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bullet image More on the lawsuit by Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Nebraska and Oklahoma are misreading Raich By Randy Barnett.

are Nebraska and Oklahoma just Fair-weather Federalists? By Jonathan Adler

bullet image Quote of the day from Radley Balco:

It’s possible to both be appalled by senseless executions of cops, and angry at unjustified killings by cops. This isn’t hard to understand.

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  1. Unfortunately, the QOTD does not serve the MSM narrative, which is “divide-and-conquer”.

    It definitely works when one is working upon a false narrative; namely, that the Eric Garner case was about “loosies”. He was being targeted for filing complaints against the SIPD. Thats why there were so many officers upon the scene.

    Did it make sense for any more than two officers for a “loosie” bust?

    De Blasio got some bad advice over the weekend – the protests haven’t anything whatsoever to do with respecting the slain officers.

  2. NorCalNative says:

    When you’ve lived most of your life as an “outsider,” i.e., a cannabis loving cannabinophile and a devoted fan of dissent, it’s probably common to ask one’s self the question, “Is it just me?”

    So, is it just me that I’m distrustful of a man who would use the heart-wrenching story of a young Dravet Syndrome patient named Charlotte Figi and then on his website where he’s asking for MONEY misspell her name as “FIGGY?”

    Or, should I be suspicious of a man who uses the graphic with the word “TURPINES” rather than TERPENES?

    And, should I be bothered that he made up a NEW cannabinoid called CBA (he likely meant CBDA)?

    And as a California resident should I be offended that he’s spreading the rumor that Colorado is the ONLY state where CBD-oil is available?

    If you’ve got 15-minutes check out the video-link that Thinking Clearly posted at near bottom of the previous thread.

    It’s bothered me ever since I saw it because it’s basically a pretty good piece of investigative journalism. However there’s a sloppiness there that makes me nervous and I can’t shake the fact that if you want people to give you money, at LEAST get the name of your storiy’s main character right.

    Is it just me?

    The video is primarily about CBD-only legislation and why it’s a TERRIBLE idea. I’d love that message to get out to people.

    Jayden David, a young boy living in California has Dravet Syndrome, the same form of epilepsy that Charlotte Figi has. Charlotte’s parents consulted with Jayden’s dad on getting their daughter started on cannabis oil rich in CBD.

    Both kids have the same pediatric form of epilepsy but for Charlotte her remedy is around 20:1. For Jayden it’s 6:1 CBD-to-THC, and in fact Jayden had HIS WORST seizures using the ratio that works for Charlotte Figi.

    There is NO-0NE-SIZE-FITS-ALL with cannabinoid-based therapy and to shut off other options through legislation is EVIL HIDING IN PLAN SIGHT!

    Just FYI: EVIL HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT is NOT harsh hippie hyperbole like it may sound to the uninitiated. It refers to the PILLARS OF SUPPORT for prohibition. When you identify the pillars of support for prohibition as EVIL it’s a way of concentrating the mind on stopping that EVIL.

    Down-arrow troll, don’t disappoint me!

    • DdC says:

      The message has been out. Still needs more spreading. Still backasswards politicons pushing it as the safer non high brand. Now of coarse Sativex has a high cbd spray. I checked locally for a patient and weedmaps listed a delivery service with cbd oil. Amazing how for thousands of years the whole plant was good enough for mankind. Samw with the kiddies crap by legitimizing it. Do they believe the black market checks ID’s? Nothing the politically correct including incremental illness is for the benefit of the people. If they can’t beat us they want to exploit as much as they can while salvaging the trillion dollar prohibition. The MalWartians have landed… They all should be fitted for a Hemp necktie…

      ☛ Should Patients Be Concerned By States With CBD-Only Legislation – YES
      ☛ Why Synthetic Marijuana Is More Toxic To The Brain Than Pot
      ☛ Hemp Oil Versus CBD Oil: What’s The Difference?
      ☛ Cannabinoid-Terpenoids Synergy: How It Helps Us Medically
      Terpenoids makeup the scents of all aromatic plants. Some are medicnally beneficial. Cannabis emanates over 100 of them. Check iSG 4 more!
      ☛ MMJ Healing Powers Require The Whole Plant
      ☛ Utah legalizes CBD, but won’t let anyone actually grow cannabis
      ☛ South Carolina CBD-only bill won’t do anything to help patients
      ☛ 5 Must-Know Facts About Cannabidiol (CBD)

  3. darkcycle says:

    That lawsuit is doomed. Fun to try to imagine what other laws and businesses this suit would affect should it be decided in the plaintiff’s favor, though. That’s a can with a lot of worms in it.

  4. claygooding says:

    Law enforcement in America has a hard decision to make,,do they serve the people or the government.

    Every law enforcement officer in America KNOWS marijuana is not the dangerous drug the US government claims it is just from their own experiences with marijuana users and they continue using marijuana arrests to secure federal grants.

    It is time for the “good cops” to stand up and tell the government to end the insanity of arresting people for using a substance that cannot kill the user and is no more addictive than coffee.

    I wish someone with a badge number would post that at all the cop blogs.

  5. AStateOfWar says:

    “Any challenge to the complete autonomy of the police, any effort to hold them accountable will elicit various efforts from the police to preserve their power. De Blasio is getting pressured simply because he isn’t actively helping the police criminalize and smash the protest movement. Lynch of course sees de Blasio differently, saying two days before the Brooklyn cops were shot: “He is not running the city of New York. He thinks he’s running a f—–g revolution.” Right now it isn’t really clear who is running New York City. De Blasio certainly isn’t leading any revolution. However, it is certainly becoming clear to more and more people that nothing short of a revolution will destroy white supremacy and the political charades that surround it.”


  6. Servetus says:

    A revolt against the American police state was inevitable given the collateral consequences of the drug war. In such circumstances, the more people there are who see themselves involved or victimized by corruption, the higher the probability some crazy person will decide to do something rash, such as arbitrarily assassinating public officials and police officers.

    The extreme nature of the police state, and the refusal of small-minded authoritarians like former narcotics prosecutor Rudi Giuliani to back off when it’s clear a policing strategy has failed, polarizes a society and makes anarchy the immediate alternative. The police get caught in the middle, since all the real dirty work falls on them. Instead of condemning demonstrators against unjust laws, the police and their unions should focus on reversing the kinds of law enforcement that puts them in jeopardy. Such an approach is unlikely.

    One problem may reside in what cognitive linguist George Lakoff (p. 36-9) refers to as systemic causation. Lakoff writes that “No language in the world has in its grammar a way to express systemic causation.” Languages express direct causation. Getting hit by a lightning bolt is a direct causation concept. Getting hit by a lightning bolt because increasing global warming resulting from too much human-sourced carbon dioxide emissions produce more thunder and lightning storms in some geographic areas, and therefore more lightning strikes; is indirect or systemic causation. Lakeoff notes that systemic causation has a network of direct causes, feedback loops, and probabilistic causations. As people lack the knowledge or language skills necessary for determining or understanding systemic causation, they defer to direct causation, and they miss the point. Drugs are bad, but not the drug war itself. Or they blame the cops, instead of blaming the State, or the State’s unwise training and militarization of its police.

    Lakoff’s advice to journalists is to use metaphor as a means of describing systemic causes. Here is one of Lakoff’s examples for describing climate chaos: When the winds weaken, the vortex can begin to wobble like a drunk on his fourth martini…in this case, nearly the entire polar vortex has tumbled southward….

    Complicating the issues are systemically corrupt political hacks like Rudi Giuliani, who is unlikely to issue a mea culpa even if a gun were pointed at his head. Hence the anarchy.

  7. claygooding says:

    I wonder who Okla will sue when the Cheyenne,Comanche and Cherokee start selling marijuana out of the hundreds of Smokeshops,Bingo Halls and casinos?
    Ne only has a couple of tribes IIRC but even they have legal marijuana staring them in the face.

    The initial response from some tribes were negative at first but now several tribes are looking into it,,the Arapaho in AZ and NM are sending inquires to experts for advice,,as long as they call anyone but Mark Kleiman they can successfully pull their entire tribe above the poverty level.
    I look for OKLA to drop out of the suit as soon as the southern tribes grab this golden egg the DOJ gave them,,I estimate within 30 days,,let’s see how close I hit it.

    Anyone want to start a pool???

  8. DdC says:

    Yes it is…
    a Merry Christmas…
    and a Happy Saturnalia

    Halls decked ✔
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    The Psychedelic Secrets of Christmas

    The True Spirits of an Old-Time Christmas
    Wantonness, Misrule and Chambering

    Santa’s Red Mushrooms


    Merry Whatever

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