Policing a plethora of potheads

This is nothing but a silly letter to the editor, but the headline caught my attention: Marijuana legalization is truly indefensible

Wow! Indefensible? Strong stuff.

The letter was nonsense, but I loved this sentence.

Law enforcement has a hard enough time policing drunks, yet alone a plethora of potheads.

Such a delightful phrase. I’m trying to imagine this plethora of potheads roaming the streets and what would be required to “police” them.

If I were the police officer in such a situation, I would ask this gang of peacefully mellow folks to say the phrase “police a plethora of potheads.” I would then consider that I had successfully entertained them, doing a public service, and move on to real police work.

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  1. Grant says:

    Sounds like he’s describing May Day in Seattle.

    Edit: n.b. I’m not gonna read the whole letter.

  2. primus says:

    Gotta love the editor who printed this drivel. It makes replying like shooting fish in a barrel, and makes the other side look foolish. Nobody wants to side with the foolish, ergo we win again.

  3. allan says:

    an Acolyte from the Church of Calvina…

  4. Frank W. says:

    “confirmed two deaths and a murder from eating the stuff.”
    Jack Webb and Art Linklater would be proud.

  5. B. Snow says:

    I found a couple of the claims made by the letter writer extremely hard to believe (and he made no references to any source for them:

    We’re only a few months into this and we’ve just found two 10-year-olds selling pot and confirmed two deaths and a murder from eating the stuff.

    Where is the common sense in all of this, …

    I’d take that last bit & turn it back to Mr. Lutz – Except, in addition to an explanation of how his position relates to ‘common-sense’…

    I’d also like to know where he got these stories = about “two 10 year-olds selling pot” + two “confirmed” deaths, and a freakin’ MURDER?

    I don’t live anywhere near New Jersey, But – I’m pretty sure I’d have heard about those stories as News (even ‘all the way out here’ in Texas) – if they were remotely factual AND provable, or “confirmed”…

    Sounds like someone half-listened to the evening news and filled in the rest from their ‘just say no’ handbook.

    WTF is this clown-shoe talking about?

    Its almost as bad as hearing a someone on the local news the other night talking about a “new type of marijuana” that really dangerous, it turns out – that it was “synthetic marijuana”, But they didn’t let that difference stop them from desperately trying to lump it all together, in the same category – in the eyes of the public.

    Ironically they talked about “we don’t know what was in the stuff they took so we can’t treat them”, and mentioned ‘impurities’ & no standard of quality control – of this Non-FDA-approved/unregulated “synthetic pot”…

    And, I found myself yelling at the TV – things like, “Well imagine that!”, and “I wonder, how we could reduce (or remove) the chances of unknown impurities and adulterants found in these ‘new dangerous drugs’?”
    Hhhmmm, IDK – Beats me! /sarcasm
    I guess we just have to keep spending more money and devoting more resources to keep-on fighting this stuff – until we get it all under control!
    So in the meantime – parents you know what to do = PANIC! *Come-on everyone, do the moral panic mambo!*

    Oh and back to more On-Topic: “Gov. Chris Christie says he will “never” permit legalized marijuana use while he’s the governor of New Jersey.”

    That’s okay Governor, we can fix that for ya… You, can be the “Former Governor of New Jersey” in no time!
    Just keep on talking that way and see where it gets you, No really – please keep it coming. I’m sure there’s a spot on AM/satellite talk-radio, or Fox News for you, maybe right after Huckabee?

    • Duncan20903 says:


      The two deaths were that college student that took a header off of the hotel balcony and the woman whose husband shot her in the head because she called 911 after he freaked out. The latter is also the murder. There’s no doubt that the guy who shot his wife had bought edibles withing hours of the murder. They’ve got him on video making his purchase. The 10 year old children were 4th graders who stole the pot from one of the kids parents. Oh yeah, these were all in Colorado, not New Jersey.

      I’m not arguing any causality. I’ve got to admit that I find those 2 edibles incidents highly annoying. That’s because of my mission from god to inform the world that cannabis doesn’t require smoking in order to gain its benefits.

      I’m still trying to puzzle out why California hasn’t had any comparable tragedies from medibles. The best speculation that I can come up with is that Californians are required to pay for a doctor’s signature before being allowed in the dispensary. It’s hardly likely that anyone would jump through the required hoops just to give it a try. Given that presumption there just aren’t very many people going into California dispensaries who are without any experience.

      • B. Snow says:

        So, that’s kind of a ‘Blues Brothers’ – “we’re on a mission from god” sorta deal then?

        Sounds cool – sorry I can’t help ya – “get the band back together” just yet, stuff is kinda complicated & stubbornly or willfully ignorant here In Texas… Someday = I’m hoping for sooner rather than later, But I guess we’ll see.

  6. N.T. Greene says:

    Everybody get stoned and say this five times fast:

    policing a plethora of potheads
    policing a plethora of potheads
    policing a plethora of potheads
    policing a plethora of potheads
    policing a plethora of potheads

    I bet you’d screw that up sober.

  7. claygooding says:

    If a policeman wanted to police a bunch of stoners all he has to do is turn his lights on,,,they will either scatter like a covey of quail or start staring at the lights,,,anyone entranced by the lights is too stoned to be driving,,,a good thing they were just stumbling along and nobody has thought of stoned in public charges yet,,,,

    • primus says:

      I don’t know about there, but here we have laws against public intoxication. That could mean under the influence of …whatever.

    • Howard says:

      Okay, Clay, you started it.

      Which of the choices below demands the most policing?;

      A). a covey of quail
      B). a gaggle of geese
      C). a plethora of potheads
      D). none of the above

      It’s D of course. Although a gaggle of geese can get a little rowdy sometimes (but they usually calm down before any policing is required).

      • Duncan20903 says:


        I’d vote for a ring of clowns but it isn’t on your list. Have you ever seen how many clown police officers fit into a clown police car? Do you honestly think that they would need so many if clowns weren’t hard to police?

      • raffishtenant says:

        Ever since I bought that Allie Brosh book, I’ve been terrified of geese.

  8. DdC says:

    NIDA Gets Go-Ahead To Grow A Lot More Marijuana
    “NIDA recently notified the DEA that it required additional supplies of marijuana to be manufactured in 2014 to provide for current and anticipated research efforts involving marijuana,” explains a statement posted on the government’s website.

    The new quota for marijuana production is among a number of recent changes made to NIDA’s Marijuana Project. Earlier this year, Mahmoud Elsohly, PhD, who oversees the project at the University of Mississippi, revealed plans to diversify the selection of cannabis to include plants with higher levels of cannabidiol (CBD).

    NIDA’s Nutty Nora’s Tax Paid Gossip ecp

    • thelbert says:

      as usual, i will not notify the dea that i will require more cannabis this year. if you need it, plant it.

  9. claygooding says:

    It is starting to happen,,first some DEA quit and join the MMJ movement,,now addiction specialists are jumping on the freedom train,,,they must have finally understood that being addicted to a legal substance doesn’t provide them with guaranteed customers like when pot is illegal.


    Three prominent staff members of the Cape’s largest substance abuse treatment organization have signed on to work for different medical marijuana clinics.

    “If you oppose the use of substances, how can you be involved in a business that sells a substance?” Reardon asked. “I hope they’re not motivated by profit.” “end”

    Why is everything else in the world profit driven but pot isn’t supposed to be?

    • Jean Valjean says:

      Ray Tomasi: ‘Any salary he earns will be donated to Gosnold’s prevention program, which has launched at several Cape schools and doctors’ offices in the past year or so, he said.

      ‘The salary cannot directly go from the dispensary to Gosnold because the treatment facility accepts federal grants and marijuana is still a Schedule I drug and illegal in the eyes of the federal government. He doesn’t want Gosnold to lose the federal funding because of any association with medical marijuana.

      “So I’m a pass-through for the money,” he said, referring to his salary.’

      This “pass-through” to get round Federal law sounds like money laundering to me.

      • kaptinemo says:

        Let’s see the DEA bust down their doors. In the DEA’s two dimensional world, such are ‘traffickers’.

        “I like Ray. He is giant in his field. But it’s a betrayal of ideals,” said retired Barnstable Judge Joseph Reardon, president of the Cape Cod Justice for Youth Collaborative, of which FAN is an offshoot.

        Reardon said he didn’t know Carroll was involved in the Fairhaven marijuana dispensary.

        “If you oppose the use of substances, how can you be involved in a business that sells a substance?” Reardon asked. “I hope they’re not motivated by profit.”

        And why not? “There’s no honor among thieves”, right? They didn’t open those clinics out of pure altruism. They were in it for the money.

        100K a year…for ‘treating’ cannabists, who didn’t need it? They’re all thieves, BSing the public to get Fed monies to pad their wallets. And now they want it both ways? To sell cannabis AND keep their lips clamped on the Fed teat?

        Shows just how corrupt the DrugWar is that these people don’t seem to realize the depth of hypocrisy that this represents.

        • Crut says:

          For sure, some of them think they are disguised foxes being let into the Hen-house. The problem, as they will soon find out, is that the Hen-house is figuratively equipped with robust security, and their disguise isn’t fooling anyone. Don’t bite what isn’t offered to you, because you are being watched.

          The ability to… where is that quote:

          Delahunt said he doesn’t plan to take a salary for two years. He’s listed on the state application as earning $250,000 annually.
          “It would be nice to get a salary, and to own a home again,” LeClair said, who is slated to earn $100,000. “Right now I’m renting.”

          But, she added, she isn’t counting on it.

          Having the ability to forgo a salary such as that or more is a luxury many could not even fathom. But for those that can afford to wait (the 1% perhaps?) you will STILL be recognized as foxes in the hen-house, and you will be escorted off the premises if you choose to discard your disguise. Behave nicely, and you’ll get an egg.

  10. Nunavut Tripper says:

    Yesterday we attended the Global Marijuana March in Toronto. This is the 16th year and normally we get 25,000 marchers although numbers were down this time because of the rain.
    There were several plethoras of potheads plus plenty of cops for traffic control and there has not been an arrest in the history of this march.
    Lots of laughter,colourful costumes,green hair and not even one murder.

  11. Duncan20903 says:


    It’s just plain astounding that there are people who believe that there’s a large cohort of scofflaws just waiting for permission from the Legislature before going out to break the law.

    Three Amigos-What Is A Plethora?

  12. thelbert says:

    this letter is the drug war in a nutshell: no evidence, baseless assertions, and lies about how many people would, will and are using cannabis. lies about how this harms someone, somehow. nothing very specific. the enemy is low on ammo, they have to jack up the emotion and outrage, it’s all they have left.

  13. Duncan20903 says:


    Sheesh, who the heck says that a person can’t have an IQ of less than zero? Seen in one of the Oregonian’s comment columns:

    The war on drugs can be seen as winning if so many are incarcerated. If you create a law and people break it, then the law-makers have won.

    Now how in the world could anyone argue against “reasoning” like that?

  14. thelbert says:

    the dangers of drink: friday night in tacoma. http://tinyurl.com/mepnuqm

    • thelbert says:

      actually saturday night in tacoma.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Something which we **have not** seen since Election Day 2012 is an “epidemic” of cannabis addled drivers causing highway mayhem. Heck, we haven’t even seen a case of the sniffles. To date in 2014 I’ve read about one cannabis addled driver and he was arrested after wrecking with two police cars. Does anyone really believe that the press in Colorado and Washington aren’t inclined to trumpet any case, or even any allegation of cannabis addled driving, in the headlines in 40 point print?

      • kaptinemo says:

        The ‘playbook’ they’ve depended upon for the past 30 years needs revising in view of the resurgence (and successes!) of cannabis re-legalization efforts. They can’t use the old tried-and-true, sells-newspapers-to-the-ignorant-‘Greatest Generation’ formula of denigration and condescension of cannabists.

        The demographics are changing, and they’re changing in favor of legal cannabis. The LameStream Media outlets are lagging far behind the online ones, coasting on their prohib-inspired inertia when it’s evident that’s sure to alienate a HUGE portion of the population.

        They’re trying to shift gears, from reverse (prohibition) to 1st gear of re-legalization. You usually have to stop before you do that…and that’s what the LSM is doing.

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