Fun and games with the ONDCP

The ONDCP ‘blog‘ talks about a recent Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) training event, where Acting Director Botticelli was apparently the life of the party.

Acting Director Botticelli drew even greater applause with his announcement that ONDCP will increase funding for CADCA’s National Youth Leadership Initiative (NYLI)

Yeah, whenever I go to a party and hand out money, people seem pretty pleased with me.

Earlier in the day, the Acting Director took part in several roundtable discussions with DFC coalitions, exploring such themes as how to address the issue of marijuana legalization and the importance of forging partnerships with ONDCP’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program.

That’s important – Kevin Sabet can’t do everything for them.

In what was certainly the liveliest event of the day, the Acting Director got to play the part of “Mayor Botticelli” in a mock Town Council meeting. His task, which he eagerly accepted, was to preside over a make-believe council of young people as it heard opposing arguments and then voted on a proposal to ban the use and sale of “medical” marijuana.

Our government officials at work.

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20 Responses to Fun and games with the ONDCP

  1. Dante says:

    Such fawning over a bureaucrat, where else does such a strange thing occur?

    North Korea.

  2. claygooding says:

    Yup,,the drug war aon’t over until the drug war money train is derailed by this train comming at them at 300 mph.

    Even more diabolical is the intended grants for states that build the rehb centers required to make the change in laws to go from incarceration to forced rehab,,they are attempting to “buy” state legislators with grants just like they have law enforcement,,and I would nearly bet that all funds recvd have to be spent on more drug war,,just like the cops.

    I barely caught it in the reform hearing in April or May when Bowlofchili threw in the comment”I hope the committee will agree to the new state level grants programs we have gsubmitted a written plan for approval,,,if I was detective enough I could go to the right committee and find it.

    That is why we must get loud and vocal this year before the states with no inititive get locked into prohibition for decades,,once the state is addicted to the grants we can see what happens by law enforcement’s greed for them

  3. Servetus says:

    Working at the ONDCP must be like working at Disney’s Fantasyland. The ONDCP’s Storybook Circus lures children into its Enchanted Forest where Mayor Botticelli and his 7-Dwarf Town Council frightens kids with stories of witches, goblins, and marijuana consumers. It gets worse.

    Frontierland has been converted into DEAland, where Sheriff Michele Leonhart demonstrates her SWAT tactics to the little kiddies by shooting their favorite pets. Rides are provided in armored military vehicles. The DEA museum is a permanent fixture onsite. A pavilion features a talking, animated Harry Anslinger robot who explains that marijuana kills and maims.

    In Adventureland, a jungle-boat river cruise employs DEA agents firing automatic weapons at innocent Amazonian Indians who pose as drug cartel members lining the riverbank. The DEA proudly displays the anti-aircraft tactics it employs against private aircraft transporting South American missionaries. And a former CIA Air America cargo plane is parked on the grounds.

    The Alice in Wonderland ride features drug busts for magic mushrooms and drug paraphernalia. No wonderment is allowed. All the pictorial displays are in black-and-white. Lawrence Welk mood music is piped in to create a sense that the 1950s still live.

    Tomorrowland features no Bill of Rights, no Constitution, no due process, total government surveillance capabilities via drone and satellite, along with exhibits of breathalizers, electronic molecule sensors, and 3-D infrared surveillance equipment.

    And finally, for the weary, the local DEAland hotel accommodations include two bunks per cell.

  4. stlgonzo says:

    OT:Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows

    Another good article from Mr. Balko.

  5. Howard says:

    “In what was certainly the liveliest event of the day, the Acting Director got to play the part of “Mayor Botticelli” in a mock Town Council meeting.”

    Just like Civil War reenactments, the day is coming when there will be Drug War reenactments. Somebody will play the “mayor”, and there will be mock Town Council meetings warning of the drug scourge that never was (except what the “drug free” folks created). How pathetic.

    • Furball says:

      It’s like they’re playing in a LARP (live-action role playing….D&D for jocks). They can’t seem to find normal citizens to participate, though; just paid-for sycophants.

  6. thelbert says:

    here’s a guy with plenty of guns and money, wonder how his lawyer is doing.

    • Howard says:

      If Michele Leonhart were to see the photos on that site, she’d say, “Look, we’re winning! We just haven’t found the other 10,000 houses just like that one — yet”.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      That is some ancient history, at least the photo of the money. I’ve been linking to the photo of that money for at least two years now.

  7. kaptinemo says:

    Take a look at that money. No, not the amounts; look at how NEW it appears.

    Meaning the banks that dispersed it must have known that their ‘clients’ would have need of a lot of cash, and were very accommodating, by probably calling up a regional Fed Reserve office across the border to make sure they had plenty on hand.

    Such a large order could only mean one thing: the Federal Reserve banks knew who was getting it, in advance. Fractional banking and the illicit drug trade go hand in hand.

  8. B. Snow says:

    … the Acting Director got to play the part of “Mayor Botticelli” in a mock Town Council meeting. His task, which he eagerly accepted, was to preside over a make-believe council of young people as it heard opposing arguments and then voted on a proposal to ban the use and sale of “medical” marijuana.

    So, let me get this straight = they had people practicing how to essentially “rig” their local town council debates?
    Presumably meant to thereby – “shift” – the outcome of the following vote – into a result that ‘aligns’ with that of the ONDCP goals?

    I guess that sounds “about par for the course” with them, you know = Lie, Cheat, Steal, “by hook or by crook”, “Win” at any cost… “by any means necessary”.

    Is that even remotely legal? Or – an even better question to ask here:
    Isn’t that blatantly encouraging fraudulent government behavior?

    I could see coaching a person on how to ask a (potentially loaded) question at a town council – as being ‘legitimate’, if despicable. But, aren’t they’re going well beyond that in the example above?

    • thelbert says:

      rigging the game is the name of the game. trouble with that is you can’t rig the laws of physics.

    • Windy says:

      The fed gov interfering in State or local politics is absolutely unconstitutional which makes it illegal, training federal officials in how to rig a town hall meeting meets the criteria of interfering in local politics, therefore should be illegal, not that any of them will ever be arrested and tried for such activities.

  9. Jean Valjean says:

    think i’m going to be sick

    • Jean Valjean says:

      so this is what michele meant by “[legalization] only makes us fight harder” (translates as fights dirtier)…..

  10. War Vet says:

    Soon, no Prohibitionist will ever get anybody to play their Reindeer games–not even the kids.

    In the future, the Drug Warriors will still hold a lot of sway in regards to policy and the law as they keep their Lego people, GI Joes and Dolls under the law’s thumb. Playing government with kids about something they know nothing about is one step closer to Drug Warrior seminars having nothing but Kevin and stuffed animals as his audience.

    • War Vet says:

      Anslinger once heard the screams of a morphine addict while he was a kid, come out of some building as he was passing by it. Kevin has an imaginary friend whose life is but a real mess ever since he started smoking pot–went to acid, then did coke and pills and now uses meth. That is why Kevin is so dedicated about his job and movement. He uses some of his money from the drug war gig to pay for his friends rehab, but every time he pays for an expensive rehab, his friend is a no show according to the staff. See, drugs are addictive. Mrs. Leonhart follows an invisible goat who tells her about how bad drugs are . . . she should have listened and followed her old friend Harvey, who was very liberal about drug policy and open minded, but the Cops thought his carrot garden was a pot grow and they shot him.

  11. thelbert says:

    another story of how our gubbmint works like a well oiled machine:

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