Toxicity becoming apparent

Times have changed.

Even police organizations are coming to realize that they want protection before climbing into bed with Calvina Fay and her ilk.

Oregon State Police withdraws from anti-marijuana summit

The Oregon State Police has withdrawn from an anti-marijuana conference scheduled for later this month after the police superintendent learned the event is closed to the public. […]

Billed as the 2014 Oregon Summit, the event is closed to the public and to media. In previous years, organizer Shirley Morgan, of the Mt. Hood Coalition Against Drug Crime, has refused to allow The Oregonian to cover the event. […]

According to the convention brochure, other sponsors include: the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association, the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police, the Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association, the Oregon District Attorneys Association, Drug Watch International and Save our Society from Drugs.

Calvina Fay, executive director of Drug Free America Foundation, described in the convention brochure as a “fiscal agent” of the Mt. Hood Coalition Against Drug Crime, also will speak at the event.

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14 Responses to Toxicity becoming apparent

  1. claygooding says:

    How appropriate,,a sweathog talking to pigs.

  2. Duncan20903 says:


    I heard a love song written for Ms. Fay on the radio. Evidently rock and roll stars will enter into congress with whatever is available.

    Lump sat alone in a boggy marsh
    Totally motionless except for her heart
    Mud flowed up into lump’s pyjammas
    She totally confused all the passing piranhas
    She’s lump she’s lump
    She’s in my head
    She’s lump she’s lump she’s lump
    She might be dead
    Lump lingered last in line for brains
    And the ones she got were sorta rotten and insane
    Small thing’s so sad that birds could land
    Is lump fast asleep or rockin’ out with the band?

    • Freeman says:

      As always, I like the parody better:
      Gump sat alone on a bench in the park
      “My name is Forrest,” he’d casually remark
      Waitin’ for the bus with his hands in his pockets
      He just kept sayin’ life is like a box of chocolates

      He’s Gump, He’s Gump
      What’s in his head?
      He’s Gump, He’s Gump, He’s Gump
      Is he in-bred?

      Gump was a big celebrity
      He told JFK that he really had to pee
      He never feels too dumb because
      His mom always told him stupid is as stupid does

  3. allan says:

    Thanks Pete! I’ve just shared this w/ the Oregon DPF list.

    On Tues, the Lane Co. Commissioners had a vote on the city/county moratorium on dispensaries (SB1531, a bill meant to disarm the dispensary bill, SB3460).

    A couple of dozen locals showed up, 15 of us spoke against the moratorium and no one spoke in support. We now have OR activists registering to attend the Oregon League of Cities Workshop on Medical Marijuana (the OLC was one of the instigating orgs promulgating the moratorium). With only one vote in favor, the motion to adopt was tabled and the moratorium died in our county’s unincorporated areas.

    Many cities are adopting but when we attend the relevant meetings we have stopped or at least been vociferously and noticeably in opposition. Which of course works (if accomplishing nothing else) to edjimicate the locals.

    And to hear that Calvina will be in Oregon… oh, be still my beating heart!

  4. Plant Down Babylon says:

    At least we know where/when to drop nukes!

    Anybody got one they can spare?

    Actually, never mind. Don’t we want calvina to live out the rest of her miserable life watching us win?!

  5. kaptinemo says:

    Did you catch that? Another Freudian slip:

    Calvina Fay, executive director of Drug Free America Foundation, described in the convention brochure as a “fiscal agent”…” (Emphasis mine – k.)

    A ‘fiscal agent’. A plethora of questions arise, such as

    A ‘fiscal agent’ for whom? And where are the funds coming from? Are any of them taxpayer-provided grants?

    It should become obvious that there is a concerted effort – yes, an outright conspiracy – on the part of putative public servants to circumvent the laws they demand we adhere to. Turnabout is fair play, Mr/Ms LE Attendant. If you haven’t got anything to hide, then why not let us look?

    To refuse admission to the public while feting those same public servants – who owe their positions to the public trust – is violating that trust.

    Engaging in secretive conclaves in which political strategies are hatched wherein civil servants seek to be further financially rewarded at our expense undermines the basic social contract…and indeed, nullifies it.

    History is full of examples of what happens next…and it ain’t pretty.

    These clowns had better realize soon that the game is truly over. The route they’ve taken leads to extremism, of word and action. The kind of extremism that results in equally extreme reactions. And they’re outnumbered.

  6. allan says:

    oh my… the Oregonian jumps in:

    Media blackout no help to Oregon’s marijuana debate: Editorial


    The conference, billed as the 2014 Oregon Summit on the Impacts of Marijuana, is sponsored by the volunteer-based Mount Hood Coalition Against Drug Crime and supervised financially by the Florida-based Drug Free America Foundation. Workshops over two days at The Resort at The Mountain will span challenges brought by marijuana to law enforcement, society, adolescent development and, significantly, to states in which pot legalization is having an unknown impact: Colorado and Washington.

    It’s a perfect opportunity for Oregonians to learn from those who fear marijuana’s legalization the most. And that’s why it is flummoxing that the media is barred from the $250-a-ticket event and the nonpaying public unwelcome. Calls by The Oregonian’s editorial board to the Mount Hood Coalition and Drug Free America went unreturned.

    Oregon approaches a crossroads on the subject of marijuana, legal for medical use but illegal for public recreational use. First among states to decriminalize possession of small amounts of the drug, however, Oregon has become known widely for its comparative tolerance towards marijuana use. If never the stoner state pot opponents fear, Oregon could be next in following Colorado and Washington in legalizing marijuana’s controlled retail sale and recreational use. And who really knows what that would look like? Who knows how it would substantively change things, if at all?

    The stakes are high. That’s especially so if you hear from those who argue pot paves the way to cultural and educational ruin. More public education would help. And the conference subjects are enticing: Peter Hitchins, who writes for Britain’s The Mail on Sunday newspaper, will excoriate public officials for failing to correlate marijuana use and mental illness. Mitch Morrissey, the district attorney of Denver, Colo., will align 12 Denver homicides that, his video contends, would not have occurred were it not for marijuana. Mary Segawa of the Washington State Liquor Control Board, whose background is in drug prevention, will speak about the impact of legalization in Washington. And Calvina Fay, executive director of Save our Society from Drugs and the person sometimes demonized on the Internet as the queen of reefer madness, will present her findings on pot’s escalating potency and the latest thinking from “scientific scholars dedicated to advancing research of drug use and drug abuse,” the conference brochure states.

    • allan says:

      just sent in my LTE in response, and I didn’t mention Calvina’s name! Although I did call the event a “prohibitionist revival meeting” in honor of her no fun, fundamentalist fanaticism.

  7. allan says:

    oh… and anyone so motivated (please and thank you) can begin hinting here and there on the interwwwebs that those damn pro-druggies are planning a protest in front of the resort, Resort On The Mountain, in Welches, OR (E Fairway Ave Welches OR 97067, 1-866-599-6674)

    not that we are mind you but I figured a rumor couldn’t hurt. heck there may actually end up being one… ya can just never tell about them Oregon pot heads.

    I mean seriously… Calvina and Hitchens? oh to be a fly on that wall.

    • allan says:

      another thought… if anyone has a few minutes to do the tour (expedia, yelp, etc) and give “Resort On The Mountain, in Welches, OR” either 1 star or no star vote that would be ok…

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