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What we can learn from gay people about the drug war

Johann Hari (author of “Chasing the Scream“) has another interesting piece out: Four Reasons Gay People Might Have Better Insight Into Addiction and the Drug War I have always thought that those of us in the drug policy reform community … Continue reading

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Supreme Court in another attack on the 4th Amendment

In a 5-3 decision in Utah v. Strieff. The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that evidence found by police officers after illegal stops may be used in court if the officers conducted their searches after learning that the defendants had … Continue reading

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A milestone in the mainstream acceptance of marijuana

Tom Angell continues to be on top of new developments… Microsoft Partners With Marijuana Software Company Microsoft plans to announce Thursday that it is partnering with KIND Financial to offer seed-to-sale software that helps state and local governments make sure … Continue reading

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The Times – Decriminalization a ‘first step’

The Royal Society for Public Health Vision, Voice and Practice supported by the Faculty of Public Health released a new report: Taking a New Line on Drugs The report essentially recommends the Portugal approach: Decriminalizing personal use and possession of … Continue reading

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The DEA is a police and propaganda agency

New Report Blasts DEA For Spending 4 Decades Obstructing Marijuana Science The Drug Enforcement Administration has been impeding and ignoring the science on marijuana and other drugs for more than four decades, according to a report released this week by … Continue reading

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Open Thread

Heading out early tomorrow morning for New York – this annual community trip I’m hosting 95 travelers for a week of Broadway shows and walking tours. Should be fun. And busy. I’ll stop in when I can. Keep checking the … Continue reading

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How about we actually use science and facts to deal with addiction?

Good article in New York Magazine by Jesse Singal: The Tragic, Pseudoscientific Practice of Forcing Addicts to ‘Hit Rock Bottom’ He’s talking about Maia Szalavitz’s new book: Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction Or, as Szalavitz put … Continue reading

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Going after the city councils (updated)

Tom Angell reports that Kevin Sabet’s “SAM” group is targeting city councils with anti-legalization efforts. A group dedicated to keeping marijuana illegal has launched an effort to convince city councils across the country to actively oppose measures to end cannabis … Continue reading

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