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The never-ending triumph of politics over issues

I’m sure that some of you have also gotten weary of the constant political posturing and sniping (particularly if you spend any time on Facebook) involved in the Presidential election politics. This process seems to go on forever. And we … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

The Failed Promise of Legal Pot Other than the click-bait headline, this feature article has a lot of useful stuff, including the inescapable conclusion that we’ve talked about all along. In order to pull the legs out of the black … Continue reading

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Silly prohibitionists

Map of Colorado marijuana being smuggled to other states, based on info provided by the DEA’s El Paso “Intelligence” Center Um, yeah… That’s not Colorado. [Thanks, Allan!] Note: USA Today has since fixed the map in their story.

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Ashley Halsey III’s sources improve slightly

Some may remember my run-ins in the past with Ashley Halsey III, a lazy stenographer who writes things down for the Washington Post. See: Washington Post Reporter Bamboozled by Drug Czar Ashley III Halsey – how the drug czar uses … Continue reading

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Swords into plowshares

Interesting… Vacant California prison could be turned into cannabis production site As thousands of people have served unfair sentences for marijuana possession, one California prison might actually be used to grow pot.[…] The city council voted 4-1 in April to … Continue reading

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DEA is wrong? How can that be?

Tom Angell reporting: State Department Says DEA Is Wrong on Marijuana Monopoly The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has long held the position that international drug control treaties to which the U.S. is a party prevent the federal government from granting … Continue reading

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Open Thread

Been busy with a number of projects, including a show in Normal, Illinois and another one in Chicago opening the same week. Who knew retirement would be so busy? Michigan Seeks Science of ‘Drugged Driving’ I always take note when … Continue reading

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