Another Open Thread

Our trip has continued, taking us beyond Acadia National Park up to Mount Katahdin in Maine, and then into New Brunswick. Saint John and the Bay of Fundy, staying in a refurbished caboose at the Train Station Inn in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, and then to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park on Cape Breton Island. In a couple days, we’ll head to Prince Edward Island and then on to Quebec City.

With limited WiFi and avoiding international data charges, I’ve been fairly blissfully unaware of what’s going on in the world.

Keep each other informed here. I’ll be back eventually.

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  1. Mouth says:

    Funny or not, here I go: Physical Evidence proving Scott Pruitt is a Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer.

    Legal Cannabis in Colorado is a money maker. It helps schools, roads, forests, jobs etc. As we know, Colorado is home to a few large military installations, plus Nat Guard and Reserve stations and we know Colorado is home to a lot of Vets and current military. We also know that these large bases are filled with civilians. Legal weed has made Colorado prosperous, which offers the children of these soldiers and vets, schools with more funding and it offers the vets, their spouses and children jobs that have been positively affected by the increased revenue the state has.

    One way ISIS or Al Qaeda can harm America is by waging a very long war with us, thus sucking out our money (which is one of Bin Laden’s key points to victory against America: make them bleed cash for a very long time). Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is suing the state of Colorado over it’s cannabis law. If he wins and cannabis is forced underground again, this will lead to a rise in criminal financing and reduced revenue for the state of Colorado, which will harm soldiers, vets and their civilian family. A more prosperous home life increases success during military training and deployments, while the opposite only harms the above. It is the number one goal of Radical Islam to harm her enemies and U.S. soldiers are her enemy, thus proving Scott Pruitt is a Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer, even if he doesn’t know it or believe it.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      The SCOTUS ruling in Nebraska/Oklahoma v Colorado was b-o-r-i-n-g. So what did AG Pruitt do? He got his State added as plaintiff to a lawsuit which had already been kicked to the curb and is waiting for a similar ruling from the US Court of Appeals and then the SCOTUS. The terrorists should hire a competent attorney next time.

      One of the most amusing parts of this brouhaha was when the Oklahoma Legislature made Oklahoma a CBD only State while the suit filed with the SCOTUS was still pending. Another amusing part was the first incantation of law made it an age restricted product. Anyone older than age 18 did not qualify…children only!

  2. ChineseThinkDrugWarSucks says:

    It’s only recently, towards the end of his presidency, that Obama has hinted at possible course correction by large-scale release of non-violent drug users jailed by previous administrations, and has appeared less resistant to the idea of legal marijuana. But international consensus has already moved towards decriminalisation of drugs. Violence, corruption and destruction are now widely seen as the only legacy of America’s mindless war.

    Bolivia is allowing farmers to grow coca, Chile and Uruguay are legalising marijuana, as are Canada and several US states in various forms, while Portugal and Switzerland are leading the way in reversing prohibition on all drugs. Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia, still reeling from the decades-long campaign that has severely eroded their state capacity, are pleading with the world to formulate a more sensible drug policy.

  3. “45 Congressmen Ask DEA Not to Ban Kratom Next Week”

    Stop the DEA’s War on Kratom

  4. MissAppleSeedRocks says:

    and Babs isn’t going to take it anymore.

    “It has brought in the proliferation of guns and spawned the violence that we’re seeing in our communities right now. It has provided a cover for crack cocaine so that you could justify the war on drugs. It has prevented the growth of an industry for poor people. It has sharpened the divisions among black men because those that are in uniform and armed against their brothers who are not in uniform but are arming themselves. And therefore some reparatory justice is in order.”

    She told the conference that laws and attitudes towards the herb has also affected her personally, stating: “I’ve been Rastafari . . . from creation. I have children and I have grandchildren. When my son gets stopped every day, when my grandchildren grow up and face the same things that I face, I have to speak out right now.”

    For Babb and other Rastafarians, calls for decriminalization of marijuana go beyond merely having the freedom to practise their religion.

    “Do not define us as having only a sacramental interest in ganja. We have an indivisible stake in ganja; economic, social, environmental, cultural, sacramental. It is a fundamental part of our livelihood, our way of life.

    “But we are saying that it cannot be that after 40 years of persecution in Barbados, 80 years of persecution across the region, you will just turn the page and move smartly on and we will remain on the margins,” Babb said.

  5. thelbert says:

    got alzheimer’s? this might help:

    • jean valjean says:

      Here’s what you get when medical decisions are made by law enforcement:

      ‘”Kratom, as you know, is an opioid in its classification, so this is a good place to talk about it,” Charles Rosenberg said in response to a student’s question.

      Kratom is not a member of the opium poppy family, where traditional opioids come from. But kratom leaves do contain mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, alkaloids that act on the same receptors in the brain as opioids. For that reason, the DEA is calling kratom an opioid.

      “The FDA has decided, ruled, after its considered judgement that there is no medical value. We are bound by its scientific determinations in that arena. It’s in Schedule I therefore because it has no medical value, there is a high potential for abuse, and most importantly we’re now getting data from folks around the country that people are dying from kratom overdoses,” Rosenberg explained. “So if we made an error and perhaps some people think we did, I frankly do not, then we aired on the side of protecting the public and I’m okay with that.”‘

    • primus says:

      It is well within the power of the congress to change the definitions under the CSA. I propose this; any man-made product must be proven to be effective and relatively harmless or it would not be permitted. Any herbal product in its natural state must be proven in accordance with scientific principles to be extremely harmful or it may not be prohibited. There should be no requirement of efficacy on herbs. Guess where cannabis and raw coca leaves fall?

      • darkcycle says:

        No herbal substance should be subject to those criteria until nightshade and datura are likewise banned. The CSA is arbitrary, capricious, and has no foothold in reality. How about tomato greens? Raw potatoes? The criteria is a crock. End to end.

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