Facebook takes on the DEA

Good for them.

Facebook Tells DEA to Stop Operating Fake Profile Pages

WASHINGTON (AP) — Facebook wants assurances from the Drug Enforcement Administration that it’s not operating any more fake profile pages as part of ongoing investigations.

Facebook’s chief security officer, Joe Sullivan, said in a letter Friday to DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart that law enforcement agencies need to follow the same rules about being truthful on Facebook as civilian users. Those rules include a ban on lying about who you are.

I wonder if DEA administrators have offices with windows that open. Have they noticed the change in the wind?

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15 Responses to Facebook takes on the DEA

  1. primus says:

    Attaboy Attaboy.

  2. Daniel Williams says:

    Maybe they need to jump out and really feel the change…

  3. Duncan2003 says:


    I doubt that they even have windows whether open or locked shut. Did you forget that sunshine causes the un-dead to suffer very severe physical discomfort?

  4. MJ Verite says:

    Vampires and windows really don’t mix well…

  5. There is a horrible stench coming from that open window. Smells like something rotten to the core.

  6. Duncan2003 says:


    So what would you do if you put together a re-legalization and almost nobody signed up? It really does appear that Uruguay is very likely going to re-criminalize cannabis. Señor Mujico is a lame duck because of term limits and both of the “major” candidates have promised repeal. My observation has little to do with the promises/threats of the candidates. It has almost everything to do with the fact that only 378 Uruguayans have signed up for the registry. I think that it’s very safe to presume that number didn’t come about from lack of interest. Especially…

    “…since the front runner to succeed him, cancer doctor Tabare Vazquez, also his predecessor, is excited about using the registry to “better know who uses drugs and be able to intervene earlier to rehabilitate that person.”

    Meanwhile, the other candidate, center-right Luis Lacalle Pou, is opposed to legalization. Uruguay’s marijuana legalization experiment may not last much longer than Mujica’s term.

    Uruguay Marijuana Legalization May Not Last Past Next Year, Regulations Unsurprisingly Failing

    • The only thing I can think of worse than that is finding out Joe Biden wants to be president.

      • Duncan2003 says:


        I don’t know for a fact, but doesn’t Uruguay require citizenship to be President? He wouldn’t even be Señor Biden down there. Well unless his mom’s maiden name was also Biden. I certainly don’t think that we can dismiss the possibility that he’s the product of incest out of hand. Hmmm…nah, the Republicans would have figured that one out in 2008. Silly me.

        But yes indeed this does suck. The prohibitionists will finally have an example of a jurisdiction which didn’t take long after re-legalization to return to the absolute stupidity of the absolute prohibition of cannabis. Oh well, fingers crossed, it isn’t repealed yet. We all know that the prohibitionists love to predict the imminent repeal of any eased law. Heck, I’ve been hearing it about Holland on the verge just about annually since 1990. Like I said above, it’s the message that the Uruguayan fans of cannabis are sending by not signing up that has me thinking that it just might be real.

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  8. ed says:

    Really? Or is this just a PR story?

    In today’s world this announcement probably means the DEA and Facebook are setting up a new campaign against drug policy activists by using fake profile pages.

    • Duncan2003 says:


      Are you trying to tell me that HuffPo can’t be confident that my real name is Friendof Freedom after Facebook “verified” me for them? Maybe I should have gone with Friend O’Freedom. After all, I am mostly of Irish descent.

      But your right, this announcement doesn’t even fart in the general direction of impairing a single parasitic prohibitionist interest.

      Undercover cop to dimwitted stoner: Of course I’m not a cop! Didn’t Facebook announce that we all have to use our real names?

      Dimwitted stoner: Oh yeah cool. How about hooking up at Krusty Burgers at 11?

  9. Dante says:

    Another example of law enforcement violating the rules, and endangering the very citizens that they swore an oath on the Bible to protect. As usual, they will grant themselves an exemption for their blatant criminality. For our “safety”, you see.

    When the pendulum of justice finally swings back towards true justice, I hope it smacks the self-righteous law enforcement community in the face. Hard. They are the real threat to every American’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

    Protect & Serve (themselves!)

  10. Servetus says:

    Good news. After seven years, Barry Hazle has won a $1.95 million settlement for being wrongly incarcerated 100 days after refusing to be religious enough in a 12-step drug rehab program.

    Now if everyone else who flaunted a religion by consuming illicit drugs were compensated for whatever persecution they suffered at the behest of an allegedly secular state, we would be well on the road to justice.

  11. NorCalNative says:

    OT, Couch Alert:

    MJ Verite has a blog (click on screen name) that has a video of a band called “HARRY J. ANSLINGER.” The light show in the video is worth the click alone, i.e, if you’re prone to psychedelic “Eye-candy.”

    Also, Thinking Clearly’s blog (click on screen name) has the Second Edition of RICK SIMPSON’S “Run from the Cure.” While Edition II doesn’t really add much to the original video it’s still worth checking out if you haven’t already seen it. And, while you can find it on YouTube why not check out TC’s blog while you’re there?

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