally.

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  • darkcycle

    Yow…spammers out in force. Time to use the “Super-Pete-delete” button…

  • DdC

    Former Vice President Joe Biden (D), who is considering a 2020 presidential run, enthusiastically applauded an anti-marijuana speech by a former Office of National Drug Control Policy staffer at an opioids event.

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse wants people to stop calling about a posting seeking a contractor to roll marijuana cigarettes for research. The request comes just days after the Drug Enforcement Administration asked people to stop inquiring about a separate cannabis burning position.


    The Drug Enforcement Administration’s
    Los Angeles office tweeted,
    “Yet another example of the harm this poison (#cannabis) is doing. Smoking #marijuana is harmful and it’s a dangerous drug with no legit medical use. #SaveOurPlanet from illegal #marijuana growers.”


    @NYCMayorsOffice Apr 13
    Marijuana laws have been used to keep people of color in prisons and out of the job market. New York City can become the Fairest Big City in America, but first we need to right the wrongs of the past War on Drugs.

    Manhattan DA files class-action lawsuit
    to seal pot convictions

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