Stupid People Quotes

“Each day another state makes it O.K. for my 18-year-old — any 18-year-old — to go and buy pot like he’s buying a Pepsi-Cola”Rob Lowe

Um, no.

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  1. primus says:

    Click the link and it takes you to an article on what it’s like to be a pretty boy. Another pretty face with nothing behind it. We wouldn’t listen to a hot woman like, say, Sarah Palin would we? Then why would we listen to a pretty boy actor? Especially when he proves his limited intellect with the first quote.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Hey, I resemble that remark. I just got home from the grocery store and I’m waiting for a delicious bottle of Mountain Dew to get chilled to drinking temperature. There’s nothing like a jolt of caffeine and sugar to jump start the morning.

      I’d really like to know why Ms. Sundquist wasn’t tested for caffeine in her blood. It certainly sounds like she just left the coffee house after a binge:

      Court date set in fatal Stoughton crash
      Pamela Sundquist of West Bridgewater faces charges of manslaughter, negligent vehicular homicide, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, negligent driving, failure to stay within marked lanes and speeding.

      No allegations of substance induced impairment that I’ve been able to find. I think it quite remarkable that she’s being charged just like a substance impaired driver. Not that I think it’s unwarranted. I just think it very surprising that it’s happened.

  2. N.T. Greene says:

    Wait, they card for soda in some states? Are their youth obesity rates down? Do their nerds drink less Mountain Dew? If you’re driving under the influence of Moxie there, can you be incarcerated?

    I have all these questions pertaining to age and quality controlled substances legal for 21+.

    …I mean 18?

    (For entertainment and satirical purposes only)

  3. jean valjean says:

    “the problem with being pretty ” indeed.
    pretty vaccant

  4. War Vet says:

    Who is Rob Lowe?

  5. strayan says:

    The irony is that soft drinks probably pose more of a threat to public health than cannabis ever will.

  6. I’ll bet there has been more deaths from Pepsi than there has marijuana.

  7. Are we talking about the same Rob Lowe who was diddling a 16 year old and can’t remember getting his tattoo because he was too stoned from overusing pain killers? Sounds like a real moral fellow.

  8. “With the wholesale price of marijuana falling — driven in part by decriminalization in sections of the United States — Mexican drug farmers are turning away from cannabis and filling their fields with opium poppies.”

    At least an ID will now be asked for, a condition the Mexican Cartels are not too worried about following. Maybe Rob prefers his young adult children get their marijuana the old fashioned way – from the guy down the street who has a way bigger selection than just marijuana.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Gosh, if you want to make the prohibitionists promoting the continued criminalization of cannabis look downright reasonable, just sit them down beside the anti-heroin crowd.

  9. STV says:

    Anyone looking to help DO something to make marijuana legal in more states? We need to compile a central database of which politicians support which kinds of marijuana law reform, and enable voters to view their local politicians stances simply by inputting their address or 9-digit zip code.

    Please come help out by becoming a mod and filling out our database: or

  10. Servetus says:

    Rob Lowe’s marijuana gaffe is the kind of inappropriate hyperbole one expects from a thoughtless drunk. Maybe Rob isn’t so clean and sober. Perhaps the earth and sun don’t revolve around his face. Rob’s publicist needs to talk with him about his coherence problem.

    • Dave in IL says:

      Its always annoying when the old drunks/dopers turn reactionary and start marching in lockstep with the government’s prohibition agenda. Since they managed to avoid getting locked up for years, now they think its time to cheer on drug war machine. Fucking hypocrites!

  11. DdC says:

    @RobLowe This whole pro pot agenda baffles me.

    @RobLowe Of all the issues we face?

    Got Hemp?

    @RobLowe Never thought I’d hear a POTUS’s words used as a tacit endorsement for weed.

    “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, . . . and sow it everywhere!”
    George Washington
    Though he didn’t say it quite like that; according to The writings of George Washington from the original manuscript sources, he wrote in Philadelphia on February 24, 1794 to William Pearce…

    L.B.J. Before and After.

    Rob Lowe dings President Squirrel ecp

  12. CJ says:

    i find it funny that nobody has pointed out yet how in the article right after the quote that pete quotes, in the very next question even, the interviewer asks Rob Lowe about freedom and politics etc and he goes on about how he wants the gov’t “out of almost everything.” LOL and people should be free to do what they want. A little hypocritical no Rob?

  13. DdC says:

    @RobLowe Stick to bad acting brat.
    Not caging someone, is not a tacit endorsement for weed
    The Obama Admin’s Anti-Marijuana Manifesto

    “Australia is a blur. XXX … spends most of the time making sure I don’t wander off with the more dangerous members of the band INXS. I leave Down Under with a big tattoo and a series of press appearances, neither of which I have any memory of.”

    The Fix: addiction and recovery, straight up.
    Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Rob Lowe

    The Fix: Rob Lowe Celebrates 23 Years Sober
    The TV star shares his milestone on Twitter, saying “it works if you work it.”

    “I’ve taken to using MTV as a sort of home-shopping network, and it’s not beneath me to call up to get the contacts on the sexy dancer in the latest Sting video.”

    The Quick Fix: May 13, 2013
    Spike in drug-dependent babies worries hospitals, death of town drunk devastates local cops, and marijuana vending machines will soon sweep the nation.

    The Quick Fix
    Rob Lowe on the Brat Pack’s Addiction Problems

  14. CJ says:

    hey guys I just wanted to say that this morning I was once again taken to petes link from the past article, the one about the disease model. I just really appreciate that issue/situation. I read the comments over there and wasn’t gonna say anything but then I was looking around that substance website and I saw a female writer on the staff there whom in my estimation is one of the prettiest girls ive ever seen in my life and as you guys all know being a junkie without a sex drive that is a rare thing for me to notice so empowered by her beauty i decided to comment over there and im gonna share that with my friends here. But, I would like to say quickly that a little while ago i had put up my facebook page to anybody interested in friending me from here and a few people did, i would like to point out that I think I am a very good looking fellow so if anybody knows anything more about that brunette writer over at substance if you would let me know, that be great or in the off chance anybody is friendly with her well shoot, if youre my facebook friend (my facebook name is Remmy Skye and the url is facebook forward slash UnionJack) please let her know that an incredibly good looking fellow (me) would love to make her fancy. I promise i would never steal from her, I am a junkie you should trust me on this. 😉

    heres what i said over there guys:

    I would like to say something now from the position of a 11 year often homeless heroin lover in NYC. To save us time let me just say that it is definitely safe to assume all the stereotypes about me although I don’t have HIV/AIDS and have proven one of the lucky ones able to cure himself of Hep C, nevertheless, prison, starvation, suffering of an indescribable nature, panhandling, prostitution etc. etc. is all true. I’m not saying by any means I’m the worst case, that’s a hilarious thought in fact but I am definitely a case. I like to comment on the stop the drug war and DrugWarRant websites often under my real name of CJ. That being said, so, I can see here that there are comments from professionals with experience, the writer of the article here is clearly a man with experience (I mean in the field) and so I hope it’s okay to forego explaining some of the more basic things that the general public may not know or understand but to all of us experienced folks things we know, have seen, have dealt with etc. etc.

    So yes I’m sure we all know that in my position, everyday there is pretty much nothing I am above doing for 10 dollars (the average price of a bag of dope in Manhattan/NYC) for 20 I’d suggest for general safety locking yourself and possessions indoors or just far away from me. Regardless of that, however, I have never met nor have I ever spoken with the writer of this article. In short I’ve not been paid to comment here or vouch or anything. That being understood, I have to say I was so absolutely delighted by this piece you have no idea. I read the comments, I appreciate the comments from the fellow “Kellios” i think that was how it was spelt. I appreciate Kelios taking the time to write and share his thoughts, of course. From what I’ve read, maybe there are some things about the author and his beliefs that I would absoultely despise. I don’t know. But, as far as this article goes, as far as this woman goes, listen, the truth of the matter is methadone is absolutely a nightmare. I’ve been on it many times, it is always a last resort, especially in the winter. I am not alone. The truth is that there is what I have called “Jane Say’s Syndrome” which, if you’re familiar with the song, is this ridiculous junkie guilt wherein after copping the junkie says “I’m gonna kick tomorrow” maybe they even want to, in my experience that’s not true though. They won’t kick tomorrow and deep inside they don’t really want to. These times of coercive treatment remind me of some kind of religious intolerance, like people being brainwashed in ancient days to subscribe to one religion or another. Look, so many of us honestly don’t want to stop, we don’t want the methadone, the buprenorphine, etc. We want dope. That’s it. We love it. It’s honest. I am a more honest than normal junkie. I have had the unfortunate pleasure of telling people for a long time that the 12 step model is a junkie killer. Loved ones abandon your kids, forget your parental responsibilities. Bathe in materialism. Indeed the junkie steals 1,000’s of dollars worth of things to end that sickness and since we have to worship the dollar in a capitalist society then a loved one stealing your beloved money must be tatamount (sp) to the most intolerable betrayal, no? 12 Step, abstinance (sp) based treatment kills alot of people, just as it (usually only temporarily) helps people. Have nothing to do with your beloveds, cut them totally off, take away everything. I am one of these people and all of my friends are the same. Eventually family and friends in some cases realize how assenine (sp) that is and take people back. Others just blindly listen to that tough love dogma and they dont have any contact until a friend goes to inform the family that their son brother daughter sister husband wife is now dead in a ditch somewhere – happens all the time.

    My attitude has evolved. I realize these are all just mechanisms within prohibition society. The truth is, the best, most successful treatment is heroin assisted treatment. Not methadone. I hate suboxone worse than methadone but thats a personal opinion because most my fellow junkies prefer suboxone because they can truly use it when they are absolutely sure they wont get any money or their dealer wont reup etc. I tried that many times too but buprenorphine loves to put me in precipitated withdrawals so I can’t play that game. I understand why many do. I just left a close friend sleeping on the sidewalk this morning who loves that game. I digress. Anyhow, yes I am not at all surprised to read about the results of heroin maintenance and to read how, after ‘x’ amount of time being given the heroin people just wake up and decide to quit and generally never look back. The game is over. The need has been fulfilled. None of this 20-30-40 year back and forth BS. The sad truth is junkies love what they do, but they have the hardest time being proud and admitting it. I myself suffered from that Jane Say’s Syndrome for some time and my life changed when one day after being sick all day and finally scoring I heard that Jane Say’s mantra “oh this is the last time that’s it, tomorrow I’m done ” BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, but one magical day I stopped myself and said, “wait, no no no. that’s bull. why am i saying this? I don’t want to kick. not for my family, girlfriend, nobody and if they truly love me then they must accept me for me but tomorrow I’m not gonna kick. Not even gonna try. I’m gonna wake up, hopefully have a wake up shot and if not I’m gonna be sick and I’ll make my money one way or another and score again and it will be AWESOME!”

    So I applaud this writer for saying the truth about the disease model and how dangerous it is. We don’t want it. We don’t need it. Advocates ought to advocate for the best method, heroin assisted treatment (and for those who are too afraid of heroin, then replace the heroin with dilaudid or whatever opiate they love the most.) Otherwise the good doctors and researchers are no different than the junkies they try to treat, that is, we are all spinning our wheels then.

  15. Howard says:

    Patrick Kennedy wonders to himself;

    “I guess I’m lucky I’m not as pretty as Rob Lowe. If I was I’d probably be even dumber than I am now. Except I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing…”.

  16. Nick says:

    “Each day, another state throws an 18 year old, it could even be my 18 year old, in prison for drug possession, like it’s ok ruining kids lives.”

  17. Duncan20903 says:


    Oh well, I guess the prohibitionists were right after all. It’s been 3 months since the first Colorado store opened but the cartels/black market haven’t disappeared. To think that all we had to do to gain their approval was to wipe out greed driven violent crime in our little corner of the world. Oh, and do that in less than three months. How the heck could we have failed with such reasonable terms? I really, really want to know who writes their material. I’d have sworn nobody could make up such absurdity.

    Black market, violence alive in pot-legal Colo.

    Take notice Nevada: Legal pot hasn’t stopped black market

    These people need to keep a sharp eye out for Nurse Ratched and the men dressed in white suits carrying those industrial strength butterfly nets.

  18. Randy says:

    Mr. Lowe’s opinion is just like one of the roles he played in a movie, it’s a Number 2.

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  20. sudon't says:

    This is the very next quote in the NYT article:

    “My thing is personal freedoms, freedoms for the individual to love whom they want, do with what they want. In fact, I want the government out of almost everything.”

    Almost everything except marijuana, I guess.

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