Swords into plowshares


Vacant California prison could be turned into cannabis production site

As thousands of people have served unfair sentences for marijuana possession, one California prison might actually be used to grow pot.[…]

The city council voted 4-1 in April to prepare an ordinance to allow commercial cannabis cultivation at the former prison. The decision was made after officials fielded a proposal from a California-based cannabis oil company called Ocean Grown Extracts, who hope to turn the empty 77,000 square-foot prison into a massive growing operation.

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  1. Jean Valjean says:

    Any money from the sale should go to compensate those Coalinga citizens who had their rights violated by the drug war. Where’s my 40 acres and a mule?

  2. HasTheWorldGoneMad says:

    The mayor of Parma, Italy, Federico Pizzarotti, in collaboration with the Department for Drug Policy and the Ministry of Health, Defense, and Economic Development has opened the first Social Cannabis Club.
    Mayor Pizzarotti has also granted ministerial permission for the cultivation and sale of cannabis. “It’s the most important step towards the new reforms,” said Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.
    Only residents of Parma and Maggiorenni will have legal access to the club. Since news of this collaborative project’s legal status (anticipated since three months ago), demand for residences in the province has exploded.”


    • Mouth says:

      More cannabis in it’s legal form will subtly reduce hard drug use and youngsters choosing it. Considering Italy is a hub for refugees, where terrorists will no doubt trickle in with the innocent needing sanctuary, this will reduce the odds of an attack from happening on Italian soil, while also reducing the effects of any attack(s) that might happen.

      And this will save money and make money which is good for my investment portfolio I have with a European mutual fund. If more places in Italy would do this, they would no doubt be safer, while I would make more money. Think of how many Syrians won’t have to die because less drug money will flow back to the bad guys, which will save America money, which will increase my stock portfolio via my other mutuals invested in American corporations and Bonds.

      Thank You Italy for saving American troops from getting killed by drug money funded Jihadists while making me money on Wall Street. Take that Al Qeade loving DEA scum–number one supporters of Drug money funded terrorism and financial waste.

      • DdC says:

        I know its common to think of “drug cartel’s” as demons harming our children bla ba bla. You have to consider the source is exactly the same that demonizes stoners. Every cent the cartel’s make is from willing people gladly buying what they choose to buy. There are no cartel ads or thugs demanding junkies. Or aqualungs enticing kiddies in play parks. The profits of the cartels may go to Al Qaeda, but not from Americans. We get our opiates from Mexico and Cocaine from Peru. Where it moved once Clinton and Gore started bombing Colombia with Billions of our tax dollars and Monsanto profits.

        I know it isn’t PC but neither is Nixon getting away with placing cannabis as a schedule #1 narcotic with no documentation backing it up. On a temporary bases until the Whooton and Shafer reports were concluded. They both reiterate the conclusions of previous reports in stating cannabis is not harmful long term or short. Not physically, mentally or morally.

        It has an abundance of evidence it has medicinal properties. Has been used by millions for the past 5 decades with no out of the ordinary problems and millions walked away cold turkey. So all three of the criteria to place it as an S#1 don’t meet the requirements. The Trillion dollars spent on these lies. The 30 million traumatized by arrest. These are the cartels you should fear.

        ISIS burns pot crops and Iran kills people as well as Saudi Arabia and Thailand is producing thousands of slave laborites. Malaysia and Vietnam. All supported, trained and funded by the USA! Qaeda. Terrorists make headlines and do desperate horrible things to dozens of innocent people. SWAT shoots dogs and old ladies in their beds and mothers holding their babies. Based on snitch witness warrants. Plea bargain testimony and perjury in court is common.

        The hype is to create an enemy to justify the budget to fight the enemy. Oil profits in the Mid east are the bottom line for terrorism. Oil we could replace with many sources. Carbohydrates over Hydrocarbon plastic and fuel. Hemp fiber auto bodies over coal fired sheet metal. Polyester crude clothing reduced with Hemp and hemp blends. 90 million pounds of poisons sprayed onto the Bible Belt cotton crop when Hemp clothing is organic for the most part. Aborting pre-babies for profit is real terrorism.

        Hemp seed and oil nutrition could supplement fast fud and fake food GMO’s. Farmers losing their spreads could have a cash crop. Terrorism hitting farmers and Polio patients wrestled to the floor with automatic weapons pointed at her head is not an isolated incident but it is damn sure terrorism.

        So, I know the whatever label they’re using this week are killers and mean ugly antiquated religionist idiots with no regard for life. With high powered weapons and artillery they got from us or another munitions maker also without regard for life. Yes they are bad and feeding off of the poor like Wall St Vulture Capitalists. Banksters laundering the money from the Cartels that started with people wanting something they can’t get with other less dangerous ways.

        The zero tolerance model didn’t work for the Fascist or Nazi’s or Communists or the ONDCP. The media reads memo’s selling the product of prohibition creating the cartel’s out of the Free Mexican Air Force. Feed the poor in the Mid East, who were created out of hand picked dictators protecting vested interests. Then watch the terrorist recruiting sink. More hate and hype will keep the whacked out reasoning justifying another cold war just like the Ganjawar.

        ☛ This is terrorism…

        Drug War Collaterally Damaged Kids
        New York Nine Year Old Girl With Dravet Syndrome Dies Without Medical Marijuana

        “From time to time, I say that the suppression of medical marijuana is murder. This is not quite correct. It is actually mass murder. It has caused the deaths of countless thousands of people.”
        ~ the Financial Times Limited, 1998
        (Ed. note: The FT is the London equivalent of the Wall Street Journal. This drug could be patented, so it is of interest to the financial community.)

        The Miscarriage of Justice Department

        Isis burn down marijuana farm in Syria – video

        Bush’s Faustian Deal With the Taliban
        Enslave your girls and women, harbor anti-U.S. terrorists, destroy every vestige of civilization in your homeland, and the Bush administration will embrace you. All that matters is that you line up as an ally in the drug war, the only international cause that this nation still takes seriously.

        Or the cowardly terrorists hiding behind children, Operating in the open.

        The Semblers have a notorious record. As well as bankrolling opposition to marijuana legalization, their drug-warrior bona fides have included profiting from their company Straight, Inc, which ran abusive addiction treatment centers for teenagers. Straight Inc. was closed after lengthy investigations in multiple states resulted in civil lawsuits and settlements. The brutal treatment recounted by victims who described “episodes of…beatings, rape and systematic psychological abuse” is horrifying. But the Semblers’ ideology has also been supported through a government-funded drug testing development program for small businesses, giving them a clear vested interest in maintaining prohibition.

  3. OldFolksWereHummin' says:

    “Jefferson City, MO — Yesterday a coalition of patients, veterans, law enforcement and medical professionals turned in nearly 275,000 signatures to place the medical marijuana ballot initiative on the November ballot. If passed, Missouri would become that 25th state to allow state-licensed physicians to recommend medical marijuana to patients with serious and debilitating illnesses.

    Under the proposal, medical marijuana sales would be taxed at 4%, which is estimated to generate roughly $20 million annually for veterans’ health care services in Missouri.

    Turning in the signatures on behalf of New Approach Missouri were Sheila Dundon and Tom Mundell. Sheila is a Registered Nurse who interned at the National Cancer Institute and has worked at Ellis Fischel Cancer Hospital, The American Cancer Society, Harry S Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital and is herself a breast cancer survivor. Tom Mundell, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, is the former head of the state VFW and president of the Missouri Association of Veterans Organizations.”


  4. Duncan20903 says:


    So today a widespread discussion in the MSM is the illusory problem of DUI-cannabis. Two separate topics: A published study that says that the presence of cannabinoids both inert and not inert (ert?) were found in twice as many fatally injured drivers in the State of Washington subsequent to the implementation of I-502. I wonder, will the part about only a slight increase in the number of fatalities in that State will help in toning down the resulting levels of hysterical rhetoric expected?

    If anyone wants I’ve got a nice piece of boilerplate. I did post this here a couple of months back but the language has evolved somewhat. Feel free to copy and paste, write it using your own words or just leave it alone:

    A couple of interesting statistics were released at the end of January. In 2015 reported sales of cannabis in Colorado came up $4 million short of $1 billion. That means the State collected $135 million in gross tax revenue. Total gross revenue reported increased by just under 42.5%. That percentage is in dollars, but the average retail price of State authorized cannabis in 2015 was significantly lower than in 2014. Of course that means that the quantity of cannabis distributed was more than a 42.5% increase year over year.

    For 2015 the Colorado State Patrol reports that rather than increasing by just under 42.5 percent, the total number of drivers arrested by the CSP for being both cannabis addled and under the influence of another substance of impairment fell by 1.3 percent from 674 to 665. Drivers arrested solely for being cannabis addled also did not increase by just under 42.5 percent, but declined just under 2% from 354 to 347.

    The total number of DUI arrests made by the CSP was just under 22% higher in 2014 than in 2015. Total arrests declined by exactly 1000 from 5,546 in 2014 to 4,546 in 2015. Where did those 1000 drunk drivers go? Are 20+ percentage reductions in the number of DUIs year over year commonplace? Anywhere in the world?

    In an interesting piece of timing the MSM is also exploring the difficulty of inventing the elusive holy grail of highway safety, the merrywannalyzer.
    Unlike alcohol, it’s tough to set DUI limits for marijuana
    Story link includes video of someone getting arrested for driving while cannabis addled. I really wish that I had even a clue of why DUI police are so obsessed with our tongues. I tried 5 times to figure out what the cop said was unusual about the driver’s tongue. If someone can figure it out clue me in. But whatever he asked the fact remains that less than 30 seconds into the stop he asks to see the man’s tongue. I’m pretty sure he didn’t say that the man’s tongue was still green which of course was the first absurdity to come to mind. The depressing thing is that means that there’s more than one tongue related absurdity among the DUI police. Stuff like this makes me sad that I ever escaped from the mental hospital. At least there life was predictable and appeared to make sense. It’s probably time for me to head to the tailor to get fitted for a new straight jacket.

    • Servetus says:

      There appears to be a strong, underlying agenda to persecute marijuana consumers by whatever means presents itself, despite the fact the science doesn’t support the marijuana evidence associated with driver impairment, for example.

      The constant that underlines the marijuana driving-impairment debate is that we live in a persecuting society. Banned drugs are a tool of persecution and oppression, and have been for more than 2000 years.

      AAAS Press Release relating to WaPo story: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2016-05/a-afr050916.php

      • Same link as your Servetus:

        “Tests for driving while impaired by marijuana have no scientific basis, AAA study says”

        this was the headline before it was changed to

        “AAA: Fatal road crashes involving marijuana double after state legalizes drug”

        “Study: No scientific basis for laws on marijuana and driving”

        Legal means use goes up, normal I would say, but that’s a far jump of corrolation to say it made more fatal crashes – its not the type of study that could prove it even caused one fatal crash-its not possible. The new headlines are outright falsehoods.

        “Correlation still does not imply causation – The Lancet Psychiatry” https://t.co/duj31vamyQ

        The way Carl Hart deals with Lancet is how these papers should be dealt with. Otherwise its outright propaganda pretending to be science.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Oops, my bad. Not two separate topics, too separate points of view of the same topic.

      DUI police: I think that your driving while cannabis addled!

      Suspect: Oh no officer. I never drive while I’m cannabis addled. Don’t you know that driving is a buzz kill?

      DUI Police: Stick out your tongue. (suspect complies) Aha! I can tell you’re lying because your tongue is green! How do you explain that if you haven’t been enjoying cannabis recently?

      Suspect: Now officer, that’s got a perfectly innocent explanation. You see, I was just with my girlfriend and she’s a martian!

      • primus says:

        If one were to refuse to self-incriminate by refusing to show the tongue, would one be in trouble for so doing?

        • Duncan20903 says:


          Obviously that would depend on whether your girlfriend has a green card or is an illegal alien. Well maybe not, those Martian babes are nothing but trouble.

  5. Servetus says:

    Will improved lettuce growth using hydroponics and a special array of LED lights work to improve cannabis growth at the new prison/marijuana-grow complex as well?

    10-MAY-2016 — Researchers in China and United Kingdom studied the effects of LED light combinations on lettuce grown in hydroponic systems to determine whether the treatments could reduce nitrate accumulation, and to find out what effect the treatments might have on phytochemical levels.[…]

    “Our results clearly showed that continuous light by RB and RBG LED dramatically affects the nitrate content of lettuce at preharvest stage,” the authors said. “Nitrate content reduced dramatically under both RB-CL and RBG-CL treatments between 0 and 24 hours.”

    Results also demonstrated that RB LED light was more effective than white LED light in facilitating lettuce growth. “Continuous LED light for 24 hours significantly enhanced free-radical scavenging activity and increased phenolic compound concentrations,” the authors said. They recommended treatments of 24 hours continuous RB LED with G light exposure to decrease nitrate content and enhance lettuce quality.

    AAAS Press Release: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2016-05/asfh-lte051016.php

    • claygooding says:

      I have a single plant that is being grown with an original UFO 45 watt and using CFLS for side lights,,it seemed to produce more in the veg stage under LEDS than under CFLs or tubes although both florescent types do a very good job.

      And my mixed LED CFL cabinet has always produced excellent sized buds if not any of the giants potporn buds,,but genetics controls a lot of the bud size.

      Waiting until I can afford the newest serious LED lights that have the correct UHV lights built in to help increase trichome production,,,my next wish list.

      • NorCalNative says:

        Clay, I just put a couple girls under a 300-Watt LED in a micro-grow closet setup. My interest is in seeing how it compares to the 150-Watt HPS I was using.

        I went through a series of lamps, 400, 250, and 150 to manage heat problems. Right now my grow room is 75 degrees with 60% humidity. With my HPS lamp it’d be closer to 82-to-84 degrees.

  6. DdC says:

    Six states that allow marijuana use legal tests to determine driving while impaired by the drug that have no scientific basis, according to a study by the nation’s largest automobile club that calls for scrapping those laws.
    Study: No scientific basis for laws on marijuana and driving

    A man who went undercover in a jail for 2 months discovered a disturbing truth about veterans who are locked up

  7. DankOfEngland says:

    May I humbly introduce: Black The Ripper, infamous for ‘Hotboxing’ the London Eye.


  8. Francis says:

    Fatal accidents involving stoned drivers soared in Washington since pot was legalized
    And the title of the link on CNN’s homepage that leads to that story is even stronger: “Study: Stoned drivers cause rise in fatalities”. Oh wow, they’re claiming to have established causality. That’s a pretty bold claim. Must be quite a study. And then we get this as the story’s first sentence: “Stoned driving can be as serious a problem as drunk driving.” Oh, geez! Now that’s a very bold claim. This must be a really groundbreaking study with some shocking results.

    And then we get to the summary of the actual findings:

    Fatal crashes involving drivers who recently used marijuana more than doubled in 2014. Pot was involved in 17% of fatal crashes in Washington in 2014, up from 8% in 2013 — the year before recreational marijuana was allowed there.

    Er… ok, Francis, but now quote the part where they explain how they established how many of those people were actually impaired, or the part where they proved their broader claim that “stoned drivers” have caused a rise in fatalities, or supported their claim that stoned driving can be as serious a problem as drunk driving. Shockingly, none of that stuff’s in there.

    And then I look up the 2013 and 2014 traffic fatality statistics by state to see what kind of numbers we’re talking about. In 2013, Washington had 6.3 traffic fatalities per 100,000 people (the sixth lowest in the nation). And in 2014, when the scourge of legal recreational marijuana was first visited on the state, that number “soared” all the way to 6.5 (the sixth lowest in the nation). Hmm, I wonder what the figures were for the preceding few years. For 2012: 6.4. For 2011: 6.7. And for 2010: 6.8.

    • “Tests for driving while impaired by marijuana have no scientific basis, AAA study says”

      this was the headline before it was changed to

      “AAA: Fatal road crashes involving marijuana double after state legalizes drug”

      “Study: No scientific basis for laws on marijuana and driving”

      Legal means use goes up, normal I would say, but that’s a far jump of corrolation to say it made more fatal crashes – its not the type of study that could prove it even caused one fatal crash-its not possible. The new headlines are outright falsehoods.

      “Correlation still does not imply causation – The Lancet Psychiatry” https://t.co/duj31vamyQ

      The way Carl Hart deals with Lancet is how these papers should be dealt with. Otherwise its outright propaganda pretending to be science.

  9. Servetus says:

    A recent piece describes the Trump campaign in a way that also metaphorically describes the behavior and mindset of prohibitionists and prohibitionist-suck-ups. Naturally, it was the Dutch, in a multi-national review, who really pinned down a biological and anthropological explanation for what we observe on the bureaucratic side of drug enforcement:

    In September, the newspaper published a piece on understanding Trump’s popularity through our evolutionary history. “Monkeys live in groups with a clear hierarchical structure, whereby one dominant male, the alpha, is boss. The alpha-male decides who can eat, who can interact and who is allowed to pick his fleas,” wrote Mark van Vugt as translated by WorldMeets.US. “Intimidation and bullying is part of his daily repertoire. It’s easier for the other monkeys in the group to make themselves subordinate to the alpha rather than join the ‘losers.’” Van Vugt delved into this evolutionary history, as well as psychology, to explain that Trump’s popularity is due to his “narcissism, intimidation, anger, charisma and guinea pig hair,” but ultimately concluded that he wouldn’t win the Republican nomination. “Studies into monkeys and children show that the bully has a shaky power base because he makes too many enemies,” he wrote.


    Too many enemies indeed. Every time someone is arrested on a drug charge, an enemy of the system is created, perhaps even a few resourceful enemies, or revolutionaries. Over time, the system collapses under its own weight.

  10. Servetus says:

    An insane drug rehab clinic has been exposed in Israel, of all places. I had thought the Israelis had their act together on drugs better than this:

    The rehab’s brochures and website painted Retorno as “a paradise,” with horseback riding and mountain hikes.

    They said nothing of the full days spent peeling potatoes or shoveling horse manure. They didn’t mention the use of humiliation as a punishment, or the strange “therapy” where addicts were screamed at and insulted by their peers until they broke down. And though Gonzalez had signed up for the English program, very few of the other women or counselors ever spoke it.

    But it was the silence that still haunts her.

    “I wasn’t allowed to speak to anyone. No one was allowed to speak to me,” Gonzalez said, describing one of the treatments she received at Retorno. “There was a lot of grunting to ask for things I needed, like a glass of water or something.”


    Americans are being fleeced into attending Retorno through a bogus recruitment program. Abandon all hope ye who enter there.

  11. allan says:

    meanwhile, deep in the dark heart of Texas, a little light shines…


    • NorCalNative says:

      Cannabis activism rocks. Congrats to the new mayor of Whitewright, Texas, Jeremiah Looney, who said…”A jay-a-day, keeps the V.A. away!”

      Malcolm, thanks for the additional information.

    • Jean Valjean says:

      Of course, “man gets drunk and shoots wife” wouldn’t even make sub-headlines on American news because it’s such a common occurrence.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Did they file that lawsuit down at the Harry J Anslinger Memorial Courthouse?

      It would be an interesting argument because I defy the plaintiffs to document even a similar murder anywhere in the world. When I hear hoofbeats I think horses not coconut shells. In this case the hoofbeats are the very compelling circumstantial case that Mr. Kirk committed a premeditated murder and was attempting to mitigate if not eliminate his criminal liability by claiming he had suffered from an acute case of reefer madness. His wife had told confidants that she was scared of Mr. Kirk. The Kirks were in debt up to their eyeballs. They were only a few steps away from filing for bankruptcy. Mr. Kirk was the beneficiary of his wife’s $340,000 in life insurance. It was very convenient that Mr. Kirk left the receipt for his purchase where the investigation would discover it. Then when I factor in the extremely high probability that there hasn’t ever been any other similar event before (except in the pristine wilderness of the respective brains of Harry J or William Randolph Hearst) or since. It makes no sense to believe that is was anything more that a garden variety murder motivated by greed albeit one with a very unusual modus operandi.

      I still haven’t been able to decide if Mr. Kirk’s reported 2.3 ng/ml of active THC has any significance. It sure as heck isn’t consistent with a guy so high he committed murder IMO but neither do I know how long after the murder he was tested.

      I’m disregarding the fact that Mr. Kirk was able to remember the combination to his gun safe. Drunks don’t have much problem opening their gun safes.

      I’m not up on the legal arcana of life insurance payouts to a beneficiary who kills the insured. Would a verdict of not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect be enough to allow the underwriter to refuse to pay the primary beneficiary? Was Mr. Kirk sophisticated enough to know that life insurance companies can do that? Were the children the secondary beneficiaries?

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