Better than Ohio

Pot legalization bid in California gains powerful backers

“This is the one to watch. This is the one,” California Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director Nate Bradley, whose organization is endorsing the measure, said. “This one has this broad-based coalition behind it, the funding behind it…and still allows for a free market in the cannabis industry.’

The measure would allow adults 21 and over to buy an ounce of marijuana and marijuana-infused products at licensed retail outlets and also to grow up to six pot plants for personal recreational use.

Yeah, that’s more like it.

Although I’m still waiting for some state to pass the “Regulate Cannabis Like Tomatoes Act.”

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  1. thelbert says:

    six plants can supply you for a year if you treat them right. the only problem i had last season was insects, no thieves, no snitches. next year sould be a good one for those of us lucky enough to be free.

  2. claygooding says:

    Insects are a major problem most years around here,,I bought an 18 passenger bus as my future grow room,,will wait until it is legal to start outfitting it and readying it.
    Five ft Indica plants are large enough and I can start 2 clones every 2 months and harvest the first two in six months with 2 plants ripening every 2 months,,will never be over the six plant limit and more smoke than I need if I get 3/4>1 pound of buds off two 5 ft plants.
    With all the trim my friends will be sick of my cookies pretty quick. May have to start making bubble hash again for a change up.

    • thelbert says:

      in california you can legally grow all that you need for your disease. i already have some germinated seeds which i plan to plant for a winter crop.

    • darkcycle says:

      I dunno, in a bus? That’s ambitious, indoors, at about five feet, best I have ever done from one plant is just under six ounces. And that was the only plant that topped four…
      Are you planning on sunlight? If so, why not just build a hoop house, or a green house with frosted glass? A bus won’t do much to deter thieves… a dog works much better.

  3. DdC says:

    You’re getting old and slow Pete.
    I posted this two days ago.
    More incremental retardation from the rich?

    Prop 215 is for anyone for any reason. There is no recreational state law any better than that. So they want people to give up what they have so they can call it “recreational”, when we already have it without the moneysluts and state cops. I need a scorecard to tell the drug worriers from the worried sheep. We already have a law without state cops, piss tests and limits other than over 99 plants that makes it a Federal case. Why would anyone give state cops the right to cage people?

    Thats worse than we have as long as Obama keeps out, as he has done. If he or the next goober in chief decides to enforce Fed law then there is no state law for protection. Back to the underground. Plus as it is the Feds don’t have the manpower or funds to bust everyone. Giving state cops the right is counter productive. Like wasting money on so called reform groups appeasing the narks. Pitiful. More of Ohio elitists and their lapdogs and it will sink just as fast. That’s if the other dozen or so initiatives don’t take it down sooner. Let it Be.

    Giving state cops jurisdiction they don’t have is self imposed slavery.

    Willie Nelson’s Crusade to Stop Big Pot

    Highlights from California marijuana legalization measure

    Tech tycoon Sean Parker spearheads California’s pot legalization bid
    The proposed legalization initiative is one of more than a dozen that has been submitted in California for the November 2016 election.

    Pot legalization bid in California gains powerful backers

    • B. Snow says:

      “Anyone for any reason”.

      You realize that’s part of the argument against it in many places = ‘in California you can get a MJ *recommendation* for anything – Cut to a ‘man on the street’ scene with a group of college coeds being interviewed.
      At least one of whom will openly admit they can’t remember what reason they got their ‘medical cards’ for…

      I understand what you’re saying -BUT- you are undercutting the compasionate medical use argument by saying that you don’t need anymore reason than Ron White’s joke about having a recommendation for depression -Because he gets really bummed out if he runs outta weed.

      Part of the argument is that people who aren’t even sick are taking advantage of the system.
      Healthy people *making up* a fake reason they “need it” for = That’s probably the most common argument against MMJ laws/use – Especially from people who want to limit MMJ “compassionate use” to the terminally ill.

      I’m sorry to sound so critical about it, But if you’re using that argument (from my POV here in TX) = You’re not helping!

      We’ve got people that are just barely – begrudgingly – willing to let people use MMJ in hospice care.

      That’s a good enough reason to politely ignore those particular ‘medical professional’ bastards, And instead go right ahead arguing with the general public for ‘adult recreational use’…

      And I think Pete has the right idea here ‘Regulate Cannabis Like Produce” (for adults), or maybe “Regulate Cannabis Like Adult-Produce”…
      Store it like alcohol or tobacco = away from minors – unless directed by a doctor.

      I had numerous painful/nasty ear infections growing up that could have been better relieved by cannabis rather than tylenol w/ codeine – I had some horrendous allergy & sinus problems, ruptured an ear drum one time… a little cannabis could’ve helped me sleep and lessen the pain when whatever they gave me often didn’t.

      “Regulate Cannabis Like Produce” – that works for me, I think we could sell that to the small government folks and maybe the general public too.

      • NorCalNative says:

        “Anyone for any reason.”

        A hundred bucks says you can’t find that in California’s MMJ law. Too much Fox NOISE watching?

        • NorCalNative says:

          Whoops, wrong guy. Hey DdC, a hundred bucks if you can find “anyone for any reason” in California’s MMJ law. Sorry B.

        • DdC says:

          or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.

          including stress. It’s a technicality. Donate the 100 to Bernie.
          There are no listed reasons and the medical cards are not government. Or are the dispensaries state jurisdiction according to the CA Dupreme Court. Its Feds. So we have a system without government intervention for anyone for any reason. Plus since it is a citizens initiative no slimey politician can change it. SB420 is a suggestion, it doesn’t trump the CUA on limits. Or require any back ground clearence checks or even a medical card except the industry itself requires one to buy in dispensaries. No CA cop can bust you with pot for not having a card. Selling was de

        • DdC says:

          Don’t know what happened when I tried editing


          Selling was decided by SCotUS and Raich to be Feds. So state cops are impotent.

        • NorCalNative says:

          DdC, you’ve got to QUIT saying Caliifornia has legal weed.

          Yeah, for guys like me and you in liberal enclaves that don’t have to be drug-tested to make a living it’s NIRVANA.

          But it’s NOT legalization as long as people can be fired from work. And try scoring in one of California’s RED counties.

          This one issue and this one issue alone makes you look off-the-rails. I’m trying to hold an intervention here because I’ve been reading you for years. I’ve got my rocket-launcher ready-to-go to backup your shit in any fox hole on the planet.

          Saying CA has legal weed TAINTS your brand and you’re one of most cannabis-aware people on the planet.

          What the couch does need to know, that what you’re talking about does exist for some CA residents but if we going to talk incremental retardation, this bypasses all increments and goes straight to retarded.

          Quit saying California has legal weed. We may soon but we don’t yet.

          By the way, mom wants to know if you’re still wearing your crash-helmet when you leave the house. And, she asked me if you still have that drooling problem. She swears she never meant to drop you on your head all those times. Sometimes I think she means it

          DdC, in total fucking honesty there would be a huge hole in my life and reading habits without you in it. You’re one of the few people I know who “get it.” I have the same fever and so I recognize it. You’re a stud, you don’t need to add propaganda to your stuff.

        • DdC says:

          DdC, you’ve got to QUIT saying Caliifornia has legal weed.

          Yeah, for guys like me and you in liberal enclaves that don’t have to be drug-tested to make a living it’s NIRVANA.

          NCN You asking or telling? You agree it is technically legal for some. Then it is legal for all except the faction who want to continue to persecute people I’d say they were not complying with the law. Those are who need to come around.

          But it’s NOT legalization as long as people can be fired from work. And try scoring in one of California’s RED counties.

          You can’t have it both ways. Lets just say, like I said. The BoR isn’t delivered like a pizza. I don’t know about you but down here we didn’t get “legal” wishing or whining about it. We showed up at council meetings and argued with the powers that be. Yes, it is so called liberal. As it was when the cops raided WAMM. But they didn’t just roll over. The dispensaries and the constant threats to repeal laws take a vigil of people to either educate or protest. Not impotent laws that further segregate people. Instead of by political persuasion, by income. Those willing to sit by while they continue pisstasting workers and evicting tenants are in a bubble. One that another state law won’t fix. It is already established that selling it is Federal and the only reason we have it as we do is because Obama decided not to enforce the laws, not that the laws have been changed. Next bubba in chief can bring it all down. So what is the point? The other states have injected pisstesting into the law. So you think everyone should suffer until those choosing to live in redneck areas get freedom? Sorry but another state tweak isn’t the answer to their problems. They have to either decide to live where it is civilized, or make where they live civilized. Everyone should be over turning the corporate pisstasters, not appeasing them.

          This one issue and this one issue alone makes you look off-the-rails. I’m trying to hold an intervention here because I’ve been reading you for years. I’ve got my rocket-launcher ready-to-go to backup your shit in any fox hole on the planet.

          Thanks Bro, but don’t take it personally. I’m not running for anything. Any cause can be seen as running off the rails. You think my teachers in the late 60’s didn’t have that same notion? Didn’t stop me then, so I doubt it will now. In other words I really don’t give a flying fuck what people think of what I write. Maybe if I ever try to sell it as a book. But now I’m just telling it like it is and politics be damned. There isn’t anything I’ve said that isn’t happening or is there anything in another state law that will make it happen as long as the Feds control the jurisdiction. Again why give state cops jurisdiction they don’t have now? Or maybe try this. If the same oppressed tokers choosing to work for pisstasters get this law, how will that change Fresno or Truckie from continued harassment? They try banning it as it is, another state law won’t change that. They claim it is Federal. All it does is restricts people from an open market we already have without government intervention. If you think Sacatomatoes goofballs tweaking 215 since the gitgo are thinking of our well being I think you forget why the war exists in the first place. Remember it has nothing to do with safety or well being. Yet you think for the good of the whiners stuck in backward places it would be best? Come on dude, you have to realize its a scam.

          Saying CA has legal weed TAINTS your brand and you’re one of most cannabis-aware people on the planet.

          Dude, I have no brand and the truth needs no fancy ribbons and bows. Everything I’ve said is written in law. Its all verifiable, including the victims you think will benefit. If people choose to make up their minds on ribbons and bows. That is who they have to live with. I’m not here for the glitter or to do harm. Just the facts ma’am. If truth isn’t good enough then too bad. Why do you think bullshit or censorship is better?

          What the couch does need to know, that what you’re talking about does exist for some CA residents but if we going to talk incremental retardation, this bypasses all increments and goes straight to retarded.

          Again if people are illiterate that is not my problem or will I dumb down just to keep them from embarrassment. If someone has facts that are different, let them lay it on me. So far everyone sounds like Nancy Reagan. Just say no. Homey don’t play dat.

          Quit saying California has legal weed. We may soon but we don’t yet.

          Now you’re contradicting yourself. btw I don’t take orders. I never said CA was legal, I said it was as legal as anywhere on the planet. As it is. Those not, need to speak out and the rest need to back them up, not appease their oppressors pretending the hobgoblins might be real. Grow some balls man.

          By the way, mom wants to know if you’re still wearing your crash-helmet when you leave the house. And, she asked me if you still have that drooling problem. She swears she never meant to drop you on your head all those times. Sometimes I think she means it

          Oh that sounds mature. Maybe you should get out of the rain a little sooner.

          DdC, in total fucking honesty there would be a huge hole in my life and reading habits without you in it. You’re one of the few people I know who “get it.” I have the same fever and so I recognize it. You’re a stud, you don’t need to add propaganda to your stuff.

          That is all in your head my friend. I’m just a simple caregiver and anything I say I back up with references so you know why I said it. If the references are wrong you and the proverbial couch have all the opportunity in the world to set me straight. Threats and ad hominem won’t cut it. Appeasing won’t either. Glad you like the info but don’t try to jive me dude. If you know how it is then you shouldn’t worry about popularity. Sometimes truth is a lonely place and so called friends are only there because you have something they want. Ever wonder why these so called liberal places are so damned expensive to live? Time to put away childish notions and side with Science and remove these bogus laws on Ganja. Not please the peoples paranoia. Be Well dude, maybe try some of our Big Sir, that Humboldt is smelling a little weedish. Oh, if Bernie does remove it from the CSA then state laws on selling it will make more sense. As it is, forgetaboutit!

        • DdC says:

          oops, that’s Big Sur

        • NorCalNative says:

          DdC, nice book report. Kinda long explanation for somebody who doesn’t care what people think.

      • DdC says:

        B Snow in 96 we gathered signatures to keep people out of jail. Especially for medicinal use, but for caregivers and family too. Its already bastardized by corporate property management and at the work place since 215 never mentions selling it. That was determined by Raich to be Commerce and the Treasury Dept. I don’t care what the scumsucker prohibitionists try to claim. Fuck them and their appeasers.

        Regulate Cannabis Like Produce is fine by me but remember, we don’t taz produce. So maybe in the field from the farmer should be tax exempt but making products could be taxed? But then we only tax fast food and adulterations so thats not good. Minor point that doesn’t include the CUA.

      • DdC says:

        B Snow, it is called the Compassionate Use Act not the MMJ Act. I’ve been doing hospice work around the Central Coast since 1990. When we passed our local Measure A in 93, right after SF passed their Measure B. It was about keeping patients out of jail that never seemed to be harassed in the 80’s. All of the Hospice Nurses and Dr Arno Leff, who worked under Nixon. Were familiar with cannabis and its benefits to patients. But local cops were busting patients and then WAMM, So the CUA was written for protection from political oppression. Not as a prescription drug.

        Wilson and Lungren murdered Peter McWilliams. It wasn’t until Obama that we finally had an infrastructure. Ed Rosenthal was working with Oakland and got off on a sort of judge nullification after the jury wrote about not being informed properly. The Raich case, Angel was a patient of WAMM who doesn’t sell it but gives it to patients. Nonetheless the US Supremes decided any exchange was Commerce and a Federal Jurisdiction. Banning state cops from enforcement.

        The bust you hear of are zoning laws adapted by slimy locals to continue harassing citizens, including patients and their caregivers. But not for pot. Aunulds 100 dollar fine bullshit is on the books but doesn’t trump the CUA. Fish and Game are now involved in environmental concerns, rightly so in my opinion. But this new law would ban any back yard grower from supplementing incomes over losing a job to piss tastes. Or in some very ignorant comments some are deciding what is OK for everyone else in limits. The gall of some people.

        Like the backyard mechanic losing out to modern technology, except this has nothing to do with technology or safety, Just greed. Nothing wrong with getting rich selling it or supermarket size dispensaries. If that is what they want to legislate its fine by me, except it is still Feds jurisdiction and until the CSA removes cannabis in all forms it is subject to the next elected president shutting us down. Those banking on it being 10th amendment protection have already lost with Raich v Gonzales. Unless it is removed by Bernie, if it is based on science and the physical properties. Given to state prohibitionists we will see 50 different laws and persecution because of ignorance and appeasers. While the CUA continues to keep citizens out of the cages.

        As long as individuals and coops aren’t dragged into the mix with limits or state licenses revoked due to records. Or pisstasting contests. This new power grab by Brown is as impotent as state cops or SB420. They can only legislate what doesn’t change the CUA. UNLESS citizens fall for the scam and ammend the CUA with these bogus politically motivated laws. Many have criminal records just for supplying patients and couldn’t grow under these laws. btw I have no dog in this fight. I quit selling it in 1972 and it probably accounts for my sparkling clean criminal record. So I can get a state license to open a dispensary and get stinking rich if this law passes. Not my highest priority.

        But, it won’t feed families supplementing incomes or growing for their friends or family. What is rude is treating the people who risk their lives getting us pot for 40 years like refuge that is tossed into the compost like an old banana peel. All of the appeasing prohibitionist clauses tacked on to please the cops who have no right to even speak on the subject. Rather should be on trial for persecution.

        That is why I oppose this as I did 19. If you live in areas that don’t follow the CUA then they need to be taken to court just as Santa Ana cops. We need an AG with backbone, not pleasing the powers that be. Although they aren’t busting people for pot, just infractions on zoning and not having a permit not granted by the same city cops. Cannabis needs to be removed and Bernie is pushing it to be removed without the help of the common “reform” groups, clinging to their imcremental illness.

        btw dc, old cars carburetors used to have to have the air retarded from the fuel mix. It means slow, not stupid, outside of PC. I’ve had Cerebral Palsy patients classified as retarded who are not stupid by any means, just neurological slower to form words from thoughts. Patience is a virtue for some really funny stories, but society ignorantly deems them as stupid and the politically correct must believe it to think it’s the “n” word or something.

    • darkcycle says:

      Incremental retardation from the rich? Don’t be rude.
      And why have a requirement for a medical gatekeeper to avoid prosecution? Unless I misunderstand the reporting, people STILL are subject to arrest in California for simple possession.
      Plus, frankly, California is part of the reason MY rights, as a medical patient in Wa., were destroyed. Every legislator who opposed our rights used California as the primary example of why we should be screwed over with legalization. So, my advice? Get with the progam, and start working for real legalization that works. Because, otherwise, you’ll be just like us here. Shit out of luck, and left behind.

      • NorCalNative says:

        California destroyed your medical rights?

        That’s hilarious, your stupid-ass legislator’s fucked you.

        EVERY state that FOLLOWED California allowed elected officials to decide which health aspects of the ECS patients could access.

        California’s MMJ law HONORED the endocannabinoid system AND scientific knowledge.

        The arc of MMJ laws started out rooted in science in California. That’s the facts.

        BTW, I have empathy for what you’re stupid-ass legislators did to your medical rights. Also, DdC’s use of incremental retardation might sound rude to you. However, if you’re a patient that can benefit from cannabis he’s their hero, NOT legislator’s or people who seem more concerned with image and polite language.

        You struck a nerve darckcycle. I don’t appreciate California being blamed for doing it right. I don’t deny the imagery you claim or their results, but we BOTH KNOW it’s bullshit based on bullshit.

        That’s RUDE!

        • darkcycle says:

          You took that wrong. I’m not blaming California for anything. But right or not, every time one of those legislators talked, the justification for cutting my lifeline was you guys in California. I KNOW that the laws down there are working, to an extent, that didn’t matter. They used the PERCEPTION of California’s laws to do that.
          I thought our medical cannabis laws were safe, but as soon as they “legalized” the enemies of medical attacked. And their battle cry was “CALIFORNIA!” and “KUSH DOCTORS!”. Like it or not, that’s the angle of attack they used, and it worked. I’m just saying that if you guys try to sit legalization out there in California, try to stall it or derail it, and that’s what DdC seems to be suggesting, they will turn the very same perceptions on you. And you’ll wind up in the same garbage can as old darkcycle and Divadab.
          Well enough is NOT going to be left alone.

        • darkcycle says:

          I’m just sayin’, if current medical providers and patients don’t take the lead in helping draft and pass California’s legalization, and protect your interests, you’ll be right where we were. You need to make sure your medical protections are locked in with whatever initiative finds it’s way to the ballot. ’cause if you DON’T, well, we are an example of where you’ll wind up.

        • DdC says:

          helping draft and pass California’s legalization

          Dude, outside of Federal laws, it is fucking more “legal” in CA than anywhere on the fricking planet. By eliminating the political hash and bacon fat. All the stuff the other “legalization” legislation has. No state, I repeat and it is damn well known that NO state law can trump the CSA.

          Any CA politicians wish legislated can not change anything in the CUA. Regulating the selling is also something already designated to the Feds. Urine testing and zoning laws show the ignorance of the persecutors. Same as the KKK or Westdonkey Blabfests. Expose the bastards man. This ain’t no bill of rights pizza delivery. Cannabis is a red herring, its prohibition is another mask of bias, racist fear mongering and profiteering, not free market enterprise. That is the harm in doing drugs, especially Ganja and Hemp of all things.

          Is ScAM blabbering for banning bottled water for looking like moonshine? Probably should with the island of plastic goop in the ocean. Or Nestles selling 800 million gallons during a drought. Or supplying the country with veggies using our water without compensation. Especially almonds and cattle factories.

          The President and Attorney General can eliminate cannabis in all forms from the CSA as Science dictates. There is not one, that’s 1 causal connection with harm by cannabis from NIDA in over a trillion bucks and 4 decades. Each one is nothing more than hypothesis and misleading or misquoted headlines. All of the numbers have no names as victims from cannabis.

          We all know its a political gravy train with cannabis as the diversion. Yet we still give our thanks and blessing like movie grunts in boot camp begging for “another” sir. There is only one honest solution. Free the Weed. Let the people market it or grow it for themselves or friends as it has been done since the forever. Just stop the Persecution of stoners and putting shackles on workers choosing a safer alternative. Or the totally Un-American Act of evicting disabled or seniors from their homes.

          Renters have it worse facing corporate landlords choosing not to follow state laws. Same corporate property management banning hand guns with the NRA no where in sight. BBQ’s and Smoking or Vaping. Just a disrespect for the most vulnerable who have paid their dues and just want to rest at “home”. Or corporations discriminating against safe workers and drivers from bogus tests for stupid piss.

          ANY abuse causing harm already has laws on the books. Segregating states again from religious hobgoblins isn’t moving forward. Special laws are from not enforcing the laws by the same cops getting into politics siding with prohibitionists. On our tax dollars. Their cheap forfeited homes and confiscated cash and cars.

          There are still 27 states without any protection. If we consolidated efforts to educate the censored and deal with the root of the problem so it doesn’t keep growing. Seems more practical and adult. Incrementalism is not by Happenstance. Nor is the Drug War, that is actually a causal connection to harm and should be listed as a #1 highly addictive controlled substance with no medicinal value and a menace to society.

  4. Mr_Alex says:

    For anybody interested, SMART Colorado which claims to be against Cannabis use has been exposed as a entity belonging to Betty and Melvin Sembler:

  5. Nunavut Tripper says:

    Thanks Alex and a wise reminder to keep an eye on any SAM or other prohib organizations that show in your area. They may be just blowhards but could do some damage if left alone.

  6. Servetus says:

    Strange results have emerged from a drug economics study by Michigan State professor and economist Siddharth Chandra. Dr. Chandra examined opium and marijuana consumption in British India a hundred years ago when the drugs were legal and sold over the counter. The study benefited from the fact the British government kept “meticulous” records of their sales of the two drugs to the Indian public.

    Despite the stark differences in the effects of opium vs. cannabis on the human body, the study shows that users would switch between the two drugs when the price of one went up – in economics, a phenomenon called substitution.

    “The time, place and context are different, but the phenomenon is there. You might think consumers would treat them differently,” Chandra said. “But just because the two drugs used are very different, doesn’t mean people won’t switch.”[…]

    These differences only came into consideration when analyzing cannabis in its weakest form, a drug called bhang, which consumers would not substitute for the more potent opium.

    “There are many policy implications for these results,” Chandra said. “Targeting a particular drug with policies and enforcement might backfire.”

    Backfire indeed. It would appear from the Chandra study that drugs aren’t necessarily a problem until a government makes them a problem.

  7. darkcycle says:

    Interesting….these authors claim evidence of “vote flipping” in the Ohio election, specifically on the cannabis initiative. They may have something. The numbers do seem a statistical impossibility, to have that much of a swing in the percentages in 11 minutes? They use paperless electronic voting machines, and we know how reliably THAT works. Remember Ohio’s part in electing Georgie boy?

    • Servetus says:

      So this is what is meant by voter fraud—defrauding the voter?

      I hope so, because it needs to be corrected. I was witness to a rigged vote taking place in Colorado in the 70s. It was bizarre, and badly done. The perpetrators were exposed, then sued by a group of very angry Colorado citizens.

      Perhaps in 2016, Ohio voters will make Ohio the “sue-me” state, all due to a cheap and easy trick being pulled on its democratic majority of voting marijuana advocates. It would be truly ironic if the vote were recast again in 2016 with greater success due to a sudden, legally mandated shift back to paper ballot voting of the type used in California. It could even affect the outcome of a presidential race.

  8. Mr_Alex says:

    SMART Colorado now claims they do not know who Betty and Melvin Sembler are, i’ll take it as that they are lying

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