Protecting the children?

Legalization of cannabis in Colorado has not solved the issue of marijuana being considered an element in child-endangerment cases.

Legalizing Marijuana: Changing laws Prompt Child-Protection Review

“The legal standard is always the best interest of the children, and you can imagine how subjective that can get,” said Jess Cochrane, who helped found Boston-based Family Law & Cannabis Alliance after finding child-abuse laws have been slow to catch up with pot policy. […]

“We moved here across the country so we wouldn’t be criminals. But all it takes is one neighbor not approving of what we’re doing, one police officer who doesn’t understand, and the law says I’m a child abuser,” Barnhart said.

The presence of pot alone should never be a factor in these cases. Taking children away from their parents is actual abuse, compared to the imagined horrors emerging from the specter of mellow parents.

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5 Responses to Protecting the children?

  1. Crut says:

    Besides being a quiet person anyways, this is the the biggest consideration that I have that truly holds me back from feeling that I can freely talk about drug policy to anyone and anywhere. If I was (wrongly) placed under suspicion of child abuse for the obscene logic that what I put in my pipe and lit on fire before I went for a jog this morning endangered my offspring, my children would bear the brunt of the drug war’s punishment, no matter what they decided to do with me. I choose not to willingly face that reality, at least while the kids are young, so I feel restricted to being a keyboard warrior, thinking about the children.

    Until such time that this threat is removed, the drug war wages on. Society will be a better place when this authoritarian mindset has gone the way of the Dodo.

  2. Brucifer says:

    Group Homes. Watered down Milk. Fancy Art on the Walls. Meds at Breakfast. Meds at bedtime. Respite Pay $$$
    Hmmm. For the Children. Yeah.

  3. drwoo says:

    CPS ain’t no punk. I consider this filth worse than cops.I had one knock on my door once in Texas because of some bullshit, I live in Louisiana now.

  4. DdC says:

    Ganjawar and Child Protection Racketeering

    Another growth industry of the Ganjawar. Same as Pisstasting profits or forced rehabilitation asylums or private for profit cages. Hiding behind kids is nothing new as far as corporate profits. Kids are simply shields. Gives Straight Inc members in trailer parks $1k per kid per month and up to 10 kids. Child sweatshops giving them something to do, chores. Tax money spent the same as the DEA and NIDA spend reinforcing the need. Horror stories also in profits forfeiting kids homes and confiscating whatever isn’t nailed down. Just one more unAmerican activity in the name of profits saveding the kids.

    Rackets Driven by this Drug War

    Children taken from mom in pot raid inflame Butte

    MPP’s Bill Gives Voice To Lost Children
    Dunlop’s private member’s bill aims to write into law that children who are endangered by drug trafficking fall under the category of abused children. It could even be argued that the added threat of incarceration and risk of separation from children might serve as a strong incentive for parents to clean up their acts.

    Moms, kids and drugs by Susan Boyd
    Punishing “druggie moms” and seizing their children is big business in North America.

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