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Been busy with a number of projects, including a show in Normal, Illinois and another one in Chicago opening the same week. Who knew retirement would be so busy?

Michigan Seeks Science of ‘Drugged Driving’

I always take note when I see someone talking about ‘drugged driving’ because so much of it has been about demonizing marijuana with false comparisons to alcohol, and using essentially a back-door way to punish marijuana users.

At least I appreciated where this lawmaker was coming from (and his sense of humor).

Speaking in an exclusive interview after his bill passed the Michigan House by a landslide vote of 107-1 on Tuesday, Rep. Peter Lucido said “this is the first time a scientific study has been conducted to find the exact limit.”

Lucido, of Shelby Township, says he has no stock in the limit Colorado chose after the state legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.

Colorado’s limit for drivers is 5 nanograms of THC per unit of blood, but Lucido said lawmakers “basically pulled it out of their ass.”

Assuming it actually is a scientific study, I think that Lucido will find that the “exact limit” is impossible to find – it all depends on the individual. Still, a scientifically determined average is at least better than pulling it out of your ass.

Personally, I believe in policing by observing impairment, not by measuring nanograms.

New Report Details Devastating Effects Of Mass Incarceration On The U.S.

No surprises to anyone on the couch – we’ve been talking about this for years. But good to see the White House disseminating this basic information about some of the failures of our criminal justice system.

Feds Agree to Tolerate the Country’s Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The Justice Department, which has been trying to shut down Oakland’s Harborside Health Center, the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the country, since 2012, is backing down. Yesterday Oakland officials, who have supported the dispensary all along, announced that the feds had agreed to let it stay open. […]

Harborside had argued that U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag’s campaign against the dispensary likewise violated the Rohrabacher/Farr amendment, which was first enacted at the end of 2014. Haag, who had made a point of targeting dispensaries despite the DOJ’s policy of tolerating marijuana suppliers who comply with state law, left office last September. […]

Although the details of the deal between Harborside and the DOJ are unclear at this point, it looks like the Obama administration is finally trying to reconcile the actions of federal prosecutors with the DOJ’s policy of forbearance. Steve DeAngelo, the dispensary’s executive director, said the agreement “signals the beginning of the end of federal prohibition.”

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  1. Servetus says:

    Big Pharma’s Immodium®, or loperamide, a diarrhea medicine, is being used by opiate addicts to help them detox, and it’s killing some of them:

    3-MAY-2016 — The paper outlines two case studies of patients with histories of substance abuse who attempted to self-treat opioid addictions with massive doses of loperamide. Both patients overdosed and emergency medical services were called. The patients were treated with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, naloxone and standard Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Both patients died.[…]

    The Upstate New York Poison Center experienced a seven-fold increase in calls related to loperamide abuse or misuse from 2011 through 2015, which is consistent with national poison data, that reported a 71 percent increase in calls related to intentional loperamide exposure from 2011 through 2014.[…]

    “Our nation’s growing population of opioid-addicted patients is seeking alternative drug sources with prescription opioid medication abuse being limited by new legislation and regulations,” said Dr. Eggleston. “Health care providers must be aware of increasing loperamide abuse and its under recognized cardiac toxicity. This is another reminder that all drugs, including those sold without a prescription, can be dangerous when not used as directed.”

    AAAS Press Release: .

    Over-the-counter medications for people who want to detox anonymously from opiate addictions would appear to be a good idea as long as the medications worked and had no fatal side effects. That either few or none exist for that purpose is a reflection of how badly the U.S. manages its opiate addiction problems.

  2. claygooding says:

    The latest research done and paid for by NIDA,the ONDCP and the DEA reported that people with almost three times the 5 nano limits set in most states were not impaired anymore than a person with an 0.8 legal limit of alcohol in their system.

    That is as close to a comparison study done so far,,TMK

    “”The first study to analyze the effects of cannabis on driving performance found that it caused almost no impairment. The impairment that it did cause was similar to that observed under the influence of a legal alcohol limit.””

    As noted here before,,there have been stoned drivers and drunk drivers on every road man ever built,,,the stoned drivers were the ones laughing and pulling the drunk’s wagons out of the ditch.

  3. Daniel Williams says:

    “End of federal prohibition” of pot, that is. But kudos nonetheless.

  4. Aleksi Seppänen says:

    Oregon grower gets huge yield from large tree sized cannabis plants:

  5. DdC says:

    Close the federal loophole that lets cops go treasure hunting

    Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and the Who play Coachella site in October
    N.Y. Goldenvoice announced Tuesday, May 3, 2016, that the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and the Who will perform during a three-day concert at the desert grounds where the annual Coachella music festival is held.

  6. DdC says:

    Well I hate to be the one to tell you, but Socialism, which you have been told to fear all your life, is responsible for all this…

    75 Ways Socialism Has Improved America

    Sounds like spreading gossip demonizing people is a normal part of profiteers agenda. Prohibitionists have shown this for decades. Too bad no one ever learns from their mistakes. Profiteers over People, the Neocon agenda.

    • primus says:

      I read the first part, but after finding the fifth grammatical error, I quit. Somehow, when the writer is not proficient in the language the argument loses strength.

      • DdC says:

        Too bad you can’t bring examples or that it has any bearing on physical facts. The claims are clear but the envelope is dirty so you dismiss the message? I don’t see a problem since most who try to use buzzwords like socialism probably can’t read anyway. Or know grammar. Or care. Still doesn’t retract from the fact many of our practices are for the people and classed as socialism. Social, like society. Bring em.

        This is a repost of a blog I wrote last year.

        You can see the original here. It’s exactly the same except the original has pictures!

        I just wanted to bring this back in hopes of sparking a real, rational conversation about socialism.

        I feel the narrative around common sense, Democratic Socialism is constantly negative and too many liberals are afraid to associate themselves with the word.

        Socialism is not a bad thing. It benefits each and every one of us in one way or another.

        Below the fold is 75 ways socialism has improved, shaped, and built America.


        There is nothing more feared and hated in America.

        The word alone sends shivers down the spine of the American people.

        Those three syllables conger up images of Big Brother Government ruling over us all, telling us what to eat, wear, buy, and think. Our children in national uniform being indoctrinated with propaganda in government education camps that use to be schools, turning them into little slaves. While their parents work twelve hour shifts in the concentration camp that slaughters rich successful billionaires, as the poor and needy get a million dollars a month in welfare. A murderous government waging a war against freedom and liberty to gain complete control over everyone and everything.

        You know, the way things were under that socialist Bill Clinton. And the way things are now under that socialist Barack Obama.

        They imagine the USSR and how Democrats are turning America into it because our government will give money to poor people so they don’t starve to death. (Giving money to billion dollar corporations is NOT socialism somehow. You would be a communist and a hippie to think otherwise.)

        This is scary stuff!

        And it’s about to get scarier, because I have some terrifying news for you….

        Socialism is alive and well in America and it has been here for a very long time!

        Oh, that’s not all. it gets much worse! I hope your sitting down…

        As it turns out, You love socialism and you use it everyday, and you may not even know it! It may have even saved your life. I know, this is bad…

        Now relax and breath. It’s going to be okay! We are going to get through this.

        You see, we are still a capitalist nation. In America, you can still make a billion dollars, get a giant tax cut, and pay your employees barely enough to survive while you sail in your yacht to escape any guilt that might inconvenience you. So don’t freak out just yet!

        The thing is, socialism is all over America and people actually like it. Even you… Yes you!

        I know, I know. You’re a conservative that believes in freedom and the constitution. You hate handouts and believe in hard work and the individual. You think government should get out of the way and let you live your lives and allow you to prosper on your own. You know that all rich people must have worked hard and all poor people are lazy. There is no other reason why they could be poor considering life is completely fair and all people are born into situations and environments that allow them to have all the opportunities and blessings that you had. There is no fathomable way they could have 2 or 3 jobs they work very hard at but still can’t make ends meet. You got it all figured out.

        But still, even you get your kicks from a little socialism every now and then.

        Don’t think of this as an intervention, think of it as a coming out of the closet party. We know you are a closet socialist. It’s okay, you are amongst friends and we support you. Besides, we always knew…

        Socialism is taxpayer funds being used collectively to benefit society as a whole, despite income, contribution, or ability.

        Sounds horrible, huh?

        Well I hate to be the one to tell you, but Socialism, which you have been told to fear all your life, is responsible for all this…

        • Frank W. says:

          The guy wrote that thing a year ago and proudly presents it unchanged. I might agree with the sentiments, yet I want to moon for rebuttal.

        • DdC says:

          Frank I have no clue what that means but please give us warning if you are going to moon anyone or anything. I really really don’t want that visual ingrained in my memory banks…

        • primus says:

          It’s not that I reject the message, I don’t. I found the list quite repetitive, and also felt that ‘war’ was redundant because an earlier item was ‘military’. Couple those two factors (repetitive and redundant) with spelling and grammar far below par, especially when you have had a year to correct it, means that I stopped reading. You are presumably trying to communicate. When the presentation is boring and the reader quits due to it being too much work, you have ceased communicating.

  7. DdC says:

    Still can’t get over the reality that cannabis is not a problem. Can’t even let those in Vermont use it without risking jail. Labs reporting false results in 40,000 cases doesn’t stop more testing. So the citizens have no direct way to stop egotistical drug worriers punishment laws and the legislators won’t permit a law to actually legitimize users. Then they jerk the flag and spout off about how free the country is.

    US MA: State Chemist Was High on the Job for Years, Report Says

    Drug mishandling may have tainted 40,000 cases

    Vt. House Kills Marijuana Legalization
    Unlike 26 states, Vermont has no form of direct petition in which voters get to decide a question other than constitutional amendments. The four states and District of Columbia that have legalized marijuana have done so by referendum.

    • Mouth says:

      DdC: I’ve estimated the true negative consequences of drug use to be $30ish billion a year related to negative health costs and poor decisions and not from what the law adds on, like enforcement, forced treatment, incarceration, loss of job from bad urine and loss of job from incarceration/the law.

      Am I correct(ish)?

      The ONDCP said in 2002, America spent $180 billion on the overall results of drug use, which includes the arbitrary laws’ cost.

      • DdC says:

        Mouth, most drugs done properly are not a problem. Even heroin and speed and Cannabis has no problem if done improperly. Using legitimate product. So the cost of drug use is also due to prohibition. The mindset that this is negative is also a problem. The money “wasted” on drug worriers, incarceration, rehabs, LEO’s is not considered a waste to those reaping the bennies of the money. Plus the bonus of keeping out competition or in having a monopoly like sched#2 would do for the big fat pharma. They claim they have “wasted” a trillion dollars so far. Or a trillion went to prohibitionists and their paraphernalia.

        The new regulations are insulting to the victims of the drug war. Would early Christians pay tribute to the Romans for allowing them to be martyrs? This is absolutely no different than the Jews continuing to use the Nazi’s to enforce the Holocaust until further research is done. Or give the Nazi’s seats to conduct inquirers at the Nuremberg Trials. I’ve noticed every reuninform group is backing the tax and regulate bullshit the same as LEAP. Including appeasing rehabs and cops brought into the discussions and policy. Now they want to give state cops jurisdiction they don’t have with prop 215 all to make it sound like they are really prohibitionists at heart. Its a scam and until that is brought to the front burner. Everywhere is war.

        CA Voters Getting Chance To Legalize Marijuana

        The measure is opposed by Ken Corney, California Police Chiefs Assn., Scott Chipman, San Diego Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana.

        Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is running for governor in 2018, formed a blue ribbon commission on marijuana policy that made recommendations, many of which were incorporated into the initiative.

        The measure is supported by the Drug Policy Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project, California Cannabis Industry Assn., California Medical Assn. California NAACP, and the national Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

        Supporters hope to build on the momentum from the Legislature’s action last year to set up regulations for the medical marijuana industry in California. The new initiative would expand on that, renaming the state Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation as the Bureau of Marijuana Control.

        Typical Russ, I think I’ll call him Radical Rush from now on.

        ~ Steve Kubby

        I woke up this morning and realized that the AUMA is perfect and I should stop criticizing it. That’s right, the AUMA is perfect — for teaching everyone why the government needs to butt out and leave weed untaxed and unregulated. The “seed to sale” requirements are so onerous, the restrictions on patients so outrageous that the Parker Initiative is the best way to campaign for what we radicals like to call the Tomato Model.

        Assuming that our KUSH IPO goes well on 4/20, I will set aside funds for an initiative in 2018 called, “The DON’T Tax or Regulate Marijuana Act.”

        Knock yourselves out Russ Belville and Chris Conrad! Go AUMA! Release the Kraken!

        Spirit works in mysterious ways, but always towards truth and justice.

        Study: Marijuana Legalization Not Associated With Greater Teen Access

  8. I Love You Mary Jane says:

    Juries are throwing out driving under the influence of cannabis cases in Shangri-La err I mean Colorado:

    • DdC says:

      Power to the People. I saw a similar article last year where the citizens were rejecting bunk science and basically a law to brand people. Same ridiculus limits in the latest CA hysteria to brand users. Then used to ban organ transplants, become legal growers, employment, housing and the loss of driving privileges. All based on prohibitionists fear mongering and flat out lies backing the fear with bogus futuristic hobgoblins that have never panned out when spouted in the past. Everyone voting is subject to being called for jury duty and need this tool to keep innocent users from zealot persecution.

      Jury Nullification

      Overall we need these liars to be held accountable and these branding laws to be shown for what they really represent. Perpetuating prohibition for the profits. Urine testing to rehabs and prisons. Big Pharma and Big Ag corporations in competition or organic and not requiring poisons. There is more than enough evidence to take these liars to court and its high time someone does. Especially tax paid Federal NIDA and DEA liars.

      Cannabis use and Driving

      Ass.Woman Torre’ Drudged Driving Bill

      Are You Drunk Correa?
      CA SB 289 Clueless Legislation

      Not only California trying to create bureaucracies.

      Michigan Seeks Science of ‘Drugged Driving’

  9. Servetus says:

    Things are tough for women in Alabama. Unless a new bill is signed by the Governor, pregnant women continue to face arrest for using legal drugs prescribed by their doctors:

    May 4, 2016 — Pregnant women and new mothers using legally prescribed medications may no longer face prosecution under an Alabama statute that is the nation’s harshest law against drug use during pregnancy.

    The Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday to exempt women who use medically prescribed drugs from the state’s chemical endangerment law, which makes it a felony to expose a child to “a controlled substance, chemical substance, or drug paraphernalia.” The measure had cleared the Senate in April.

    If signed by Republican Gov. Robert Bentley, it would be the first significant change to a controversial law that has been used to arrest and prosecute more than 500 women over the past 10 years, including some who used drugs under a doctor’s care. Whether Bentley, a dermatologist, will sign the measure into law wasn’t immediately clear.

    Someone needs to rattle Alabama’s cage. An absolute need for a particular medication during a pregnancy could force some women to seek abortions, an anathema in Alabama. Even the Romans treated women better than this.


    • Zach says:

      Here in alabackwards things are interesting. Our idiot governor did just sign leni’s law which gives patients a defense in court for cbd oil but is currently under possible impeachment for possibly using state funds to hide his staffer girlfriend after his wife of 50 years left him. He ran for office on his morals. Also the speaker of the house is about to finally go to trial later this month on his 23 count indictment for violating the ethics law that he wrote. We cant even get the idiots in montgomery to allow the people to vote on a lottery. It would not surprise me if we found a way to punish pregnant moms even more so than now. Logic and reason dont make it past the state line unfortunately.

    • DdC says:

      The Party of Cowards that attacks sick people, pregnant women and hides behind kids. Profit wars and trashing the air and water. Keep workers poor and wall st wealthy. Privatize everything and then move to Paraguay.

      Oklahoma is banning abortion. Seriously.

      Stop Alabama’s Attack on Abortion

      GOP’s “A War on Women”

    • Duncan20903 says:


      I certainly don’t see that as authorizing a search warrant based solely on having privacy software. It’s saying that if there’s probable cause for a remote search but the location of the device is unknown because of a cloaking device the warrant can be issued by a Federal judge in any Federal District Court. It looks like it’s reasonable to presume that under the previous version of the rule that successfully hiding the location of the machine precluded the issuance of such a search warrant.

  10. Duncan20903 says:


    Gosh it has been a really strange year. The 1st example is kinda sorta related to the regulated re-legalization of cannabis intended for enjoyment because I’ve seen a couple of the more brain dead sycophants of prohibition attempting to argue that Colorado cannabis recalls for pesticides demonstrate that re-legalization has not produced a safer product.

    A couple of weeks ago when I was grocery shopping I noticed that Stouffers is still selling a spinach soufflé TV dinner. Back in the days when I was first on my own and poor as the proverbial church mouse it was one of my favorite meals. Too much sodium, bad cholesterol, and a much better balance sheet led me to decide to stop buying it more than 20 years ago. Spotting it at the grocery store got me waxing nostalgic so I bought one.

    A few days later I decided to eat it so I put it in the microwave. The landline rang. But since we almost never answer that phone the answering machine did its thing. It was an automaton from the grocery store which called to inform me that Stouffer’s had recalled my dinner due to a possibility that it might contain ground glass. Holy cow, what are the odds of that? Hey, so who is it that said that the universe doesn’t revolve around me?

    Yesterday I learned that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe had issued an executive order which restored my civil rights. Well all except the owning a firearm thing. The Republicans accused him of doing so as a favor to Secretary Clinton. It was a total surprise because he did it without being asked. I never thought I’d see the day. My wanting to vote was actually a major consideration in my decision to move to Maryland because I qualified here. Heck, now I’m even able to become a notary public. It’s just plain mind boggling.

    Of course then there’s Donald Trump as POTUS. I think that one speaks for itself.

    Strange days indeed.

  11. Lead Zeppylean says:

    “Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  12. Francis says:

    So… looks like it’s going to be Trump v. Clinton, eh? I have to say, I’m feeling pretty darn good about my candidate.

  13. Srboljub Ropič says:

    High for 8 years!? That is something to aim for. My testing expert goal is a glass jars spice rack with as many different strains of cannabis as possible from all around the world.

  14. Mouth says:

    I wonder how many investors would realize that legalizing all drugs would result in better bond yields and better bond ETFs? By not wasting our money on stupid drug law cops and failed laws, then even B rated debts look better and brighter . . . imagine the raging boners ones gets just from better AAA or even AA bonds? Stupid Mary Fallen of Oklahoma wants half a billion of Oklahoma’s bad debt paid off in bonds which will go bad when taxes and other revenue don’t plug up the hole, while oil is dying, which means those bonds will possibly fail, not out pace inflation etc, thus possibly lowering Oklahoma’s Moody’s or S&P ratting, which is further bad for business, thus causing more loses.

    Wall-Street is where I encounter people who don’t yet know they support total drug legalization. Bonds are good when stocks are down and bonds are good when stocks are up, but bad debt is bad debt, which makes bonds not so attractive or good . . . maple syrup doesn’t turn shit into tasty pancakes, it just makes for stickier turds and wasted syrup. When the bond market is good, it means debts have an esier time being paid, which is a reflection of better ETFs and mutuals . . . hell, even better bonds make for better REITS and better REITS make for better CDO’s and CDL’s, thus reducing the size of sub-prime mortgages etc.

    So, there is an added way for us to win the war on drugs and I think we can actually get the hydra-monster to cut off one of it’s heads for the sake of it’s portfolio, given starvation is not a successful strategy for living.

    I’m a lover of Wall Street because she is a good lover to me, but if we treat our nation’s spending like shit (war on drugs), then she becomes an abusive partner. The War on Drugs is wrecking the good things that do come from Wall-Street and anybody who has not 100% gotten off the grid–away from society and her consumer products are participants of Wall-Street.

    Now excuse me couch, I have to write to a young Republican who is running for Congress on why he needs to support legal cannabis and since he’s a Veteran, I have an advantage others won’t when talking to him.

    P.S. I know this might sound stupid: But insiders are on the inside and supporting drug legalization via Wall Street is how I become an insider pushing out Anti-legalizers out of the inside since fundamental logic proves that drug-Warriors are the ones who love debt and joblessness the most and that is bad for Wall Street (what can I say, Wall Street was actually good to me in 2008 and 2009, so I’m loyal).

  15. ForMrAlex says:

    “Sembler is a former U.S. Ambassador to Italy and is known in political circles as a very successful fundraiser. As a result, he’s made a lot of friends in Washington.

    He’s also the guy that recently announced he was raising $10 million to fight a cannabis legalization ballot initiative in Florida.

    That’s a lot of coin, so it got me wondering …

    What kind of person is so enthusiastic about prohibition that he would seek to raise $10 million to fight anyone looking to end it.

    Here’s what I found …”

    • Mouth says:

      I will not allow Screwball Sembler to raise the money because it’s bad for my investment portfolio which takes a hit when bad gov spending happens or when bad things happen in the world as a result of how drug money finances gangs and terrorists etc.

      • DdC says:

        My bank won’t deal with penny stocks like the cannabis and hemp stocks so I haven’t gotten into them. I bought gwph a few years ago and it went nuts so I sold off enough to pay for my dispensary pot. I bought some more when it bottomed out earlier this year. I think the cat died on a trampoline since the bounce puts it back where it was in the low $80s high $70s. I prefer trading myself without a broker fee. Kubby and others have said the penny stock is making money but at a penny you have to buy enough to make it worth while. I might dabble with them but I haven’t seen much to entice me so far.

        I like the thought of a big pharma company buying my pot. Trying this new “chronic sativa C02 extracted cannabis oil in a syringe you can dab or put into a pipe or just eat. 65.34% thc. yumm. Overall I prefer plain old doobies and with a menu like the dispensary has it will take some time to sample all of it. I’m not interested in the cbd but I noticed it is getting a lot of shelf space too. The best civilized system on the planet with no need to change a damn thing about prop 215. Politicians don’t deserve a seat at the table anymore than cops or rehab gossip queens.

        • Mouth says:

          DdC: Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) out of TSX Ventures isn’t a penny stock (at least I don’t think it’s the Canadian version of a penny stock).

          You’re lucky to have owned stock in GWPH. My Boss is warming up to cannabis legalization just because of the stock market and so is my ex-L.A. Sheriff of a Father in Law. Actually when I told my boss about GWPH’s high returns last month, he opened up his phone and got angry because he was thinking of buying them a while back when the price was low, but was told not to because they wouldn’t do good because it was ‘cannabis’.

          Even though I’ve owned 5 different mutuals for a Roth IRA for over a decade, I just got into the stock market and am reading Ben Graham and soon will be studying other Gurus. Ever since I watched the Big Short back in March (and I’ll read it too), I haven’t been able to think about anything else than buying stocks, bonds, mutuals, ETFs, CDOs and CDLs . . . which is far better than focusing on the War in Iraq day in and day out. Though Cannabis and I will always be lovers, the stock market is my new drug.

          You don’t like to pay fees or very much? look up these guys: Robinhood; Wealthfront, Betterment and Futureadvisor . . . though I’m looking more at Robinhood if I decide to pick them.

          I had an inkling you owned GWPH because you’re the kind of smart guy who would.

        • DdC says:

          DdC: Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) out of TSX Ventures isn’t a penny stock (at least I don’t think it’s the Canadian version of a penny stock).

          List of Marijuana Stocks

          Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS)
          0.0488 0.0023 4.95%

          You’re lucky to have owned stock in GWPH.

          That seemed like a no brainer at the time. I’m lucky being in a civilized place with good people and pretty scenery. Bigger crowd wanting Ganja without the illegalities. Without much media interest outside of people needing it. Their CBD Epidiolex could get some competition with ZGNX – Zogenix which was once the “fen” part of the failed obesity drug fen-phen. Patients treated with the fen-phen combination were found to have a far greater risk of developing heart problems, including pulmonary hypertension. After the FDA determined that deaths in patients taking fen-phen were related to the drug, it pulled the drug from the market in 1997. ZGNX – Zogenix (NASDAQ) 9.45 -0.03 (0.32%) See if GW starts falling 79.00 +1.05 (1.35%) and this fen-the phen climbs.

          The Controversial Drug That Could Be Better at Controlling
          Seizures in Epilepsy Patients Than Marijuana

          My Boss is warming up to cannabis legalization just because of the stock market and so is my ex-L.A. Sheriff of a Father in Law … ‘cannabis’.List of Marijuana Stocks

          I know its kin and a job but remember you already know while they’re still warming to the persecution going on and we are still trying to prove them wrong. More research, how can they doubt it now that Hemp is pushing a billion. Always us trying to please the cannabis ignorant. The bazillion dollar question isn’t for us to prove it is safe. Its way past time someone finds a document stating why it is unsafe. What research did Noxon have that would categorize it as a schedule#1? It was a temporary listing until the reports came out. Thats what the AMA was told. The Whooton and Shafer reports came out with no shred of evidence to classify it as such. Re-evaluating research back to the 1894 Indian Hemp Commission. Just Nixon and with the tapes we know it was hate and political vengeance against his enemies. The anti war counter culture and Blacks. Using Ganja as the means to take them off the streets. That is the starting point of any discussion. Sorry dude but you have nothing to apologize about, neither do the reform groups.

          This is as UnAmerican as it gets and only a complete repeal of the CSA is the right thing to do. Cannabis has no Science and 45 years of stalling, lying, cheating, killing and keeping people sick or making them sick. Ruining lives of Americans. Same ones polluting the skies and making the water undrinkable. Driving house prices up and rent racketeers getting fat. Forfeiture and kid snitches and dare propaganda all based on an unsubstantiated mentally disturbed politicians vengeance. Its not like its hidden from any thinking person. Its justified the same as Jim Crow and Segregation. No one saw that as wrong either. Its time to turn the tables and clear the air with reality based policy and a Federal repeal of Cannabis as a controlled substance with no states right to repeat the non science product of prohibition.

          Even though I’ve owned 5 different mutuals for a Roth IRA for over a decade, I just got into the stock market and am reading Ben Graham and soon will be studying other Gurus.

          The tax chick saved me from income tax the past couple years with an IRA, not a Roth. I think of it all as a Casino. When someone needs something they can’t get it unless they don’t need it sorta way it is. We need casinos and stock markets to set aside funds to take care of the people. I was thinking of starting an adopt a junkie group like they do with highway cleaning. Not only repeal of cannabis laws. Not harm reduction, No harm. Why do they continue to feel the right to punish people? If they need help it shouldn’t be up to cops and courts determining what kind of help. The cost of treating all humans as at least dogs isn’t something too hard to consider. Food, shelter, medicine and a way to get it. As for Banksters and Wall St.

          They can buy my pot but I have no respect for their machine like servitude of the bottom line over all else. I don’t follow them or buy what I can’t afford to lose. Same with Casino’s. I won the lottery with a high numbered ping pong ball keeping me out of the jungles without dodging or burning my draft card. I bring quadriplegics to play slot machines occasionally, but don’t play much myself. I still feel guilty if I win because I didn’t earn it. If gw didn’t trade in whole plant extract I wouldn’t have bought it. I earn a decent living and enjoy living simply without much plastic. Not off grid but I’m not interested in keeping up with the jonzes or the latest bad movie or buying coffee as good as I make at home. I’m lucky in getting paid to do random acts of kindness. Now its easier for patients and Hemp oil is a staple in keeping infections under control.

          Ever since I watched the Big Short back in March (and I’ll read it too), I haven’t been able to think about anything else than buying stocks, bonds, mutuals, ETFs, CDOs and CDLs .

          Maybe they have something to treat it? Catatonic? Green Crack?
          I try to avoid anything requiring reading, more than an article or package directions.

          . . which is far better than focusing on the War in Iraq day in and day out. Though Cannabis and I will always be lovers, the stock market is my new drug.

          I think cannabis takes the sharp edges off of memory, speed and rage. Takes a right angle of split decision panic and trauma and rounds it off. Doesn’t kill the pain but makes it insignificant enough to not be debilitating. Doesn’t temporarily erase the memories like booze but makes them less vivid and detailed, so they aren’t as overwhelming. Anyone can experience trauma, especially those getting arrested for treating their trauma with Ganja. Good Luck, I always think of the market as the flick, Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroid. Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche controlling the market, cheating and the best part is when they get taken down. Greed ain’t good, but to each their own.

          You don’t like to pay fees or very much . . though I’m looking more at Robinhood if I decide to pick them.

          Thanks, I can go to my online account and buy or sell anything without using the bank’s brokers. So there is no fee or advise. I would rather bet on the GS Warriors even without Curry. But its been a freebee treat just watching them all season.

          I had an inkling you owned GWPH because you’re the kind of smart guy who would.

          Like I said, it seemed like a no brainer at the time. I found it is cheaper and easier to prevent stress than it is to remove it once its attached itself.

          Yeah. You know, it occurs to me
          that the best way you hurt rich people is by turning them into poor people.
          ~ Billy Ray Valentine

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