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  1. Will says:

    Here’s what I’d like to see happen: Hundreds — no thousands — of people calling in saying, “That’s my cocaine” (except for the real owner, fingerprints and all that). That would be pointless of course. But a fun logistical game in response to the cheeky, “please contact us” form the Crewe Police Department.

    • Tony Aroma says:

      That sounds a lot like my idea of having 1000s show up at police stations across the country with a joint on 4/20 and demanding to be arrested. And demanding a jury trial.

  2. Nunavut Tripper says:

    Reminds me of a close friend who had purchased a second hand tent trailer. A year later( about 1979) he was coming back from Florida, Canada Customs found a ziplock bag full of white powder behind a trim panel so my friend and wife were detained until the lab analysis came back and it was plaster of Paris or Pollyfill.

    So they were released but I keep reading endless accounts of corrupt,lazy and sloppy police work and realized my friend could have been subject to a life changing horror story if the lab work was bypassed or corrupted somehow.

    We really are at the mercy of these fuckers whether we like it or not.
    Are the Crewe Police positive that it’s coke ?

  3. jean valjean says:

    Another Chicago police torturer has his cover blown. Why does he have cover? It seems that Donald Rumsfeld signed off on his orders when he took his methods to Guantanamo Bay.

  4. Freeman says:

    Skimming the Ministry of Reality (so you don’t have to): Pot Prices Plunge? in Washington State.

    Warning! Danger! 10% THC weed is retailing for $200/oz! Which proves Lie-man’s RAND buddies are Always Right(tm) and anyone who thinks WA’s taxes are too high are horribly wrong! If prices get any lower we’ll be risking big increases in heavy use and underage use! Falling prices are going to wipe out investors who thought they were going to get rich selling a newly legal product at the old, illegal prices!

    Of course I pointed out in comments (wonder of wonders, my comment got through the moderation gauntlet) that $200/oz for 10% THC was pretty much on par with prices out here in Bible-Belt prohibition land, which pretty much moots every single point the propagandist attempted to make, and Mr Reality comes back with “Yes they were [prices were artificially higher than black-market before the claimed ‘plunge’], by the limited number of licensed producers. Look for prices to keep dropping.” Well yeah, I should hope so…

  5. Former Federal Judge Regrets 55-Year Marijuana Sentence

    Video on Nightline tonight.

  6. Legalize Marijuana and Keep the Moral Police Out of Our Lives

    “Here’s my critical thinking solution: get out of our lives. We own our bodies and in a so-called free society we have the right to use them as we please, as long as we’re not hurting anyone else in the process. If I get high on heroin, that’s my problem. If I get high on heroin and hurt someone, I go to jail. The people that say hard drugs cannot be legalized are kidding themselves. Millions of American’s are using them every day. The only logical solution is to stop spending money trying to slow them down. It isn’t right and it doesn’t work. I’m not advocating drug use. Drugs scare me. What I’m suggesting is applying critical thinking on an issue where none exists.”

    Now we are talking!

  7. Duncan20903 says:


    Back in the 1980s/early ’90s I used to favor growing my plants in the dead space contained by exit ramps on the Interstates. Just plain classic strategy of hiding in plain sight. Here’s an example: linky

    I only ever lost one project. When I got there on the scheduled day of harvest all I found were defoliated stalks. One stalk had been split and a cop had used it to secure his calling card with a note to please call.

    It probably doesn’t happen often but I’ve read of cops doing similar and getting to slap the ‘cuffs on a couple of dullards. It’s really a no lose situation for them. Even if the cops never hear the result just the fact of being informed that the cops had found and “eradicated” their grow would likely make some people quit doing it. I don’t count because I’m incorrigible.

    But I did abandon that site. I also pondered the notion of calling and impersonating a total dickhead who worked in the same shop as I did at the time. Oh that would have given that boob some extreme conniption fits. But this was just shortly after the police murdered Donald Scott while trying to rob him. I found my colleague annoying but not that annoying.

    Almost 2 decades after the fact I had the pleasure of finding out that the universe had taken care of him in spades when he filled out an application for one of my properties. Driving a cab at age 43, living in mom’s basement for real, didn’t have a pot to piss in and his FICO score was in the toilet. Truly a dictionary picture worthy example that living well is the best revenge.

  8. Freeman says:

    Skimming the Ministry of Reality (so you don’t have to): Moreon the WA Cannabis Price “Collapse”.

    Concern trolls everywhere are “worried about the impact of cheap pot on problem use, and on illegal exports out of state”. Better watch out, ’cause “In the long run, the pre-tax price of a joint will be the pre-tax price of a cigarette or a teabag: pennies, not dollars. That’s the policy problem we need to wrestle with now.” “The auspices aren’t favorable” that “cannabis will become legal…in a more-public-health-friendly way”.

    Impact of cheap pot on problem use? I expect less problem use. Problem use like, having to roll pinners because you can’t afford to roll hooters, or running out of bud and can’t afford more until payday. (Hey, at least I clearly defined my concept of problem use, and at least in my example the user enthusiastically agrees that the problem exists! The same can’t be said about Dr. Reality’s inferences.)

    Illegal exports out of state? To where? Oregon? Legal there too. BC? Might as well be legal. Montana? How big is that market — a baker’s dozen bakers?

    I feel sorry for those overwrought by unfavorable auspices, but it really doesn’t get any “more-public-health-friendly” than cannabis as far as intoxicants and medicines go, does it?

  9. Freeman says:

    Skimming the Ministry of Reality (so you don’t have to): Making Roadside Cannabis Use Testing Effective and Fair?

    “The JAT paper evaluated a different approach which may resolve these problems: Oral fluid sampling. The driver suspected of impairment is mouth swabbed at roadside and the saliva is placed in a machine, which rapidly prints out a result. This technology is fairer than urinalysis because it is only sensitive to recent marijuana use rather than use that happened a day ago or a week ago.” “Assuming it doesn’t cost a mint, this technology could be a breakthrough for law enforcement as well as an important civil rights protection for people suspected of drug-impaired driving.”

    Yeah, sure, except just one thing: study after study have failed to solidly link marijuana use to driver impairment more serious than the distraction of having another passenger in the car. Only a propagandist would refer to roadside impairment tests that don’t test impairment, but rather recent marijuana use as a proxy for impairment, as “an important civil rights protection for people suspected of drug-impaired driving” given that the “NHTSA found that, once the data were adjusted for confounding variables, cannabis consumption was not associated with an increased probability of getting into an accident.”

    • Windy says:

      The most recent conspiracy theory I’ve read (and wouldn’t be surprised to find it’s not a theory at all, but fact) is that the urinalysis, blood testing (and now these mouth swabs) is less about impairment on the job or the road than surreptitiously acquiring the DNA of a LOT of people. Waht do you all think?

      • Crut says:

        Well, since it was NEVER about current impairment, this is at least a plausible theory. I’m guessing no though, and even if it was, they aren’t organized enough or disciplined enough to have a cohesive and useful database. One less thing I’m not going to worry about…

  10. thelbert says:

    totally OT: turns out that society would be better off if we house the homeless, rather than incarcerate them:

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  12. Windy says:

    Since this in an open thread I thought I’d post this podcast about rehab from one of my favorite libertarians. I know you all will enjoy and appreciate what he says:

  13. thelbert says:

    totally open thread: the poarch creek band of native americans is forced to grow and distribute cannabis in fla since they aren’t allowed to operate a casino. i just hope they grow some hemp seeds too.

  14. DdC says:

    The endocannabinoid system regulates almost every biological process in our bodies and has evolved to not only restore our body’s homeostatic balance when it is ravaged by disease, but to prevent the development of diseased states in the first place.

    About time somebody figured that out other than old stoners who never seem to get sick. I haven’t had a cold since 69

    50 Years of Cannabinoid Research by Raphael Mechoulam

  15. DdC says:

    The Global Marijuana March Begins May 2, 2015 –

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