A New York State of Mind

I’m heading out early tomorrow morning for 8 days in New York. I’m leading a group of 95 people. We’ll be seeing a lot of Broadway shows, including A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder (with Jefferson Mays playing 8 roles), Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men (with James Franco and Chris O’Dowd), Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Neil Patrick Harris), All the Way (Bryan Cranston), Violet (Sutton Foster), and Cripple of Inishmaan (Daniel Radcliffe). I’ll also be seeing Beautiful – The Carole King Musical. And I’ll be leading walking tours all over the city. It’ll be a fun, but very busy week.

As always, I’ll stop by as often as I can.

You guys are great at keeping the pressure on and the information coming in (you’re all over that weak New York Times piece today).

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  1. darkcycle says:

    Damn…must have been late to the party at the NYT. Oh well, have a great time Pete. We’ll watch the place.

  2. Howard says:

    If you’re leading walking tours all over the city, maybe stop by McSorely’s Old Ale House? It’s a living museum. It’s on East 7th. Their tagline, “We were here before you were born”. A pair of Houdini’s handcuffs are still attached to the bar rail. Turkey wishbones, covered in dust, that WWII soldiers hoped to retrieve are still hanging from lamps above the bar (the ones that remain are from those who didn’t return home). Political memorabilia is all over the walls, much of it dating to the 19th century. 95 people won’t fit, 5 might. Not to be missed.

    BTW, In the late ’70’s I used to buy cannabis at the Blue Door (no longer in existence) and the Reggae Ranch (gone too) in the East Village and smoke with my friends on the street. Cops would say, “Okay, just move along”. No real harassment. Gone are the days, but they might be returning? Have fun.

  3. Russell Olausen says:

    No worries for you.

  4. Enjoy Pete, sounds like a wonderful week.

    I ran into this: http://tinyurl.com/n7845v4

    Trying to type this with a straight face, its difficult.

    The Hospital purchased a canine for the local public safety department. The dog comes from Poland and only understands Polish. The new handler speaks Polish. Doesn’t that seem odd from the rights perspective? Only a polish speaking suspect would know if his rights were being violated. Theoretically, the handler could tell the dog the drugs were in the trunk, the dog would alert, and the suspect would never know his rights had been violated.

    I brought it to their attention in the paper, but moderation seems slow. Its been well over an hour and my reply isn’t there yet.

  5. allan says:

    poll: Poll: Should we [Ireland] change our national drugs strategy?


    Poll is at bottom of article

    • DannZoidal says:

      When you try the link the page claims the Journal is down for maintenance.
      But they’re actually still there: http://www.thejournal.ie/

      Guess they’re not pleased with the result; 74% in favor of change when I last checked.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        I think they let me vote. Not that it matters much, I saw it as a choice between jack booted thuggery and Stupid Patrick’s SAM. I’d have taken none of the above had it been offered as a choice. Anyway SAM is now favored by 80% to the supporters of the jack booted thugs at 10% With 8% undecided. I suppose the other 2% must have gotten lost in the ether.

        • DannZoidal says:

          Guess I was too quick to judge; the page is working again and most people are making tremendous sense of it all. Makes me proud to be Irish!

          Have a great day all!!!

  6. KILL THE MESSENGER – Official Trailer

    Drug War true story. Can’t wait to see the whole thing in October.

  7. Jack says:

    Hey have fun in NYC it is a fun place to visit and sounds like you have a good itinerary lined up. I have been on some walking tours and it’s a great way to see the city.

  8. Duncan20903 says:


    This one hit close to home. It would have been a direct hit except that the idiots got it bass ackward:
    Marijuana use is associated with impaired sleep quality

    The most profound thing that I took away from the first time I enjoyed cannabis was when I woke up the next day and realized that I had enjoyed my first good nights sleep in friggin’ forever. It sure doesn’t surprise me that people with sleep disorders are more likely than the general population to be fans of cannabis. The cannabis does not cause the cannabis use, the sleep disorder does. I doubt that anyone who doesn’t suffer from an inability to get regular REM sleep has a friggin’ clue just how debilitating the disorder can be.

  9. primus says:

    Sleep is wasted on the youth of our species. As we age we are less able to sleep well. In my peer group,(60ish) poor sleep is the most consistent complaint. I can usually manage 5 hours, followed by a break of a couple hours, then some more sleep if I am lucky. That seems to be the only way to get a total sleep. I medicate to achieve that, as it is. Without cannabis I can’t sleep at all.

    • “The research team notes that the study was not designed to determined causality, so they cannot determine the exact relationship between marijuana use and sleep disturbance.”


      How about – people use marijuana and they find it helps them get a good nights sleep.

      Incorrectly publicized and interpreted studies with sensationalist prohibitionist headlines. Falls under reefer madness drug war drivel.

  10. ezrydn says:

    On top of that, pardon me for my non-PC nature, it keeps the “gooks outta the wire.”

  11. Crut says:

    Favored anti-cannabis Uruguay presidential candidate loses in party primary.

    Sen. Jorge Larranaga had been a favorite to represent the National Party this year and was strongly opposed to the new law…

    “We are going to overturn this law that legalized marijuana growing. Nobody plant anything! Don’t plant anything because we’re going to knock it down!” Larranaga said ahead of Sunday’s primary…

    The right-wing National Party’s surprise winner by a wide margin was congressman Luis Lacalle Pou, who supports home-grown marijuana and says he’d keep much of the law as is.

    Excuse me while I laugh hysterically!!

    • Duncan20903 says:


      The part that I find most amusing is that they haven’t got a clue that they’re getting kicked to the curb for pickup.

      Wait, does the county mandate recycling of our worn out prohibitionists? If so, is it a special pick up by appointment or do I just pile them on top of the commingled melange bin? What’s the fine if I decide to just bury them behind my garage and get caught? Oh never mind. I really don’t much care about the environment but doing that would probably kill my lawn and might even rot the garage’s foundation. I doubt that my homeowner’s hazard insurance would cover damages caused by rotting prohibitionists.

  12. ezrydn says:

    Shooting one’s self in the foot is much easier than most expect. LMAO

  13. claygooding says:

    I smoke pot to treat the trauma I suffer from because my government has lied to me about pot.

    • allan says:

      when we finally kill WODbeast I’m adding PTSD to my list of claims against govcorp.com

  14. Howard says:

    Rob Kampia’s prediction (and reasoning) regarding Texas;

    Texas will legalize marijuana in 2019


  15. Is the Destructive Drug War Being Brought to an End?

    “The lessons from Colorado: decreased crime, no increased use, tremendous law enforcement savings and massive new revenues.”

    • thelbert says:

      after reading this article you get the idea that sabet and kennedy might just lie to get their way. too bad we can’t prohibit lying. would a world where no one lied be better than the one we have?

      • curmudgeon says:

        Gee, I don’t know; you think we ought to give it a try?

        • allan says:

          yeah.. but you know how it will work out. Sure, lies will fall drastically initially, but then people having forgotten how to lie will start buying lies on the black market… then we start the hole process again.

        • Duncan20903 says:


          allan you rat bastard! You stole my line!

          But (sort of) seriously, it just wouldn’t be enforceable. A guy like Stupid Patrick just doesn’t have the native intelligence to form the mens rea required. No jury would ever convict him of lying if he pleads stupidity and claims he thought it was true. The prohibitionist parasites would just recruit an army of Stupid Patricks to do their dirty work. Does our society really need any more Stupid Patricks?

        • allan says:

          allan you rat bastard! You stole my line!

          grape mines stink alike!

        • thelbert says:

          i’m already givng it a try. although i will lie to the gov’t. in a hot second. i doubt if mankind could even cut their lying by half. i heard on public radio that habitual liars are happier than the rest of us. seems they believe their version of reality.

  16. allan says:

    oh, there’s a message from Calvina, I posted it in Pete’s previous post.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Poor Ms. Fay. Nurse Ratched is keeping a sharp eye and expects Ms. Faye to have a nervous breakdown in the very near future. Don’t worry, Nurse R has a brand new straight jacket and a commercial warehouse of anti-psychotic drugs, the Calvina Fay Platinum Series. Some people think that she didn’t actually stop using ECT just because the State Legislature made it a felony. If they start to stick a teeth protector in your mouth then it’s time you should be worried.

  17. Allison Williams Esq. says:

    This sounds awesome. I would love to be part of the group.

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