Because I Got High Remix


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  1. DdC says:

    Steve Elliott

    Afroman has come out with a new, positive version of “Because I Got High” which points out the benefits of weed rather than any supposed drawbacks.

    I have the opportunity to ask the artist a couple questions. What would you ask Afroman?

    • darkcycle says:

      I would like to ask him “Yo, you gonna pass that?” 🙂 Other than that, tell him great job on the remix!

  2. Daniel Williams says:

    Cute?! Shit – it’s killer. Not a big NORML fan, tho…

  3. Duncan2003 says:


    Wow, more than 71,000 views in less than a day. I guess being on the Rolling Stone website might have helped a tad. Afroman Releases ‘Because I Got High’ Remake to Support Pot Legalization


    Here’s another one from the “how the heck can the prohibitionists be so totally wrong about anything and everything that they predict and still be alive?” category:
    After California decriminalized marijuana, teen arrest, overdose and dropout rates fell

  4. Duncan2003 says:


    Hey wait a second, isn’t that our couch? How the heck did he sneak it out without our noticing?

  5. Career revival in progress.

  6. Matthew Meyer says:

    Cynical voice in my head says it’s little more than product promotion for Weedmaps…

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