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June 2014



Freedom is slavery

John P. Walters in Politico: Why Libertarians Are Wrong About Drugs

The drug user’s freedom to consume costs his community not only their safety, but also their liberty.

No, I’m pretty sure you did that.

Still trying for the impossible, but with a more limited scope

The Partnership at is changing its name.

The Partnership at announced today that it has changed its name to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. The name and a newly expanded website reflect the nonprofit’s ongoing commitment to reducing teen substance abuse and supporting families impacted by addiction.

What this reflects, of course, is […]

The long-term structures of legalization

An interesting article over at Reason on the legalization of a drug called alcohol: How Not to Legalize a Drug

Basically, the article talks about the three-tiered system of producers, distributors, and retailers that was set up with the repeal of Prohibition 1, and how that structure still affects the market today.

Fascinating reading, and […]

Protecting the children?

Legalization of cannabis in Colorado has not solved the issue of marijuana being considered an element in child-endangerment cases.

Legalizing Marijuana: Changing laws Prompt Child-Protection Review

“The legal standard is always the best interest of the children, and you can imagine how subjective that can get,” said Jess Cochrane, who helped found Boston-based Family Law […]

More on stoned driving

I know I harp on this a lot at Drug WarRant, but I consider it important – the war on stoned driving has had little to do with highway safety, but rather functions as a back-door way to punish marijuana users, and as a scare tactic to prevent legalization.

Yes, being stoned can affect your […]

Ah, Jamaica!

Jamaica Poised to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession, Approve Medical and Religious Use, and Expunge Past Offenses

On Friday, Jamaican Minister of Justice Mark Golding released a statement announcing government support for a proposal to decriminalize the possession of up to two ounces of marijuana and the decriminalization of marijuana use for religious, scientific and medical purposes.


Open Thread

The DEA: Four Decades of Impeding and Rejecting Science

Today, members of Congress, scientific experts, medical marijuana patients and others will join a teleconference that will accompany the release of a new report co-published by MAPS and the Drug Policy Alliance called “The DEA: Four Decades of Impeding and Rejecting Science“.

There will be […]

Use of headlights linked to traffic fatalities

Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (DOT HS 810 637) has shown that you are roughly three times as likely to be killed on the highway if you’re traveling in a car with the headlights on.

This should be a wake-up call to legislators who have long been hoodwinked by auto industry claims […]

Matt Schmitz and Chris Woodyard at USA Today exemplify dishonest reporting on drugged driving

Marijuana playing larger role in fatal crashes by Matt Schmitz and Chris Woodyard at and USA Today.

This article is just another example of blatantly dishonest reporting (or, just as bad, ignorant reporting).

It may be that Matt Schmitz and Chris Woodyard are experts at cars and don’t know anything about marijuana, but if […]

Getting acquainted with being high

When I was in college my Freshman year, my roommate and I decided to get really drunk for the first time. Yes, I had led a bit of a sheltered life, and, while I had consumed alcohol once or twice before, I didn’t know much about it.

Not being complete idiots, we decided to do […]