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A lot going on today…

bullet image Hearing in Congress: Mixed Signals: the Administration’s Policy on Marijuana, Part Four – the Health Effects and Science

bullet image Twitter is blowing up right now. Some great interactions between @KevinSabet, @TomAngell, @BeauKilmer, @RafaelONDCP and others.

bullet image Hemp seeds seized at border. They don’t know what to do with them.

bullet image Cory Booker and Rand Paul are trying to get the Senate to pass a bill leaving medical marijuana states alone.

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  1. mike says:

    When will Rep.Issa have Hearings on why the USA must be
    forced to buy Hemp Seed from other Countries when we have
    the State Police hunting down millions of Hemp plants of our own here that have been bearing seeds.

    We need jobs it makes no sense that we allow hemp products, but seek to eliminate every last plant in the USA.

    We should be working together to foster life not destroy.

    The Hearing must bring in farmers and tractor engineers
    and car and plastic and clothing people and many others telling the story
    of how a new Hemp Ag. industry will bring about new products and how the Gov’t. has stopped that ability to
    compete on the world stage.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      All seeds are not created equally mike. The Canadian farmers have been selecting hemp seed to increase the desirability of the crop for well over a decade. I’ve got wild strawberries growing all over my yard. The strawberries aren’t even as big as a store bought blueberry and taste bland. No strawberry farmer would be interested in planting the strawberry seeds that my strawberry plants produce.

      • allan says:

        as opposed to genuine wild strawberries, which are small but damn! are they good… yummm.

        I’m up to 5 gallons out of my strawberry bed this year. Made a fresh pie the other night… it was good whether I was high or not.

        My son came up from Portland the other day (he’s moving back to Eugene and will be living here again). He shows up with one of his do-nothing friends (friend is a good drummer) and my son has on his dress shirt and tie… wtf is with that? “I just got a job.”

        He hasn’t even given notice at his job there and has one interview here and gets hired.

        Pardon my french but I have to say this, Fuck you Linda Taylor. In her efforts to be Calvina’s bitch she regularly called me a bad dad, my kids would be addicts, yada yada… all because I consume cannabis and want the cops out of my personal business and was willing to say so publicly.

        What we consume has nothing to do with who we are. As someone once said, somewhere, it is not what goes into a man’s mouth, but what comes out that defiles a man.

        As prohibitches and prohibidiots have been doing nothing but spewing lies from their defilitous (not a word but sounds good) lips for nigh unto a century I think it’s high time (isn’t it almost always?) those liars get held accountable.

        If they don’t like what they’re seeing now, give us a few more years…

        I struggle with apt comparisons for our “kind” and the war waged against us. It’s nothing like the middle passage or the jewish holocaust or the decimation of this continent’s natives but it is its own atrocity. There are massive numbers of human and civil rights violations. There is corruption between criminal syndicates and individuals and agencies of our government. Abuse of the justice system, decimation of families and communities, massive detention and even introducing our children to drugs (DARE) and terrorizing them in their schools.

        As much as I appreciate Doc Gupta’s reversal and excellent TV productions I want to see that same level of effort brought to the subject of the drug war and the police state.

        We have indeed turned the tables. And our allies continue to grow. We see how unsubstantial the prohibition cartel really is. Is there any column, oped, blogpost… whatever… anywhere out there that we don’t dominate?

        It’s becoming far easier for more folks to acknowledge the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

        Note to Mark Stepnoski – pro sports is ready for the ganja revolt. take it to ’em. Bring them out of their sweaty closet Mark! C’mon man, you’re in Texas, saddle up Buck!

        • Duncan20903 says:


          I haven’t herd that name come up for quite some time. Did she get convicted on that felony ugly in public charge? Wow, that would mean she’s a three time loser.

        • primus says:

          This is an issue with much broader implications. It highlights the authoritarian tendencies inherent in the system. Which is worse–To be under the authority of the king, or under the authority of the bureaucrats? There must be a method instituted for limiting this authoritarianism, or else we will be totally without freedom and impoverished paying for ever more bureaucrats. Bureaucrats and the system are self-serving and will always be able to see many problems looming on the horizon, the cure for which is, of course, more laws, regulations and so on, and more bureaucrats to administer them. I maintain that it was the bureaucrats that brought down all the major empires in history; as the empire grew, the bureaucrats grew exponentially, the costs of which impoverished the treasury and led to massive tax increases and thence revolution. We must stop the growth of government. This is just a place to start.

    • thelbert says:

      that will be when darryl issa can make political hay out of it.

  2. Duncan20903 says:


    Don’t forget that today is the deadline for Braindead Montana to submit the signatures needed to get the “Montana kowtows to Federal authority” initiative on the ballot.

    Montana ballot initiative sponsors scramble for signatures
    June 16, 2014


    The proposal by Billings businessman Steve Zabawa would ban the use and possession of marijuana and other Schedule I drugs in Montana, which now allows pot for medicinal purposes. Zabawa only had about three weeks to collect signatures. He said Monday he could not provide an estimate of how many have been gathered, but it was still “mathematically possible” to meet the deadline.

    I was so looking forward to seeing these clowns get their butts kicked on Election Day. 24,175 valid signatures to get it on the ballot! What the heck is the problem guys? It’s so easy even the potheads can do it!

  3. strayan says:

    Someone let me know when the Oversight Committee video is posted online. Thank you.

  4. free radical says:

    Which tweets were interesting? Please link to them?

  5. mike says:

    Duncan think we are saying the same thing.
    With Billions of hemp plants being destroyed here
    in the USA, farmers here can like the Canadian farmers
    find useable hemp seed to plant also.

    I am not against being able to buy seed, just lets
    stop the millions of dollars being spent hunting hemp.

    If you see the chart in the link you see States that have
    huge amounts of hemp being hunted by State Police.

    Keep in mind that its old stats. and most likely way more

    You can see why Univerisity after Univerisity has requested hemp to be studied the question is why
    not have Hearings to get at the facts.
    The Gov’t. is stopping farmers from competing in growing
    hemp on the world market.

  6. CJ says:

    hey, my twitter username is GreatOther, can somebody show me where the twitter mayhem is that happened with those guys?

  7. DdC says:

    Toke of the Town ‏@TokeOfTheTown
    A Florida anti-medical marijuana financier owns the research firm that proves marijuana helps MS patients:

    Sheldon Addlebrain

  8. thelbert says:

    here is a link from alternet about noam chomsky: he states that an elite education is deep mind control, which i think is an interesting concept.

  9. Windy says:

    Thought I’d share the LTE I wrote to my local rag, today. They limit all LTEs to 200 wros, i wanted to say more, but when it’s published I can comment on it to mention other differences like the fact beer and wine aficionados can legally make a certain amount of their favorite beverage while recreational cannabis users cannot grow even one plant, legally; and that any sharing of cannabis with another will be treated as “trafficking”, but drinking and even cigarette smoking re allowed to be social activities. Ok here’s my LTE:

    Why are the rules different for the safer choice of “recreational drug”, the now legal, completely NON-toxic cannabis/marijuana, than for other legal recreational drugs? Cannabis use does not induce violent behavior in people or destroy brain cells as alcohol does it also does not impair one enough to make driving unsafe after an hour or so from ingestion (look up ALL the studies for yourself, using marijuana is safer than using alcohol, it’s even safer than using aspirin — marijuana = 0 deaths ever, aspirin = 180 to 1000+ deaths per year, alcohol = over 25,000 deaths per year).
    The law now says that we are banned from use of cannabis in any public place, even our own front porch, and from privately owned businesses indoors. Yet, there are hundreds, of establishments in Whatcom County alone where alcohol is used publicly; and smoking tobacco, because it is banned from all buildings (an unconstitutional removal of the property rights of the owners of those buildings and the owners of the businesses within), tobacco smokers must do their smoking outside in full view of any passersby, children and adults. This makes absolutely NO sense to me. Does it make sense to you?

  10. DdC says:

    Meet The Children Who Rely On Marijuana To Survive via @HuffPostPol

    Changing face of heroin use in US: In 1960 80% intro to opioids was heroin, today 75% first exposure is Rx pills …

    Hemp Seed Dog Treats are Superfood for your Best Friend

    Medical #Marijuana Opponent’s Own Organization Says #Marijuana Is Medicine … @UnitedForCare @thatjohnnygreen

    #Alaska Police Chiefs’ #Marijuana Legalization Fears Are Unfounded … @VoteYesOn2AK @thatjohnnygreen

  11. Crybaby Lover says:

    Prettiest Song Evar omg snif honnk

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