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Willful Ignorance

Paul Armentano catches this incredible performance by the Director of the National Institutes of Health: Health Czar Shows Amazing Ignorance About Marijuana “We don’t know a lot about the things we wish we did,” with respect to the herb, Collins … Continue reading

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Wow. U.S. willing to not interfere in other countries’ drug policies?

That seems to be the message that’s coming here: US softens – Hints at ways Ja could avoid punitive measures for ganja Instead of belching fire and brimstone, the Obama Administration yesterday appeared to be treading softly on Jamaica’s plans … Continue reading

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Fifth columnists? (Updated)

California cities, police chiefs support pot regulation for the first time Yep. After years of actively and criminally resisting the will of the voters, these groups are asking for a seat at the table of regulating marijuana. Because they’ve finally … Continue reading

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Our future

I had a nice one-on-one interview with a High School student (set up by his teacher) who is doing a project on drug policy reform for a sociology class. It was really great to see his passion and enthusiasm for … Continue reading

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