Silly prohibitionists

Map of Colorado marijuana being smuggled to other states, based on info provided by the DEA’s El Paso “Intelligence” Center


Um, yeah… That’s not Colorado.

[Thanks, Allan!]

Note: USA Today has since fixed the map in their story.

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  1. Jean Valjean says:

    The whole thing is just a construct. The fact that they used Wyoming instead of Colorado is proof of DEA lying and propaganda. Total BS.

  2. DonDig says:

    I guess it must really be the states that are finding Wyoming marjijuana in them.
    I guess that was a close one for Colorado there for a minute.

  3. Duncan20903 says:


    But can they find Canada on an unlabeled map?

    Here’s another sycophant of prohibition with his foot in his mouth:

    If You Have Any of THESE Allergies, You Might Also Be Allergic to Marijuana

    Even if you’re not allergic, you’re not totally safe. It is true that marijuana does not cause as many deaths as alcohol, but weed has been linked with depression.

    Immediately below the article Teen Vouge promotes another article:

    Related: New Research Debunks Age-Old Myth That Marijuana Causes Depression

    Now isn’t that special?

  4. darkcycle says:

    Ugh. This just came across my FB feed. Marky-Mark and the F*cked up Bunch (BOTEC) are at it again. Making damn sure they completely butcher legalization in Wa. My comment along with this was: “Not a single thought, nor a moment’s passing consideration for the PATIENTS. The high end estimate for dispensaries is 1500, likely it’s too low,and from my experience, that is the case. Now, in one day, we are going to shutter all but 222. Out of fear that the Feds would say the market is poorly regulated. So….the solution? Push patients (who fought long and hard for the rights they had, and who depend on the exercise of those rights for their health) and the producers who serve them back into the black market. Ironically, risking the ire of the very same Feds for having a market that is poorly regulated. MEANWHILE, just across the Oregon Border, they have focused more on actually licensing, tracking and collecting taxes from the retail stores, and have largely left the market to decide the number of retail outlets (along with local governments). Thereby making under or over serving the market a non-issue. And nary a peep from the feared Feds. Mark Kleiman is making sure this market is a screwed up clown show, and giving job security back to the black market, which had taken a pummeling by medical. Legalization looked to be the final nail (and rightfully should have been), but Kap’n Klownshoes (Mark Kleiman) gave them a new lease on life.”

    • Freeman says:

      That BOTEC report mentioned in the article has been thoroughly debunked and WSLCB has been sued over it’s reliance on the report known by the board to be unreliable.

      BOTEC (Bullshit Obstructing Truthful Evaluation of Cannabis) should be pressured to explain the incomprehensible figures reported in the unlabeled chart (which I will refer to as Figure WTF) that appears on pages 2 and 30 of the report, every time the report is mentioned in public. I’m still waiting for an explanation as to how they managed to come to the conclusion that their high estimate of $690M for the Medical market amounts to 55% market share while the higher high estimate of $740M for the Illicit market amounts to a lesser 48% share of the same market.

      The article DC linked to shows that any purported facts and figures appearing in the published BOTEC report are merely for show and irrelevant to the decision-making process. Instead, we see (and smell) the undue influence of a concern-trolling academic hack privately communicating policy advice that was deliberately left off the public contract. Like the silent K in his last name, always a little slice of bs to obscure the real message. As a master of propaganda, you’ve really got to give this guy credit where it’s due.

      I just love the whole I’m “not representing a finding or recommendation” but “if I were making the decisions I would…” shtick, and that part about “protect the public health merely by inaction” that is so seductive to lawmakers reminds me of that old saying about requirements for the triumph of evil…

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Now, now, be nice. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make a living from selling hot air? Well neither do I but it isn’t easy even if The Professor makes it look like it is.

    • Freeman says:

      Hey dc, I can’t even read comments at the link you provided, much less leave one. Do you have to be logged in to even view comments? I couldn’t even figure out how to get an account. I followed the link at the bottom of the page to the author’s blog and then clicked on the “read comments and more” link there back to the article, and got the exact same page you linked to with no comments at all showing…

      • darkcycle says:

        Facebook is the method I used to comment. If you have a facebook page, comments will be posted under your FB account. (I’m Curtis Creek on FB if anyone wants to friend me.

        • Freeman says:

          Hey thanks dc, explains why I wasn’t seeing comments. So how’s that work – do you see other people’s comments to the post when you’re logged in to fb? Dang fb, now you need an account just to see and post comments elsewhere? I’m still resisting getting a fb account for the time being…

  5. Duncan20903 says:


    Has everyone heard of the $1 billion settlement the NFL has agreed to pay the players who sued the league because football causes brain damage in players after repeated concussions the players? Let’s see if I’ve got this one right. The players had accused the NFL of suppressing league sponsored research studies that prove those allegations. That the league has known about this since the early 1990s. Yes, the tobacco companies killed their customers while the NFL is killing its employees. Does that really make things different?

    How an Insurance Dispute Affects the N.F.L. Concussions Settlement

    The dispute is tied to the settlement between the league and the thousands of retired players who said the league hid from them the dangers of repeated head hits. Players stand to receive up to $5 million each.

    But where exactly would that money come from?

    Its insurers, the N.F.L. says. But the insurers, a group of about 30 companies, have gone to court to get out of paying.

    The insurers say they do not have to cover the claims, which may reach $1 billion, because of the questions raised by the players over whether the league frequently covered up the danger of concussions. But fraud was never proved because the players settled before they went through the discovery process.

    The only reason that this post is on topic is because of the silly prohibitionists annoying habit of thinking that the product being sold dictates the business practices of the company. E.g. “big tobacco” companies of 40 or 50 years ago were using every trick in the book to turn as many people as possible into nicotine slaves. People smoke merrywanna which makes it be just like smoking tobacco. That means that if cannabis law reform succeeds the resulting companies will use those same tactics invented by long dead tobacco company executives to make as many people as possible suffer from the fiction of merrywanna addiction.

  6. Servetus says:

    Due to the spectacular failure of UNGASS in April, Canada’s plan to legalize marijuana for recreational use is encountering the usual obstacles:

    The Canadian government’s plan to legalize marijuana contravenes its current legal obligations to the United Nation’s international drug-control conventions, states a commentary in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

    “The federal government should immediately take proactive steps to seek a reservation to the marijuana provisions of these treaties and/or to initiate their renegotiation in light of its legalization plans,” write Dr. Steven Hoffman and Ms. Roojin Habibi, both with the Global Strategy Lab at the University of Ottawa’s Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics. “If these diplomatic efforts fail, Canada must formally withdraw from these treaties to avoid undermining international law and compromising its global position.”

    Three legally binding international treaties control or prohibit access to various drugs around the world, including marijuana.[…]

    The authors suggest that the most feasible option for Canada is to withdraw from these treaties. The federal government could then fulfill its campaign promise to legalize marijuana without violating international law.

    “Formally withdrawing from outdated treaties like these is a country’s sovereign right. It may also be a moral duty if the government believes the conventions’ required policies are harmful,” state the authors.

    Yes, that’s what the man said. Canada has a moral duty to withdraw from outdated drug treaties.

    AAAS Press Release:

    • Dancehall says:

      And who is the most vocal critic of the UN? It is the left, isn’t it? Please tell me it’s the left with a straight face.

      • Servetus says:

        Everyone criticizes the UN. One of the most informed writers on the topic is Geoffrey Robertson QC, “…a human rights barrister, academic, author and broadcaster. He holds dual Australian and British citizenship.”

  7. OverTheWeekend says:

    “Both Macedonia’s ruling party and opposition party agreed on making medical cannabis available. Macedonia is the second Balkan nation and 13th nation in the European Union to legalize medical cannabis.

    Amendments were made to the law on Control of Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, which enables medical cannabis to be treated like medicine. Cannabis will become an option for “people suffering from serious illnesses, such as malignant diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV and childhood epilepsy,” Macedonian Health Minister, Nikola Todorov, told reporters. Todorov expects medical cannabis to be available in pharmacies by the end of May this year.”

    • Tony Aroma says:

      By the end of May?!?!? Why does is take years in the US to get mmj programs up and running?

      • Frank W. says:

        We’re a fat beast. It takes many years to get anything through our many greedy stomachs, like an old angry constipated cow. What emerges is usually PLOP.
        (saving my appetite for June 2)

      • Makes this an interesting article:
        If the U.S. Government Keeps Dragging Its Feet on Marijuana, Canada May Get a Leg Up on Investment, Science

        And this:
        Drug War: NDLEA Receives $11m Assistance from US

        This isn’t all it appears to be. Money is power and control.

        It’s losing a big chunk of your power and ability to manipulate on grand scales around the world.

        The DEA has other agendas. Its no wonder the safest drug in the world looks so dangerous.

        And, that makes this chump change:
        State And Federal Governments Would Get 28 Billion Dollars In Taxes Annually If Marijuana Were Legal

        We (the US) have spent trillions fighting the drug war. Hillary knows. Too much money. LOL.

        The truth prevails if enough people can get to it despite the press agendas and friends.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Why does is take years in the US to get mmj programs up and running?

        Oh my, that one is easy. It’s because of their pathological need for plausible deniability. Plausible deniability doesn’t grow on trees you know.

        Hey since we’re on the subject of plausible deniability, has anyone heard the rumors that Ms. Clinton is seriously considering Mr. Clinton for VP? Don’t worry, Mr. Clinton is not eligible to serve as the the POTUS so he’s not eligible to be Vice President.

      • DdC says:

        Why does is take years in the US to get mmj programs up and running?

        They get paid by the hour.

  8. Frank W. says:

    from Oregonlive, so far so not good.
    Marijuana-related businesses
    Allows marijuana-related businesses in Klamath County.
    UPDATED: 8:24 PM, MAY 17
    76.1% of est. votes counted
    Yes 6,087 42.0%
    No 8,395 58.0%

    That’s a final result. We’ll close that barn door and get Rusty back!

    • Duncan20903 says:


      On Election Day 2014 Klamath County voted 56-44 against Measure 91 so it’s not particularly remarkable. I’m wondering what it was that possessed cannabis law reform advocates to put it on the local ballot so soon after the voters of Oregon approved Measure 91. Why on the primary ballot?

  9. CJ says:

    well heres my two cents.
    i mean 10 dollars…. per. i mean 10 dollars, US per… I mean, 10 dollars, US.. per, and some people need at least 50-60 dollars a day, and thats on the low side… its insanity, truly insanity..but this could end all of that on a larger scale.

  10. CJ says:

    actually, very quickly… so I read about this development in Canada yesterday I think. I was glad to hear about it and the first thing I did was I tried to get in touch with family to find out the situation with my relatives of Canada, because of course I was thinking of jumping a train and going North, thats my instincts you know. But of course thats a little premature lol. The fact is, now for 3 years I’ve been trying to get my dual citizenship with the EU done so I could make a mad break for England to get on this program. I already found a clinic a long time ago, spoke to the people in charge of the place, found a 20 pound or 20 US a night (i know its a big difference) hostel a block from said clinic, but the bureaucratic insanity with dual citizenship has been a massive problem. My father, who I qualify for the EU citizenship through, had been, unknowingly, living life with two different legal names. In Italy he was legally Giuseppe, here he was Joseph, he didnt know the particulars so his whole life he had been signing legal papers, getting drivers licenses, IDs, etc and it all said Joseph, my birth certificate his name no there is Joseph. Well, Italy/EU doesn’t recognize any of it. Not any of it. So we have had to go through everything, call Oregon (multnomah county, where Im from) to get the birth certificate changed, but weve been in NYC for so long now he forgot how different things go back in the city of bridges. So that finally got settled after forever. But just tons of stuff like that. PLUS the Italian consulate here in NYC is notoriously difficult, arrogant and impossible and you have to schedule your appointments not by the day or week or month but year. So 3 years have passed since the process started and so the third appointment is later this year. Hopefully this time it will go through.

    There was a breath catching moment though because my trendy, sheep like, follow the leader, afraid of everything including her own shadow sister, who I dont even think has been to Europe ever nor gone anywhere by herself (maybe she was in spain with my parents for a 2 week vacation once, I, on the other hand, in a different life, have been to Amsterdam, Netherlands, the UK, the Ukraine (Kyev, before the war, way way before the war) Germany and other places) dude, my sister, see, I dropped out of High School, later got a GED, but my sister being the opposite of me guys, she graduated High School and got accepted to FIT and dude she had a dorm in Manhattan, can you imagine, being 18 years old, a place in Manhattan (dude rents are insane, 3,5000, 4,000 for a studio. And thats in the dirtier low end spots) but being such a person that she is, she ran back home two weeks later. LOL. Anyway, as you all know this going to the UK, getting on heroin maintenance, is the ultimate dream for me and also the only thing I have left in terms of dreams and hopes and any chance of having a life again, you know?

    But she nearly ruined everything because we’re both adopted right, but I’m a caucasian, shes Japanese 100% and my mother is Japanese and my father is white/italian, when he and I went in there at the consulate nobody thought twice. I told him going in there with her could create problems. I told him that I didnt care if she wanted the citizenship too but shes obviously not NEEDING it any time soon, being in college etc. I need it like yesterday. Cant she wait til I got it, to do it? Of course not and of course it was made very clear that if they wanted to, they could have made a whole mess of the matter but thank God weve been dealing with the one decent person in that consulate.

    Anyway originally I just wanted to say that lately I’ve been getting very close on a friend level with my dog food supplier. And so yesterday we were hanging out on a train ride to BK and I was telling him all about the developments in Canada. He was angel dusted but not too bad not to the point were it effected our convo or anything (& definitely not me, ive got enough problems i dont need to make dust another one) and I was telling him all about the developments in Canada. So he was like oh yeah im glad your telling me this I like to hear about the developments in the war on drugs and he was glad about it but then I was like yeah thats good stuff but if it came here thatd be bad for business, no, and he laughed. Ive never seen the man laugh ever in years. It was an eery thing almost. Theres no doubt in my mind this is the best solution to the chronic heroin problem. The highest success rates of any treatment option etc. But its a scary thought, the clash of interests between the program and the street and what may come as a result of that.

  11. DdC says:

    Congress stops medical marijuana research in its tracks
    Both amendments, submitted by Representatives Dana Rohrabacher and Jared Polis, would have given Uncle Sam’s new painkiller detail, a crew consisting of various federal drug and health agencies, the opportunity to look into “the potential for marijuana to serve as an alternative to opioids for pain management,” as well as conduct research that compares “the medical application of marijuana and opioids for pain management.”

    • NCN says:

      When I was a constipated morphine user, I once had to insert a couple of fingers into my ass to help things along. Didn’t realize at the time my anal exploration was trying to find the heart of congress.

      Updated Mark Twain. “Suppose you were and asshole, and suppose you were a member of congress, but I repeat myself.”

      I have personal experience using cannabis extracts to help me withdraw and detox from opiate dependency. My cynicism is well-earned here.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        That one definitely needs to be filed in the “too much information” category.

        • NCN says:

          I considered that but felt assured that the site where I learned the term “prison wallet” could handle it.

      • DdC says:

        Hey NCN,

        Maybe someone should take notes on who these anti-medical research reps are. Plus their connections to Fat Pharma and Prohibition Inc. Then maybe someone can teach them how to read and the difference between a fork and a spoon.

        The earliest record of medical marijuana comes from ancient China.
        In 2737 BC, Chinese Emperor Shennong wrote a book on medicine that included cannabis as a treatment for many conditions. According to ancient Chinese texts, cannabis was thought to be helpful for constipation, gout, rheumatism and absent-mindedness.

        They have proven the Gateway Theory Stepping Stone Effect is true. Its just that the prohibitionists were going in the wrong direction.

        Neocongress stops medical marijuana research again ecp

        “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”
        ~ Upton Sinclair

        ☛ Feds’ Pill Crackdown Drives Pain Patients to Heroin

        ☛ Using Medical Marijuana To Treat Alcoholism & Addiction

        ☛ New Study: Marijuana May Treat Addiction To Hard Drugs

        ☛ Science Recognizes Cannabis Reduces Withdrawal Symptoms

        Searches related to marijuana for getting off alcohol, opiates cocaine
        ~ using marijuana to detox from opiates
        ~ marijuana maintenance program
        ~ can marijuana help with alcohol withdrawal
        ~ things to help with withdrawal from opiates
        ~ marijuana to treat alcoholism
        ~ using marijuana to quit drinking
        ~ marijuana for opiate addiction
        ~ using marijuana to detox from opiates

        But we know this isn’t the first time they’ve blocked medicinal research. What possible reasoning can they use to explain such a despicable act to their own families? Their legacy will be that they blocked medicinal research. Who votes for such criminals?

        Cannabis Shrinks Tumors: Government Knew in 74

  12. Duncan20903 says:


    Oh for crying out loud, now we’re never going hear the end of pseudo-conservatives blaming the regulated re-legalization of pot is a socialist/liberal conspiracy of mind control. Never mind that if the fans of cannabis were so malleable and easily controlled by government fiat that we wouldn’t even be having this conversation in the first place.

    Bernie Sanders endorses California marijuana initiative

    Our cohort can accurately be describer as the proverbial herd of house cats. I’d be willing to have a conversation to debate the premise that there’s only one character trait that’s shared by almost, if not every single one of us. We just plain suck at following orders.

    I’m now willing to bet that Senator Sanders will run as an “Independent” if he doesn’t get the nomination from the Democrats. Hey, let’s make it even more of a genuine clusterfuck and have the GOP stiff Donald Trump even though he won the requisite delegates. Mr. Trump also runs as an “Independent” and we get to find out if both parties have marginalized into irrelevance. I still think that the most likely scenario in this election is that Mr. Trump is the last Republican to be elected POTUS.

    Abraham Lincoln —> Donald Trump. Not exactly a matching set of bookends but there you go.

  13. Servetus says:

    Prohibition is a dual process. One process says protect the children, the other process sees an opportunity to eliminate the children–certain children–the OTHER children. Will your child be the next target of drug enforcement?

    • DdC says:

      Some of the “means” to the end of perpetuating prohibition is racism, intimidation and rehashed nazi propaganda “protecting” the youth. The prohibitionist profiteers use kids as shields to hide behind. 4 decades of persecution with Collaterally Damaged Kids glorified as victims of drug use to jack up the fear levels to extort more bloated budgets. Drunks killing kids but only those in the back seat testing positive for pot will make the headlines.

      Denying organ transplants, evicting elderly and sick citizens. Over taxing and forcing young entrepreneurs to scurry around looking for a bank to deposit their receipts. Banning security guards or busting needle exchanges all kill kids. The Big Fat Pharma kills kids and the DEA shutting down tumor research kills kids. Or Congress blocking medical research for Ganja as an alternative to opiates kills kids.

      Not in a humane society do these things happen. I believe Americans watch hours of TV and learn to dumb down outlooks. Believers don’t need facts and obedient servants are paid well. Kids are nothing more than “means” for the prohibitionists profits. 45 years its not even good intentions. As dumbed down as it seems people are towards cannabis no one trusted with a tooth brush can be that naive. Banning Medicinal research while claiming more research is needed shows how the catch 22 maintains dysfunction and 30 million Americans with arrest records. .
      The Neocongressionists blocking research obviously hate Americans. Not even just some, since everyone knows someone who is or has been sick. Its fear so crippling they watch kids die and try to sleep with it telling themselves its for their own good. Year after year prohibitionists live a duel life of antiquated religious hysteria over the heathen devil weed and others they were taught were Satan’s tools, god created. Dressed up as elected authority granted infallibility. . Sacrificing kids lives and well being over teachings of false profits. Spewing gossip to shadow the issue. These are called “virtues” by chicken little chicken hawks.

      Censorship and child propaganda in schools, molesting their minds into hate for their fellow citizens. No different than those still taught racism or profits over people. Its beyond clear what is going on by keeping cannabis outlawed or at best a monopoly of the Pharmaceuticals. Bernie is letting Science be decided by states who do not believe in Science.

      Incremental Illness and that is the best we got? A buffoon and a Neocon Diva is all we can muster with 190M voters? We know Nixon lied. We know Congress should therefore know Nixon lied. Knowing they know only paints them brighter as mass murdering treasonous profiteers and blind fools following. There is no other logical answer than we are their enemy and they aim to harm us. How can lil debbie wasserface compromise with that? When not in lock step with them and the semblers. They fast track thousands of pills with actual debilitating side effects but they won’t even let a vote to do limited research for a condition they claim is an epidemic? The inmates have taken over the asylum.

      Think of the message being sent to the kids?

  14. Servetus says:

    The lethargic and largely ineffective forces opposing California marijuana legalization in 2016 are once again martialing their troops to confront the menace of a humane and peaceful society:

    May 18, 2016–Opposition to the marijuana legalization initiative, slated to go before voters in November, has been organized by John Lovell, a longtime Sacramento lobbyist for police chiefs and prison guard supervisors. Lovell’s Coalition for Responsible Drug Policies, a committee he created to defeat the pot initiative, raised $60,000 during the first three months of the year, according to a disclosure filed earlier this month.

    The funds came from groups representing law enforcement, including the California Police Chiefs Association, the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association, the Los Angeles Police Protective League’s Issues PAC, and the California Correctional Supervisor’s Organization. Other donors include the California Teamsters union and the California Hospital Association, as well as Sam Action, an anti-marijuana advocacy group co-founded by former Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., and former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum.

    Law enforcement officials in Minnesota, Washington, and other states that have debated relaxing the laws surrounding marijuana have said that they stand to lose money from reform. Police receive federal grants from the Justice Department to help fund drug enforcement efforts, including specific funding to focus on marijuana.

    …The proceeds from the seizures are often distributed to law enforcement agencies. From 2002 to 2012, California agencies reaped $181.4 million from marijuana-related asset seizures. As the Wall Street Journal reported in 2014, pot legalization in Washington state led asset forfeiture proceeds to go up in smoke.


    • Dancehall says:

      You only support a “humane and peaceful” society as long as it involves you in the cozy USA you are living in. You don’t give a fuck about “druggies” getting executed in asian countries because “racism”. Grow out of “cultural relativism” and we’ll talk again.

      • Jean Valjean says:

        Dancehall: I’m guessing this may apply to you?
        “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair.

      • Servetus says:

        The culture war AKA drug war is a common topic here on DWR, including the inhumanity of executions on Bali, which I’ve discussed previously. People from all over the world blog here. You obviously don’t know what we at DWR care about, Dancehall.

      • O.B.Server says:

        That really clears it up, Dancehall. Makes sense to me when you put it that way.

        Police in the USA should rightly continue to arrest and jail potheads in the USA, because, as Dancehall points out, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are executing people for (any excuse really, but including) things like possessing too much hashish or opium.

        How could we not see? US police want only the best for the children – police aren’t pushing more pot prohibition for selfish reasons of money, career, and power. Tsk tsk! Police only want drug-free kids. That’s why they love prohibition. Police aren’t in it for the money.

        So that’s why police wish those hypocritical US Legalizers should turn their attention away from the US, and pay more attention to the evil foreign regimes which execute druggies.

        How could we (dopers/potheads) be such cultural relativists to not understand that? We must be too addled with all the dope – and blinded by our cultural privilege. We’re stunted by our blindness, and, like impetuous children, we need to grow out of it.

        Thanks for enlightening us.

  15. Francis says:

    Governor who called legalization ‘reckless’ now says Colorado’s pot industry is working

    When Colorado voted to legalize recreational marijuana four years ago, one of the move’s chief critics was Gov. John Hickenlooper.

    The moderate Democrat said that if he could “wave a magic wand” to reverse the decision, he would. Then he called voters “reckless” for approving it in the first place, a remark he later downgraded to “risky.”

    “Colorado is known for many great things,” Hickenlooper said. “Marijuana should not be one of them.”

    But the governor’s views have softened. During a recent panel discussion at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, he said that despite opposing the legalization of pot, his job was to “deliver on the will of the people of Colorado.”

    “If I had that magic wand now, I don’t know if I would wave it,” he said. “It’s beginning to look like it might work.”

  16. Triangle says:

    The Director of Public Prosecutions in Bermuda is actually interested in hearing the views of the general public:

    “I offer the following points to start the discussion and I welcome public input:

    Determining if and why cautions should be granted at all for simple possession of cannabis
    Blanket policy – Formal cautions issued for all simple possession of cannabis
    One pass policy – Formal caution issued for first offence for simple possession; second and subsequent offence results in a prosecution in Hamilton Magistrates’ Court
    Three strikes policy – Formal caution for first and second offences; third offence results in a prosecution in Hamilton Magistrates’ Court
    Education component – Defendant has to take a short education course on risks of smoking cannabis before a caution is issued
    Should age and no previous offence be a factor in issuing a caution.
    “I am interested in the views of the general public who have wide ranging experiences involving simple possession of cannabis and the effect on their lives of arrests, convictions and travel issues.

    “I welcome any written comments and submissions by 10 June 2016 [3 weeks]. Submissions can be submitted by email to or dropped off or mailed to Department of Public Prosecutions, 2nd Floor Global House, 43 Church St., Hamilton, Bermuda.

    “After proper consideration of all relevant information, in due course I will make a decision in respect of a formal caution guidance,” added Mr Mussenden.”

  17. N.T. Greene says:

    And John Oliver would chime in: “But you were too distracted to realize that that’s not Colorado, this is Colorado!”

  18. Jean Valjean says:

    Everything that’s wrong with the Democratic Party and the “legally” corrupt Clinton campaign, (featuring prohibitionist stooge Debbie Wasserman-Shitz…..)

  19. Monty Python's Pachinko Spree says:

    Does all the brilliance coming out of the El Paso Intelligence Center come etched on a stone tablet?
    Was Sargent Stadanko’s assistant Lardass spotted in Wyoming shouting “shoot the moon” into a bullhorn?
    Are fact checkers obsolete at dinosaur bird cage liners like USA Today?
    Did the smugglers get a native with a medical card to go in or did they pay three times what a med card holder would pay?

  20. The Hairy Ape says:

    California police and prison guards fight cannabis legalization:

  21. Snoopy Garcia says:

    The best of the best from Colorado is the Bomb Caviar and it better be at $40 a gram.
    It is kind buds soaked in hash oil. Two veteran smokers with a combined 50 years of cannabis consumption couldn’t finish a well packed hitter of the Bomb Caviar and were high for the rest of the night after smoking some at about 6PM.
    The hash oil soaked strain was Juicy Fruit and it was quite juicy!

  22. DC Reade says:

    Some people might find it worth their time to read the September 2015 Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking report on “The Impact” of Colorado legalization (available as a pdf doc, .)
    Various statistical data that might be of interest in there- especially since nearly a year has elapsed, and it’s about time for an annual update.

    Statistic of note from page 102: “…The total average number of pounds of Colorado marijuana seized from 2005 – 2008 compared to 2009 – 2014 increased 33 percent from 2,763 pounds to 3,671 pounds.”

    Note the aggregated totals- the numbers amount to a compilation of several years. Also note the curious comparative difference in years connected to those amounts. If I’m not mistaken, 2005-2008 is a year total of 4 years, while the total years in the span 2009-2014 is 6.

    I’ve verified this, by counting on my fingers.

    As long as the totals are being aggregated on a multi-year basis, and the length of the years is disparate, the logical way to provide some reasonable clarification of this unforeseen circumstance is to average the amounts (of seized marijuana!) on an annual basis.
    Hence, for 2005-2008, 2,763 lbs. divided by 4 = 690.75 lbs.yr.;
    and for 2009-2014, 3671 lbs. divided by 6 = 611.83 lbs/yr.

    This data casts significant doubt on the claim by the Federal ONDCP endeavor known as the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas that there was an “increase of 33%” in Colorado-sourced marijuana seizures between 2005 and 2014. In fact, the averaged annual amounts in question indicate a decline of around 12% between the eras 2005-2008 and 2009-2014.

    Without an actual annual statistical breakdown- which wasn’t provided- there’s no way to know that for sure. But it’s a reasonable inference.

    “High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas” is apparently the official ONDCP name of the project, by the way. No subject, like a named agency, or any of the predicates associated with a goal or a mission statement (unless…) HIDTA is apparently one of those “multilevel task forces” that combine local, state, and Federal afforts, but thus far the exact details are obscure to me. (As is the annual cost of the whole “HIDTA” thing.)

    The “Rocky Mountain” HIDTA is apparently one in a series.
    Maybe they can put a set of trading cards together about the “Areas.” Sort of the way the US Customs Bureau did some years ago, with their Drug Dog trading cards.

    Yes, there are official US Customs Dope Dog trading cards. I have one of them.

    I’ve saved the best for last: total amount of marijuana seized by the US Customs Service and Border Patrol, FY 2014:

    2,290,936 lbs. ( Cite: , page 100 of the 2014 US Customs report available as a .pdf on the link page. )

    Recall: “High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area” report’s figures seem to range around 650 lbs. annually, over the last 10 years.

    650/2290936 = 0.00028372685.

    There. That’s it. .028%. Less than 1/30 of 1%. Approximately the proportion of pot the Rocky Mountain HIDTA has seized annually over the past ten years from sources diverted from Colorado in their medical/legal marijuana years, compared with the amount seized from foreign sources by the US Customs and Border Patrol in 2014.

  23. DC Reade says:

    While I’m up, a few more numbers:

    amount of marijuana seized domestically by the DEA, 2014: 163638.11 lbs.

    (or 74225 kg; for some reason, the DEA and Customs stats use kilogram measures for their seizures, and the ONDCP HIDTA report uses pound measures for their seizure stats. For some reason. Or maybe for no reason.)

    611 lbs. / 163638 lbs. = .00373

    611 lbs. (averaged as an annual total from the aggregated 2009-2014 statistics quoted in the HIDTA report, as per my earlier comment) is less than 4/10 of 1% of the marijuana seized nationwide within US borders by the DEA in 2014.

    Great graph of annual domestic marijuana seizures for the years 2000-2014 is found here:

    in which, for example, it can be seen that DEA domestic marijuana seizures have declined precipitously every year from their peak in 2010- from 1,600,252 lbs., to the 2014 total of 163,638 lbs.
    Not only is that something like a 10-fold decline in five years; the 2014 number is by far the lowest of any annual total- only about 1/3 of the total for 2002, the next lowest annual amount.

    Meanwhile the ONDCP continues to pronounce the Rocky Mountains as some sort of “High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.”

  24. DC Reade says:

    On re-reading the statistic, I may have figured wrong. However, I don’t think that the confusion is my fault. Quoting the website again:

    “…The total average number of pounds of Colorado marijuana seized from 2005 – 2008 compared to 2009 – 2014 increased 33 percent from 2,763 pounds to 3,671 pounds.”

    Because the sentence refers to a “total average”, it’s possible that the “2763 lbs.” number and the “3671 lbs.” number both refer to annual totals within the respective time periods. However, because nothing in the reference uses the word “annual” or otherwise mentions that those numbers are yearly figures, there’s no way to be sure whether they refer to annual amounts, or whether they’re aggregated totals added up across a span of years.

  25. Choo Choo Peppy says:

    Cost of a quarter ounce of top shelf weed in CO with an out of state ID: $120-$140.
    Cost of a quarter ounce of top shelf weed in CO with a state issued medical card and CO ID: $40
    Purchase of clones or seeds with an out of state ID is not permitted.
    CBD purchased with an out of state ID will be 1/10 the strength of what a CO resident with medical card can purchase and cost more.

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