A new partnership

This is pretty big in terms of self-awareness…

Anti-Drug Group Concedes That Marijuana Legalization ‘Is Happening in America’

The CEO of Partnership at Drugfree.org, best known for its 1980s “Your brain on drugs” ads, conceded during an interview with Advertising Age published Monday that the legalization of recreational marijuana in the U.S. “is happening.” […]

He said the Partnership has shifted toward an educational approach on anti-marijuana advocacy, focusing on parents’ roles in preventing young children from accessing pot.

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  1. claygooding says:

    I would want to see what tactics they intend to use,,,they have tried false science and bought studies for years,,when they start using facts what will they scare the kids with?

    Don’t smoke this or you may become creative?

  2. Servetus says:

    An anti-drug group makes concessions to reality. Wow. Times are changing.

    It would probably be inconvenient as this point to take the Partnership as war prisoners. They seem perfectly capable of creating their own mental prison camps. Strange how that works.

    The Partnership has promised to convince parents that parents don’t know how to keep their pot stash safe from pilfering by their children. By now I would think that problem would have been solved on a case by case basis by parents themselves. No parent or anyone else is willingly going to let their stash get stolen. Drugs are expensive. Let’s hope the Partnership shows greater imaginative skills than they’ve shown in the past in coming up with new pot stash solutions.

  3. Duncan20903 says:


    Mmmm, brains on drugs. Make mine extra toasty please!
    Oh those rascals at CVS! Now they’ve gone and allegedly lost track of 37K painkillers!

    MODESTO, Calif. (KABC) — CVS is being investigated after losing track of roughly 37,000 hydrocodone tablets in Northern California, according to federal investigators with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

    Authorities suspect thousands of the pills, which include Vicodin and Norco, may have wound up in the hands of dealers and sold on the Black Market®.

    A special agent from the DEA’s San Francisco office says warrants were served to the stores involved last May. The violations carry a maximum fine of $29 million.

    CVS is one of the nation’s largest [suppliers of Black Market® pharmaceuticals and precursor drugs for making street meth.]

    Since when did the phrase “black market” become a proper name? Is hydrocodone just oxycodone grown indoors in highly sophisticated hydroponic systems under high powered heat lamps?

  4. allan says:

    I think this gets a Thump!

    Because we did. We thumped ’em. And I suspect they may by now have realized that we are laughing at them. Of course we can’t leave ’em alone for long and can never turn our backs to ’em. Elmer Fudd is driven to hunt wabbits, Prohibitionists…

  5. jean valjean says:

    i wont believe it til i see the handcuffs prised from the cold dead hand of calvina fay

    • claygooding says:

      I will settle for calvina’s cold dead hands.

      Me thinks paul chabot wants to change tactics for getting elected out in CA for whatever office he recently applied for,,,so he can sit and throw rocks into reform efforts. Admitting defeat is not giving up on destroying peoples lives.

  6. cj says:

    and in other big news it looks like Obamas projected budget is going to either be 50/50 in terms of treatment vs interdiction or actually higher for treatment (by a little) than interdiction. WHAT A MESS! The whole thing is such a colossal, epic waste. Is it not like a major company that’s continually in the red and in an effort to get out of the red they just throw more money at their problems, unintentionally keeping themselves in the red and at a higher rate?

    But if the markets were legalized, it’d be all black, wouldn’t it? I mean, I don’t want to sound too cynical here because I am being honest and serious, but is it not true that everybody would benefit? I mean seriously, if you really think about it,

    a national/global drug production and distribution market will see astronomical benefits. The treatment industry will not suffer, if anything, I’d assume they’d actually start doing better business. The funeral parlor/coffin business may see a slight bump (I’m not one of those naive idiots who lives their lives everyday unintentionally trying to live forever [via calorie counting, organic eating, avoiding second hand smoke, radiation and every other ridiculous health nut precaution.] I think the biggest losers really are the people whose main investment is in the perpetuation of prohibition.. but in some cases even THEN it wouldn’t be a total calamity. For example, just because the war on drugs ends DOES NOT mean that prisons will be abolished. It doesn’t mean police will be abolished. So no, while prohibition has ELIMINATED the legal drug market and all those otherwise law abiding citizens who ran opium dens, marijuana facilities, etc. etc. in this case swinging things to the opposite spectrum would not infact render people’s business obsolete/extinct as prohibition did to the legal markets. If anything, it would probably be socially better for the police etc. because instead of attacking citizens for exercising their freedoms they would have more time to attack citizens exercising their murderous and rape-based intentions, I would certainly have greater affection for a national police force whose primary duty was the incarceration of murderers and rapists.

    Instead how many billions does Obama waste and whoever comes after him. It’s so obvious that’s why it’s just so sad.

    • B. Snow says:

      Unfortunately “50/50” would actually be an improvement, I’m not mistaken (IIRC, Back in 2011 they claimed to be doing more for treatment but they were only spending like 35-40% on “treatment”, “education”, & “prevention efforts”…

      And a whole shitload on interdiction efforts – some of this was euphemism-ized into sounding like it was preventing “new users” but it was spent on Drones to patrol the border = basically lots of Border patrol money, a bit less on “traditional interdiction”, and whatnot…

      Anybody remember of-hand it was back when Kerli went before that Oversight Committee & Ethan Nadelmann was there as well calling them on this – right after Kerli had Said they “ended the war on drugs” = when (basically) all they had done was to make sure that they stopped ‘officially’ using that phrase!

      I’m kinda busy this morning, I’ll try to see if I can find it later = if nobody else has links on-hand… I know I have that info somewhere but I’ve got a bunch of similar stuff from the last few years.

      SO… Finding it could be fairly-simple OR a major-PITA, depending on how well I did organizing stuff that day.

  7. while i will miss a lot of the histrionic responses they’ve had to our progress over the past decade and a half, i’m afraid they’re still stuck on the “drugs are bad … drugs are bad … drugs are bad” merry-go-round

    i hope they make more TV commercials

  8. kaptinemo says:

    Sour grapes make for bitter wine. The prohibs can swill it all they want. They’ve realized something but certainly don’t want to admit it: they FAILED.

    They FAILED to turn a generation of kids into Human versions of Pavlov’s dogs, to shrink in revulsion whenever the words ‘illegal drugs’ were intoned. And they FAILED partly because they lied to those kids back then – who’ve grown up and are now voting for re-legalization.

    They lost the culture war. They lost it. Time for them to slink away in the richly-deserved embarrassment they’ll never feel, as they’ll tell themselves to their dying day they were right when empirical evidence in Colorado is already proving them wrong.

    They’ve reached the same point of irrelevancy that the great insult comic Don Rickles suggested about Congress in 1983: That the prohibs “…all ought to be put into a ‘home’, and stop bothering the American people!”

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