Robert DuPont as shill for the drug testing industry

Without disclosing DuPont’s financial interest in the drug testing industry, the Washington Post published this piece of trash: Pot is becoming legal in more places, but we should drug test employees anyway by Robert L. DuPont.

Meanwhile, marijuana advocates are targeting drug-testing policies of major employers, including launching a petition to pressure the New York Times to trash its drug-testing policy. If successful, this movement will damage the safety and productivity of U.S. workplaces and take away one proven way to reduce substance abuse.

Workplace drug testing has largely been a scam since its beginnings, complete with wholly invented statistics on worker productivity and absenteeism, to the point where it’s almost impossible to sort out any actual truth in the claims.

What it’s really been about is building a very lucrative drug testing industry that depends on marijuana (since it stays longer in the system) resulting in penalizing people for what they do on their own time, creating a negative employment atmosphere, and doing nothing to create a safer workplace.

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  1. darkcycle says:

    This from Wikipedia: “Dr. Dupont personally profits from the workplace drug-testing he advises, via his role at Bensinger, DuPont & Associates.[11] He claims that marijuana is “the most dangerous drug”

  2. divadab says:

    The corruption of cannabis prohibition started with a Dupont in the 30’s (a dirty deal to prohibit hemp and provide protection for Dupont’s nylon), and it appears to be ending with another of the corrupt greedy bastards.

    The Washington POst is a reliable promoter of state capitalism. Proof, like Faux News, that you can fool some of the people all of the time.

    • Windy says:

      Great minds …
      This is my introduction to this posting by Pete when I shared it on FB earlier this evening (thanks claygooding):

      DuPont is a Prohibitch, his ancestor was one the major players in getting hemp outlawed (and institutionalizing racist policies) by criminalizing cannabis, he did it just to protect his synthetic fiber, nylon, from the competition provided by hemp.

  3. primus says:

    S/B spelled Washington POS.t

  4. Servetus says:

    No doubt about whose side Robert DuPont is on: “Stopping workplace drug testing for marijuana and other drugs of abuse would negatively affect the productivity and safety of the U.S. workforce.” He’s on the side of management. They’re his cash customers. The poor and the oppressed American workforce don’t pay him a dime.

    The workforce DuPont describes is virtually mandated to chemically decompress from their jobs or lives using alcohol as the drug of choice, as if hangovers or alcoholism can’t affect job performance. If tobacco were illegal, DuPont would find some way to blame nicotine for performance issues, thereby requiring tobacco testing. In the interests of subjugation, the employees get tested, but the company owners do not. Meanwhile, scientific research on the efficacy of drug testing in the workplace remains mysteriously limited, or absent.

    As a trained psychiatrist, DuPont knows the value of scaring people. As a vulture capitalist, he knows how to profit from fear. In the long term, the business of human oppression through fear is a no win strategy because it presumes everyone is always fearful all the time. People who seek freedom from fear, the adventure seekers, the intellectually curious, will always expose exploitative schemes like those of Robert DuPont given any situation. Oppression gives rise to revolt. In this case, Dr. Robert DuPont’s time is up. Business and employment opportunities, like moral panics, come and go.

  5. Frank W. says:

    I don’t doubt that Dupont will be on “Meet the Press” soon, even if David Gregory isn’t there to fellate.

    • allan says:

      yeah… and NBC’s Lester Holt must’ve borrowed Gil “Droop Dogg” Kerlikowske’s dictionary ’cause he appears to know only the word decriminalization. That a journalist today, in 2014, is unaware of the difference (or worse, intentionally not using the L word) between decrim and legalization is sad. Grow a spine Lester.

      As to DuPont… @)&*!! and ^%$+!#!!! yourself, Bob. If I’m not mistaken, Bob is also deeply tied into the childhood education for profit cabal.

      So a few days ago the Oregonian ran an editorial supporting OR’s legalization measure, M91. I replied with an LTE in my regular manner, less the stuff I usually tell them aboot what a bunch of ignorant shills they are – this one they’re printing in Tuesday’s edition.

  6. ezrydn says:

    I quit working for others when the big drug chek phenom began. I quickly decided to work for ME instead. True, it’s a mind-reconfig but it’s easily doable. I went from Ch. Engr. at stations (employee) to “private contract engr” (self-employed). That worked well for several years. Then, I learned Forex online, where I make currently around $30K/mo. I’ve NEVER faced a “Here, pee in this!” request since it all began. And NEVER will! OPM’s just aren’t that desirable. An Internet connection, a device and anywhere in the world, I’m ready to make bank! And, enjoy a nice phatty!

    If you don’t take dominion over your own life, someone else will!

  7. allan says:

    my first thought when I opened the WaPo DuPont flatulence? What a butt ugly photo of cannabis. Mature flowering cannabis females are freaking beautiful! Why do they always use the green-leafy-everybody-has-this-picture photos? bleccch

    and because it’s Saturday, raining (lightly) and my favorite 3 hours of radio is on – KRVM, true community supported radio ( – I’ve just gotta vent a bit.

    The movement to normalize the use of marijuana is growing across the United States.

    Hey Bob… we’ve been growing for decades. 😀 Catch up you old war profiteer you!

    And this next one… *rollseyes* good lord Bob. Bwahaha!

    While it is true that marijuana metabolites are retained in the body longer than alcohol and most other drugs, about 40 percent of people who smoke one or two marijuana joints at night test negative the next day and nearly all will test negative within five days.

    ??? WTF? Earth to Bob… you’re drifting into deep space here, Bob.

    Over 6.3 million Americans age 18 and older have an illicit substance use disorder and the large majority of these individuals are employed either full or part time.

    Ummm yeah, Bob, we are freaking everywhere! We work for our livings, leech.

    Ummm… and uh Bob, why not disclose that the report you use from is maybe, possibly, a little prejudicial considering WHO is:

    Andrea G. Barthwell, MD, FASAM

    Peter Bensinger, Bensinger, Dupont & Associates, Former Administrator of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration

    Robert L. DuPont, MD, President of the Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc.

    David G. Evans, Esq., Drug Free Schools Coalition

    Calvina Fay, MBA, Executive Director, Drug Free America Foundation

    John F. Gilligan, Ph.D., President and CEO, Human Service Center

    David A. Gross, MD, DLFAPA Chair, International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse

    Edward A. Jacobs, MD, Everett Clinic
    Ambassador (RET) Melvyn Levitsky, Professor, Geral R. Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan

    Colin Mangham, Ph.D., Population Health Promotion Associates, Canada

    Ian Oliver, Ph.D.

    (Albert) Stuart Reece, MBBS(Hons.), FRCS (Ed.), FRCS(Glas.), FRACGP, MD(UNSW)

    Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D., Director, University of Florida, Division of Addiction Medicine, Drug Policy Institute; Former Senior Advisor to the Director of ONDCP

    Peter Stoker, C. Eng., MICE (Retd.), Director, National Drug Prevention Alliance

    Eric A. Voth, MD, FACP, Chairman of the Institute on Global Drug Policy

    You’re the criminal, Bob… we don’t need to microscopically examine your piss, Bob, to know you’re an asshat.

  8. DdC says:

    Drug mishandling may have tainted 40,000 cases

    Urine Testing Company

    After his resignation, Turner joined with Robert DuPont and former head of NIDA, Peter Bensinger, to corner the market on urine testing. They contracted as advisors to 250 of the largest corporations to develop drug diversion, detection, and urine testing programs.

    President Ronald Reagan, at the urging of then Vice President George Bush, appointed Carlton Turner as the White House Drug (czar) Advisor in 1981. Soon after Drugczar Carlton Turner left office, Nancy Reagan recommended that no corporation be permitted to do business with the Federal government without having a urine purity policy in place to show their loyalty. Carlton Turner became a rich man in what has now become a huge growth industry: urine-testing.

    United for Care Calls on Antidrug Group to Drop Carlton Turner Over His Remarks on AIDS and Homosexuality

    Drug Free Florida has appointed former Ronald Reagan drug czar Carlton Turner as its chairman. Turner made a name for himself in the 1980s when he came up with the “Just Say No” campaign. But he’s also grabbed headlines for once famously saying that marijuana leads to homosexuality and, ultimately, AIDS.

    In August and September, 1983, Turner went on national television to justify the illegal marijuana spraying (by plane) of paraquat in Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee by the DEA. He said it would teach a lesson to any kid who died from paraquat-poisoned pot.

    One In Five High Schools Piss Taste Students

    The ACLU said that the federal government spent $11.7million to test nearly 29,000 workers in 1990. Only 153 employees flunked, putting the cost of finding each user at $77,000, according to the ACLU.

    Citing several academic and other studies, the ACLU says that drug users are not any more likely than their nonuser counterparts to have workplace accidents.

    • Common reasons employers implement drug testing are to:

      -Deter employees from abusing alcohol and drugs

      -Prevent hiring individuals who use illegal drugs

      -Be able to identify early and appropriately refer employees who have drug and/or alcohol problems

      -Provide a safe workplace for employees

      -Protect the general public and instill consumer confidence that employees are working safely

      -Comply with State laws or Federal regulations

      -Benefit from Workers’ Compensation Premium Discount programs

      More Federal regulations and think here:

      When I was a kid, there was no drug testing. The tried and true method for an employer was supervision: is the employee doing his job and showing up for work regularly? How did this all change?

      The last 2 on the list are the main reasons:

      -Comply with State laws or Federal regulations

      -Benefit from Workers’ Compensation Premium Discount programs

      So this setup behooves business to comply thanks to steering from above (government) by incentivising business to take on a moral issue that otherwise is not within their province of concern. Drug testing in the workplace is part of the war on drugs and it exists solely because of Washington, the drug war, and conniving and savvy business sharks like DuPont and Bensinger who have carved out a niche for themselves in the business world at the expense of us all. An added expense and aggravation that none of us really need to operate. It is not the province of business to help the government prosecute a drug war until we force then to as we are now.

      • Windy says:

        Most people fail to understand that it is not the province of government to tell the populace what drugs or foods they may or may not ingest, either. I’ve brought that up so many times everyone on the couch already knows why.

        Hubby was a truck driver, when the construction company for which he worked began to implement random urine testing at the behest of the fed gov (in order to be able to contract with the federal and State to build their roads), he quit using cannabis and stayed off it until he retired, now he has his medical card and I am his official caregiver. But truck drivers’ names were in the hat from which the random testing that week names were drawn and he got tested way more often than the other drivers (probably because everyone at the company knew he smoked pot before the testing program went into effect and they likely put his name in four times instead of two), even though the heavy equipment drivers (graders, rollers, scrapers, crane operators, etc. were not tested frequently, if ever. Luckily the company paid for all tests, the company never admitted it was the government that required the testing (except for truck drivers, they all knew it came from DOT) they told complainers that it was the insurance company that required it.

  9. “Harm Reduction policies and programs seek to protect drug use. The CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child) rejects this view focusing instead on the requirement that children be protected from drugs as an urgent human rights objective.”

    “On the Rights of the Child”
    Robert L. DuPont
    15 March 2012

    This viewpoint is responsible for establishing marijuana as a black market commodity that ENSURES our inability to stop it from getting to children.

    A timeline on DuPont’s change of heart about marijuana is here:

    Prior to 1976 DuPont favored decriminalization of marijuana. Thanks to some wrong advice, That changed:
    1976 Anti-drug parents’ movement begins.

    “Troubled by the presence of marijuana at her 13-year old daughter’s birthday party, Keith Schuchard and her neighbor Sue Rusche form Families in Action, the first parents’ organization designed to fight teenage drug abuse. Schuchard writes a letter to Dr. Robert DuPont, then head of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, which leads DuPont to abandon his support for decriminalization.”

    Keith Schuchard, National Federation of Parents for Drug-Free Youth, says “Marijuana’s the keystone. It is the gateway drug… If you prevent the usage of marijuana, you really have very little chance of other drugs being used.”

    A theory of “gateway drug” since debunked by science.

    Now, heavily invested in the drug testing industry, DuPont has passed the point of no return. No longer can he claim support for decriminalization. His business now demands otherwise.

    In DuPont we have a person who could have made a meaningful difference in harm reduction who instead sold his soul to the almighty dollar and the reefer madness stories that support his lucrative business. A business that depends heavily on keeping marijuana illegal and keeping reefer madness alive.

  10. claygooding says:

    I look forward to the day when Bod,Kevin,Patrick and the rest of the leeches refuse to be interviewed,,and it is coming.

  11. allan says:

    I’d like to think that that were there such a place as hell, Bob would have a special place in it. Guess what he gets to drink when he gets thirsty? And part of Bob’s personal hell would be that he’s always thirsty. Drink up! Bob

  12. Duncan20903 says:


    I know that we’ve all been on pins and needles waiting since April 26, 2014 for these test results. So let’s not dilly dally. This one comes from the “will the Hamburglar get busted and snitch on Ronald? category:

    Tests back in McDonald’s burger topped with marijuana case

    They said that the investigation has been inactivated pending the development of additional leads in the case.

    This post presented for the limited purpose of comparing how long it took to get those results vs that murdered mans tox screen in Ferguson.

    • claygooding says:

      The toxicology report from Ferguson was bogus as hell,,it takes longer than a couple of days to do a complete toxicology report,,IIRC it takes 10>12 days on a rush job..

      I wonder how many rape kits are sitting in MO labs awaiting the DNA tests.

      • allan says:

        ouch… relevancy burn!

      • Tim says:

        Maybe off topic, but maybe Robocop isn’t such a bad idea these days to remove the NEED for lethal force in policing.

        Of course, their are pitfalls… but at least you won’t get your racial war going if a robot throws a net around a suspect or launches beanbags. Just make it the equivalent to assaulting an officer if you vandalize police robots.

  13. Servetus says:

    Take that, Robert L. DuPont….

    Germany’s Green Party leader, Cem Özdemir, takes the ice bucket challenge while standing next to a marijuana plant.

    • Irie says:

      Got one better, go to the Denver Huffington Post read the article “This Rapper Just Won the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With Marijuana”. Sorry, can’t post a link as am on my Kindle, not my PC.

  14. Tim says:

    The fact that a media organization tests for drugs in the first place is pretty frightening and makes me wonder about their impartiality.

    There was a fellow on The Sports Hub Boston last night who brought up Josh Gordon and was pushing the whole ‘blame the consumer’ nonsense. The Huge Show, it was called. At one time I would have bothered to correct him, and say the ONDCP tried this ‘drugs fund terrorism’ garbage a decade ago too, and no one bought into that either. Instead, I just tuned into ESPN instead to hear about college ball without his ignorant commentary. I guess I have prohibitionist fatigue.

  15. ezrydn says:

    At least, we know what’s Bob’s preferred version of “Taster’s Choice” is!

  16. DdC says:

    Marx Brothers’ Marijuana Grouch Bag

    Best Marijuana Documentary you will ever watch!

    Medical marijuana refugees: ‘This was our only hope’

    Internet Activist Recovers Deleted Video of Police Assault, This is How We Win!

    Are the Benefits of Medical Marijuana Being Completely Overlooked?

  17. DdC says:

    This section of the Antique Cannabis Book, was meant primarily as a tool for active News Media Reporters who needed a quick (yet well documented) source of information on the subject of Governmental Censorship as it relates to Medical Cannabis. As such this (1947) study, which was openly published and never actually under the threat of censorship, would normally not qualify for inclusion.

    However, a quick look beneath the surface shows a different story. One that reveals, wheels within wheels, circles within circles, all spinning around . . . . let’s just say that this study, came very close to (ah, how shall we put it), going the way of oh so many other Medical Cannabis studies.

    The author is convinced that had Anslinger (or anyone at the D.E.A.) known about the study BEFORE IT WAS PUBLISHED , it most assuredly would have been CENSORED. Either that or (doing what the Narc’s do now), killed it in its cradle by simply denying the researchers the needed licenses and permits.

    This one however, seems to have slipped though the cracks. Here let us go over the facts (those we’ve been able to locate), and let the reader to decide.

    Materia Medica with Repertory
    William Boericke
    Ninth Edition, 1927
    CANNABIS INDICA (Hashish) pp 160-162
    Has great soothing influence in many nervous disturbances, like epilepsy, mania, dementia, delirium tremens, and irritable reflexes. Exophthalmic goitre. Catalepsy.

    Keeping six year old children having 300 seizures instead of 3 or 4. When this was known and listed in the 1952 Webster’s Dictionary.
    Employed in medicine, for its anodyne,hyponotic, and anti-spasmodic qualities.
    Cannabis Stops Child’s Severe Seizures

    Cannabis Shrinks Tumors: Government Knew in 74
    The DEA shut down all cannabis/tumor research.
    Gerald Ford ended all public research.

    List of brain tumor patients who died due to blocked research.

  18. strayan says:

    If someone wants to have a field day I recommend they go through DuPont’s journal submissions and report his failure to declare this glaring conflict of interest (which obviously just slipped his mind on the day, then the day after, and the one after that and after and after…)


  19. DdC says:

    The Anti-Marijuana Lobby Is Enlisting Scientific Mercenaries
    It’s an age-old play that has been used in several different industries over the past several decades, and now marijuana is the new target. One incredibly popular method for garnering support against a cause is to attack the science and facts supporting it, even if it is a virtual certainty that you’d be fighting a losing battle.
    via @wallstCS

  20. Howard says:

    Speaking of shills, a month has gone by since I contacted the University of Florida in an attempt to find out how the UF Drug Policy Institute is funded. I was given the director’s email and contacted him (‘him’ being Kevin Sabet). After two weeks passed and I received no response (no surprise there) I called the Department of Psychiatry again. This time I was shuffled around from one person to the next until I ended up on the phone with someone in the financial department. The person on the other end could find no financial record or statement regarding the institute. This person then gave me her boss’s contact information. After a few days someone from Media Relations and Public Affairs contacted me and provided this one line answer, “The Drug Policy Institute has no independent funding”. This was followed by a lengthy unsolicited description of how the University of Florida might be involved in medical marijuana if the amendment passes in Florida in November.

    I wrote back and asked for more detail regarding “The Drug Policy Institute has no independent funding” and was told, “As I indicated before, the Institute is not funded; rather it is an entity formed by and made up of faculty/fellows here at the university and others.”

    When I pointed out the discrepancy between “no independent funding” and “the Institute is not funded”, I received this attempt at clarification, “The Drug Policy Institute is not an independent unit with funding; it has no funding. I apologize for not being clearer.” I then asked how the Drug Policy Institute — supposedly now not funded at all — could co-sponsor the 1st Annual Drug Policy Symposium. I asked further, “Did this event incur no costs? Did the participants, such as former US Representative Patrick Kennedy and Acting Director of the ONDCP Michael Botticelli (among others who traveled from out of state) pay for their trip and stay in Gainseville out of their own pockets? Please clarify.”

    The answers to my questions above? “I don’t know the answer. I will have to inquire and get back to you.” That was two weeks ago. Last week I asked when I could expect a reply. Still no answer.

    Obviously it was hoped that a professional bullshitter from Media Relations and Public Affairs would provide me with non-answers and I would just go away. Since I haven’t gone away the tactic now appears to be no responses at all to very simple questions. Sorry I don’t have a more informative update. But sometimes evasive answers and silence are revealing on their own.

    By the way, there’s a group photo taken when the Drug Policy Institute was founded in 2012. Along with Kevin Sabet are these luminaries: Bob DuPont M.D., Mark Gold M.D., Gil Kerliowske, Scott Teitelbaum, M.D.,…

  21. thelbert says:

    i asked myself if this duPont was related to the infamous duPont clan. according to this piece of slander, he is.

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  23. DdC says:

    The Last Days of LEGAL Cannabis
    The standard fiber of world history, America’s traditional crop, hemp, could provide our textiles and paper and be the premier source for cellulose. The war industries – DuPont, Allied Chemical, Monsanto, etc., – are protected from competition by the marijuana laws. They made war on the natural cycle and the common farmer.

    (The Elkhorn Manifesto)
    The Real Reason the Government Won’t Debate
    Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization
    Du Pont support of Hitler extended into the very heart of the Nazi war machine as well, according to Higham, and several other researchers: “General Motors, under the control of the Du Pont family of Delaware, played a part in collaboration” with the Nazis.

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