Kids and pot

The 2013 Monitoring the Future survey results are out, and you’re going to be hearing about them in the news. The Government will be parceling out bits and pieces of information to the media in ways that are useful to their prohibition story.

What you won’t hear:

  • Past 30-day use of marijuana for 12th graders actually decreased from 2012-2013. This, despite all the legalization stuff.
  • Young people used tobacco much less than marijuana, despite the legal status of tobacco.

What you will hear:image

  • 60 percent of 12th graders do not view regular marijuana use as harmful. My reaction… and? Maybe they’re learning something. Remember that, as far as I know, the word “harmful” isn’t defined in the survey. If someone asked me if water was harmful, I’d probably say “no.” And yet, you can drown in water and overdose from it. Words matter, even to 12th graders, and failing to agree that something is “harmful” is not the same as affirmatively stating that it is 100% “harmless” in all situations.
  • One third of 12th graders get their marijuana from someone else’s medical marijuana…. Um… think about it. Would you rather they had gotten it from a criminal dealer?
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  1. Howard says:

    There’s more about kids and pot that is recently in the headlines. PBS is one source;

    But PBS and others who are carrying this story are not reporting it fully. Claims from the study;


    “Researchers in Chicago observed the brains of teenagers who were heavy users of marijuana. In those individuals, memory-related structures in the brain appeared to shrink and collapse inward, possibly indicating a decrease in neurons.

    These abnormalities were recorded two years after the teens stopped using marijuana, possibly indicating long-term effects, and look similar to schizophrenia-related brain abnormalities.”


    Other carriers of this story also reported — often several paragraphs down — that researchers do not know if the brain abnormalities of the subjects observed existed before marijuana was consumed. Others questioned correlation and causation and that “more work needs to be done”. But PBS (and others) have left out those rather crucial caveats. By the way, one headline for this report said something like “Marijuana Alters The Brain For Life”. Even though the study suggested the abnormalities existed two years after the subjects stopped marijuana consumption. Two years=LIFE? Media fail.

    Anyway, I think the NIDA was a partial funder of this research. That doesn’t raise any red flags, now does it…

    • allan says:

      I saw the story on PBS the other night and they definitely need a slap upside the head! They’re kowtowing to someone on this and should hear aboot it.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        NPR pulled one of my posts today. Nothing offensive, it was just a copy and paste of the last page and a half of the 1988 ruling from Judge Francis Young. When the heck do my friends who think the liberals are on our side admit that just isn’t true? Why else would a verbatim copy of a Judge’s ruling get pulled except that NPR doesn’t want the ruling to be known? Somebody got some ‘splainin to do.

    • perhaps their brains shrink due to marijuana causing the bullshit they’ve been taught during their lives to collapse in on itself. the brain regularly destroys useless connections among its neurons, and that could reasonably “shrink” their brains … maybe even “permanently.”

  2. Servetus says:

    The marijuana/kid angle is the last piton in the rock crevice for all the prohibitionists dangling on the rope below. They’re grasping the slender threads for their dear, professional lives. So far it’s been easy to hang on. Given Pete’s example, all one has to do is toss out some vague survey questions to kids and they come back with exactly the answers that make prohibitionists seem needed.

    Prohibitionists want to replace of parents when it comes to drug use by kids. They want to abuse, harass and punish kids for the crime of curiosity, and having the courage to experiment. It’s paternalism in the extreme. By contrast, most parents are far more likely to use an altruistic approach that doesn’t involve institutionalization.

    The problem boils down to what do parents want. Do they want the sadomoralists imposing a religio-corporatist agenda on their children? What about the danger of the system sucking a kid into the world of crime? Wouldn’t a parent feel better if their son or daughter grew up to sell marijuana indoors and across a glass counter, instead of setting up business in a public park?

    It’s really two questions: Is prohibition necessary? Are prohibitionists necessary? Focusing on the alleged necessity of prohibitionists over that of just letting parents handle it is another way to cut the rope.

  3. Plant Down Babylon says:

    Another day, another old school prohib dies.

    Another day, a non brainwashed, intelligent, thinking for himself youngster takes their place.

    Time keeps on slipping, slipping…..

  4. claygooding says:

    It sure doesn’t do any good ta agree with them that marijuana “could” be harmful to teenagers because even if it was it still doesn’t explain the prohibitionist animosity towards adult users. Since prohibition has already failed to protect children where is the proof that legalization will increase use? The only people claiming increased use are people that depend on prohibition remaining but all available statistics point to a decrease in use where marijuana is already available in MMJ states.

  5. DdC says:

    Increasing Marijuana Use in High School Reported
    A new federal report shows that the percentage of American high school students who smoke marijuana is slowly rising, while the use of alcohol and almost every other drug is falling.

    Don’t look at the statistics behind the curtain. Booze and almost every other drug is losing money.

    Holy underwear! We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!
    Governor William J. Le Petomane

    The prohibitionists are living in the “Airplane” movie…

    Striker : Tell ’em the gear is down and we’re ready to land.
    Elaine : The gear is down and we’re ready to land.
    Kramer : Alright, he’s on final now,
    put out all runway lights except 9er.
    Towerguy: Captain,
    maybe we ought to turn on the search lights now.
    MCrosky:No, that’s just what they’ll be expecting us to do

    “At DEA, our mission is to fight drug trafficking in order to make drug use the most expensive, unpleasant, risky, and disreputable form of recreation a person could have.”
    – Donnie Marshall, Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

    Health officials are concerned by the steady increase and point to what they say is a growing body of evidence that adolescent brains, which are still developing, are susceptible to subtle changes caused by marijuana.

    Drugwar Lies Linked to Schizophrenia

    “We have spent over a trillion dollars trying to eradicate the world’s most beneficial plant off the face of the earth. Imagine what a better world this would be if that money had been spent on treatment, education and studying the medical benefits of marijuana.”
    — Steve Hager – High Times Editor (1988 – 2003)

  6. jean valjean says:

    i just caught that report on npr. idiot presenter felt the “harmless” stat justified her making the fatuous comment that hs kids “sure are reaching for a joint” before much clucking over the “40% get their mj from someone elses rx”. uof m must have had a substantial bung from gov to get in bed with nida. rushing noise is their credibility going down the drain.

  7. “The Monitoring the Future Study has been funded under a series of investigator-initiated competing research grants from the National Institute on Drug Abuse”

    That’s all you really need to know to have a certainty that this will be biased AND negative. Its not truth speaking. Its greed. Tell them what they want to hear. Eat those federal tax dollars up!

  8. Duncan20903 says:


    Pete, I think that you’re very likely overestimating the accuracy of the underaged description of “medical merrywanna.” The producers and vendors refer to “medical grade” and for the most part that description is attached to high THC, seedless, female flowers. I think that it’s highly unlikely that the description “medical grade” hasn’t become a sales pitch. “Ooooh, I’ve got the bomb hydro skunk medical grade fire!!” says the dealer who’s actually selling cartel brick weed. 12th graders are going to be sophisticated enough to know how to differentiate? Now combine that with the fact that there isn’t a single State with a robust trade in actual medicinal cannabis that has seen an increase in youth use plus the fact that since it comes from well known liars AKA prohibitionists and I’m hearing the Church Lady again. Isn’t that special?

    This survey also made me recall the time when I was in 12th grade and the dealer at my high school sold me immature homegrown leaf. It sure as shit got me high. I friggin’ went back for more. If he had told me it was “meddi-cule merry whanna” I’m sure I would have believed him. I used to feel bad about that until I started hanging around with a co-worker who had just discovered cannabis. At the time I was practically a religionist refusing to “commerce” in cannabis. The guy bugged me until I was ready to scream and I finally gave him a bag of immature leaf for free. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy with eyes that red before or since. He just sat there listening to “Paradise City” from Guns’n’Roses at top volume over and over until the cops pounded on his door because of the noise complaints and then he literally hid under his bed and refused to come out until the next morning. You just can’t get better entertainment than that for a bag of fan leaves. Man, it’s over two decades later and the memory has me cracking up so hard I can barely type this note. Oh yeah, I was really glad the cops showed up because I was ready to bust that damn turntable and the record over the guy’s head.

    P.S. If someone grows 2 pounds of pot and sells 1 to the dispensary and 1 to the black market, it doesn’t make the black market pound “medical marijuana.”

    Strapped in the chair
    of the city’s gas chamber
    Why I’m here I can’t quite remember
    The surgeon general says
    it’s hazardous to breathe
    I’d have another cigarette
    but I can’t see
    Tell me who you’re gonna believe

    Take me down
    To the paradise city
    Where the grass is green
    And the girls are pretty
    Oh won’t you please take me home

    • claygooding says:

      Duncan,,most people would believe their dealer if he told them his weed was grown on the moon by NASA and brought to him on satellites,,,as long as it’s good.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Some of the best and least expensive cannabis which I’ve had the pleasure to encounter came out of the police incinerator. Somebody figured out how to shut down the crematory before the cannabis was completely destroyed. Yeah, I was very skeptical about that story until I looked at my first sample. There was no frackin’ question that it had been in a fire. It was crispy around the edges and had an overwhelming smell of smoke. I pondered whether it was so enjoyable because of all the other pot that burned completely had transferred some THC to the the rescued cannabis. Like one of those pipes that has a chamber in the stem where you put pot to get it coated with resin.

  9. strayan says:

    The day before in some dodgy part of town…

    “Don’t worry kid, it’s medical”

    The following day…

    “Hey dude, wanna chill at my house after school with some medical?”

    Medical my arse.

  10. Nunavut Tripper says:

    That low THC,high CBD medical marijuana sucks.
    Tell the high school kids I’ve got some of that “gateway” marijuana.
    Now that’ll really get you in the chill zone fast.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      I like cannabidiol. in the last few years I’ve decided that’s the major reason for why I scoff every time someone tries to perpetrate the “Merrywanna is thousands of times better than in the 1970s” canard. Back in the 1970s the commercial cannabis still had a measurable amount of CBD.

      Gateway Kush, now there’s a strain name.

      • Nunavut Tripper says:

        I think toking high thc,low cbd herb causes paranoia and anxiety.
        Fairly high thc and significant CBD seems to temper the effect for relaxation and euphoria that the recreation user desires.
        Cannabidiol can be very beneficial to some patients.

        Gateway Kush….I’m surprized nobody has used that yet .
        The breeders have a sense of humour with all their crazy strain names.

  11. kaptinemo says:

    Interesting, isn’t it, how the lame-stream media is always breathlessly a-flutter over these kinds of studies, but has never, ever bothered to tackle the REAL story of how and why one of the greatest scientific and medical discoveries of the 20th century – if not all of Human history to date – was suppressed, namely the discovery of cannabis’s literally extraordinary anti-neoplastic (anti-cancer) properties.

    I’ve said it before, and it merits repeating, that a Pulitzer Prize awaits the intrepid journalist who delves into that story and writes about it. I have a sneaking suspicion it will lead in directions that will explain some other mysteries of that time and today, the kinds of revelations that literally shake conventionality to the core.

    This latest study is just more waving shiny objects in front of the citizenry in order to distract them from the ongoing crime that cannabis prohibition commits, courtesy of suppressing the research that could have aided millions upon millions of people here and around the world to survive their illnesses and remain with their loved ones for longer than they were able to. This crime is worthy of a Nuremberg-style trial all by itself, not counting all the other horrors that those who profit from prohibition have inflicted upon the rest of Humanity.

    And like Nuremberg, given the damage caused by the greed and sadism involved in cannabis prohibition’s implementation, the ultimate sanction ought to be applied to those who benefited so much by promoting it. After all, they have killed so many with their avarice and callousness, themselves. “What comes around, goes around.”

  12. War Vet says:

    100% of American parents who drive do not allow their young children under 18yrs of age the right to refuse their parents to drive them, even though there seems to be a link between automobiles and car crashes leading to injury or even death.

    Unlike Earth being ‘mostly harmless’, cars are mostly dangerous yet legal to possess and its legal to allow infants to ride in them, even though no laws require the parents to obtain a ‘written consent’ form from their infants or children . . . yet many schools do require a written consent letter for a child to go on a field trip.

    I wonder how on earth many of our leaders can breathe without the aid of water since illogical laws would be a sign of devolving in the human species . . . I’m pretty sure many of them have gills. I wonder how much fish Mr. Kennedy was bribed with for him to sign on with Project SAM. Now we know the real reason why Kevin and his type refuse to do debates against dolphins and monkeys . . . those two animals are far more evolved than prohibitionists.

    • War Vet says:

      Not that I disagree with driving or allowing kids to ride, it’s just that American laws would naturally make driving illegal for everyone under the same logic for ‘prohibited drugs’: dangerous therefore illegal . . . addictive as well.

      • B. Snow says:

        Don’t worry – Just as soon as they build cars that can drive themselves, safer -statistically- than people…

        There will no doubt be a traffic law in some places that outlaws driving your car yourself (especially on the Interstate) – except in case of emergency or the like.

        If you wanna drive yourself for long periods you’ll have to hit the back-roads/country-roads, off-pavement kicking up gravel…
        Unless you live in the middle of the ‘fly-over’ states. Here, they’ll probably rather be damned, than told they can’t drive their huge ‘king-cab’ dually pickups 90+mph down the interstate highways…

        Passing 18-Wheelers on 95% blind curves, Those “silly” yellows lines down the middle don’t mean squat to some idiots.

        Sorry this should’ve probably been posted a few pages back – sorta…?

      • DdC says:

        I’d have to say living on earth is more risky than Ganja. Each day we spin around 1000 miles per hour. Plus traveling around the sun in one year is 67,000 mph. With no seat belts!

        Prohibition logic is left at the doorstep. Cannabis has been used thousands of years. It was popular for kids as a cough medicine. The World’s Fair had Turkish Hash Parlors to enhance the experience. As who knows how many uses over the centuries with kids right there inhaling the smoke of their parents or taking the elixirs. There is NO evidence it does anything to cause brain damage in children.


        On the other hand if abstinence does create a cannabinoid deficiency leading to larger fear centers in the brain. More obedience or reliance on authority to dictate. I can see why that might be a problem. To put it in perspective. If a non thinking obedient yes man is what the goal is, then pot might hinder that. If intelligent free thinking curious healthy minds are the goal. Then cannabis is the choice, and has been for centuries.

        Conservatives Have Larger ‘Fear Centers’ in Their Brains

        Ganja is for those not comfortable with herd mentalities. Conservatives cannabinoid systems are drying up from prohibition. That produces larger fear centers in their brains. More willing to follow blindly, especially authoritah. They would rather have laws tell them what is right and wrong. Or preachers, teachers, cops and politikans. Thinking for themselves is scary so they give up their rights to others.

        Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency

        Using Pot To Save Brains

        If they go to all the trouble to create brain damage with prohibition abstinence, pollution and card board food. Why would they want a non white powder, nutritional renewable resource undoing years of dysfunction? The Profits are the new Prophets.

        Does Weed Turbo-charge Outside The Box Thinking?

        Oh that would be a problem for disciplinarians…

        • Windy says:

          DdC, you always rag on the conservatives while neglecting to acknowledge liberals are just as bad at creating illogical, unnecessary laws and maintaining prohibition (and starting wars — more wars begun by Democrat administrations than Republican) and you know I am not saying this due to my being either conservative or republican because my position as a libertarian is well known, I rag on both parties/sides. Please stop with the constant conservative bashing and let your ire loose on BOTH sides of the political aisle, on both ends of that illusionary political line.

  13. kaptinemo says:

    OT: ‘Plan Colombia’ sprayplanes shot down by FARC guerrillas several months ago, but the news is only getting to The States just now (and you have to wonder why it wasn’t all over the lames-stream media).

    This calls to mind another, mysterious event that presaged the ramping up of ‘Plan Colombia’: The Unquiet Death of Jennifer Odom…and the treason of her boss, one Colonel James Hiet, his coke snorting wife and her narco friends.

    Plus ça change and all that; I said way back then on another forum that the narcos would shoot back sooner or later. They may have then; we know they have now. And I suspect this is only the beginning…

    • allan says:

      The story of Capt Odom and her crew’s deaths (Chief Warrant Officer Thomas Moore, Pfc. Bruce Cluff, Capt. Jose Santiago, and Pfc. Ray Krueger) is one of many (too many) that just screams for investigation. If memory serves, when the bodies of those GIs came home to Dover AFB, their return was under cover of a media blackout.

      I also seem to recall that Odom’s parents were not satisfied with the gubmint’s “investigation” into the deaths.

        • War Vet says:

          Is this where the premise for the movie, “Basic” comes from . . . at least in regards to the corruption?

        • allan says:

          WV… don’t know about that but Jennifer’s story is one as a vet I’ve always kept fresh for immediate use. Her story hardly got the press it deserves. Thanks to Kap for linking to one of the best.

          I don’t have to scroll far down the litany before my hackles are raised and my jaw tight. There is a reason none of the Prohibs will discuss the Victims of WOD.

          One of the lesser mentioned aspects of the story is that any follow up stories never happened. I’m pretty sure the dark return of Odom and crew’s bodies rec’d only one or two mentions in the press.

          That her boss Col. Hiett had a wife smuggling powder into the US got a bit more mention but not much.

          And as far as I know there were but two press pieces that gave the names of the crew – and one of those was my LTE:

          I also believe that the lion’s share of the dpr movement itself, for whatever reason, has chosen to not stand for the Victims of WOD… yet it is that list that in the WOD’s end (imho) will be the point that carries the heaviest sting.

          It’s an amazing list, seniors, babies, a teenager shot by US Marines on US soil, preachers, security guards, grammas and grampas… the sick and disabled (RIP Peter)… pets…

          I had the thought the other night that the the relationship between us and our movement and the U.S. public is very much like the Kitty Genovese case. A woman is being assaulted in public, screaming for help, people hear and see and close their blinds to a woman’s sufferings in a violent attack.

          We’ve been screaming in pain for years but it’s so much easier for people to ignore us if they just close the blinds and accept ‘the fact’ they can’t really do anything.

          I’m gonna go smash rocks for a bit…

  14. If Marijuana Legalization Sends The Wrong Message To Teenagers, Why Aren’t They Listening?

    Jacob Sullum is awesome.

    • kaptinemo says:

      The readily available answer as to ‘why they aren’t listening’ is because they’ve already had so much anti-drug BS dinned in their ears and splashed in their eyes from the moment they first walked into a school room that they’ve developed finely-honed BS detectors and are simply tuning out the prohibs.

      DARE was meant to replace the usual supporters of drug prohibition as their age made them unable to participate in the con-game that is prohibition (it promises you the impossible while stealing you blind: classic grifting).

      The kids were supposed to be the new ‘marks’ (as in suckers) to keep the gravy train going. Hence the heavy indoctrination. But it didn’t work.

      In fact, it backfired, as now those ‘kids’ are reaching their social majority and will soon be voting if they aren’t already. They will vote for legal cannabis (and have!) and they won’t vote for continuing prohibition…or pols who propose doing so. If only to take their upraised middle fingers and use them to poke their former tormenters in the eyes with them.

      What comes around, goes around. It’s the prohibitches turn in the hot seat, now. The generation whose intelligence they insulted will now be able to demand via their pols that their taxes not be used for cannabis prohibition. The rest of drug prohibition will follow the former into History’s boneyard in short order.

      As will its’ supporters. And none too soon…

      • The prohibitches are the perpetrators and keepers of the lie. A lie only works as long as you can hide the truth. The cat’s out of the bag already. Kids are not that stupid. They can read truth too. There is no going back to the same old lies. They don’t work any more. Truth works much more effectively – Something the ONDCP doesn’t know much about. Its like a brain malfunction at the highest levels of the government. They just call for Volkow to get some scientific sounding double speak about the brain. That’s half the reason for the malfunction.

        Somehow I can’t get the borg out of my mind when I think about it all.

        • kaptinemo says:

          The Borg? Well, it’s more like a church, if you ask me. The Church of the Holy Pee. The Carpenter’s Cup being replaced a specimen bottle. The high (no pun intended) priest’s robes replaced by three-piece suits, but their piety and fervor is never in doubt as they seek forced baptisms (DARE) and converts-by-sword (updated to sub-machineguns wielded by the’ defenders of the faith’, the SWAT Teams) and demand all worship at their altar…which resembles a giant toilet. Before which you must place the ‘burnt offerings’ of your freedoms and liberties, incinerated by their damnable laws.

          I leave you to imagine what their ‘sacrament’ is; I’ve given the readers plenty of hints.

          And like any religion, it cannot tolerate two things: heresy and ridicule. Heresy, a.k.a. the truth, is anathema to their dogma. ‘The Noble Lie’ must always be adhered to, to save the flock from itself by committing the ‘sin’ of free thinking. And every effort must be made (using even the taxpayer dollars of the heretics!) to keep the faith from suffering public embarrassment when the more outrageous tenets of it are challenged and their sanity questioned.

          They even have mendicants; in fact, it’s actually why they’re in the business to begin with. They receive billions upon billions of dollars in ‘alms’ for their ‘holy crusade’, with which they’ve done nothing but proselytize and beg for more.

          It’s a good thing their primary flock is exiting via the actuarial Stairway to Heaven; the intended suckers, uh, er, converts aren’t replacing them, and are of a heretical mind. Fewer and fewer believers in the church pews, which is causing the priests and deacons and acolytes no end of frustration, causing them to shout their dogmas even louder as if that would somehow reverse the loss of faith. As heresy (truth) spreads amongst the young.

          Evil times for the Church of the Holy Pee. A jubilee for the believers in cognitive liberty. So mote it be!

        • Windy says:

          kap’n, “So mote it be!”
          Ah, I think I detect a fellow follower of the Science of Witchcraft.

          I’m not a follower of the religion, though as religions go it is one of the least objectionable. But I am very interested in the science of spellcrafting.

      • Bill Moyers: ‘We Are This Close to Losing Our Democracy to the Mercenary Class’

        “… there is nothing idealized or romantic about the difference between a society whose arrangements roughly serve all its citizens (something otherwise known as social justice) and one whose institutions have been converted into a stupendous fraud. That can be the difference between democracy and plutocracy.

        Toward the end of Justice Brennan’s tenure on the Supreme Court, he made a speech that went to the heart of the matter. He said:
        “We do not yet have justice, equal and practical, for the poor, for the members of minority groups, for the criminally accused, for the displaced persons of the technological revolution, for alienated youth, for the urban masses… Ugly inequities continue to mar the face of the nation. We are surely nearer the beginning than the end of the struggle.”

        And so we are. One hundred and fifty years ago, Abraham Lincoln stood on the blood-soaked battlefield of Gettysburg and called Americans to “the great task remaining.” That “unfinished work,” as he named it, remained the same then as it was when America’s founding generation began it. And it remains the same today: to breathe new life into the promise of the Declaration of Independence and to assure that the Union so many have sacrificed to save is a union worth saving.”

        It all sounds kind of appropriate when I look at the War On Drugs.

  15. Duncan20903 says:


    I’ve been missing our friend Francis every now and then. I’m sure that the poor man has to spend every waking moment enforcing Francis’ Law so no time to post.

    This one is from the “there are lies, damn lies and statistics” category:

    October 14, 2012

    Effects of State Medical Marijuana Laws on Adolescent Marijuana Use

    Sarah D. Lynne-Landsman, PhD, Melvin D. Livingston, BA, and Alexander C. Wagenaar, PhD

    Objectives. Medical marijuana laws (MMLs) have been suggested as a possible cause of increases in marijuana use among adolescents in the United States. We evaluated the effects of MMLs on adolescent marijuana use from 2003 through 2011.

    Methods. We used data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and a difference-in-differences design to evaluate the effects of passage of state MMLs on adolescent marijuana use. The states examined (Montana, Rhode Island, Michigan, and Delaware) had passed MMLs at different times over a period of 8 years, ensuring that contemporaneous history was not a design confound.

    Results. In 40 planned comparisons of adolescents exposed and not exposed to MMLs across states and over time, only 2 significant effects were found, an outcome expected according to chance alone. Further examination of the (nonsignificant) estimates revealed no discernible pattern suggesting an effect on either self-reported prevalence or frequency of marijuana use.

    Conclusions. Our results suggest that, in the states assessed here, MMLs have not measurably affected adolescent marijuana use in the first few years after their enactment. Longer-term results, after MMLs are more fully implemented, might be different.

    • strayan says:

      Longer-term results, after MMLs are more fully implemented, might be different.

      Nope. In California:

      overall adolescent use of marijuana has declined significantly since the passage of medical marijuana laws.

      and then there’s this study:

      If anything, our estimates suggest that reported adolescent marijuana use may actually decrease after passing MMLs.

      They’re called prohibidiots for a reason. You should know that by now Duncan my man!

      • darkcycle says:

        Thanks, Duncan and Strayan, those are gems. I will be using those. The propaganda wave from this story is just building.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Doggone it strayan, I was tired last night. I noticed that line about “longer term results” and wondered why 16 years in California, 14 years in Oregon and Washington, and 12 years in Colorado didn’t qualify but my brain was too tired to analyze standard issue prohibitionist stupidity for purposes of ridicule. If I tried to make fun of every piece of stupidity that’s regurgitated by a prohibitionist I wouldn’t even have the time to take a dump. On the other hand I did mention Francis’ Law. You did infer that I went out searching the ether to find that article, right? The sad thing is that I had that article in hand in less than 15 minutes. It’s just mind boggling how easy it is to discredit the prohibull shit yet people keep falling for it anyway. Hey, how about a little boilerplate from 20903?

        Well, everyone that’s read this comments column should learn their lesson; you just can’t fool a prohibitionist. Well, that is unless you dress up a fatherly, scientist looking guy in a lab coat and have him deliver the propaganda in a somber tone of authoritative gravitas. Then you can get them to fall for just about anything you can possibly imagine.

    • kaptinemo says:

      ‘Might’. ‘May’. ‘Could’. ‘Presumably’. Etc.

      Weasel words. Always, these prohib-supported studies devolve into CYA weaseling, just in case later studies prove them to be wrong, just as the Tashkin Study proved the Zhang Study to be…and which is the usual pattern.

      The prohibitches trumpeted Zhang’s ‘cannabis may cause throat cancer’ conclusion (see what I mean?) from the heights, for a while (and still try to pass it off on a thankfully shrinking cannabis-naive public) until Tashkin ( a researcher in the Zhang Study, BTW) found evidence that it was severely flawed, and did his own work, which wound up refuting the Zhang Study.

      The problem with prohibs is that they like to deal in absolutes…until the absolute facts refute their premises. Then they start to get squirmy with the wording when they realize they are no longer on scientifically safe ground but rhetorical quicksand, with truth replacing the water in the mix.

  16. DdC says:

    Feds Call Out CO in Releasing Study on Teen MJ Use

    The most recent three years of the survey show little change in self-reported use in the annual tally.

    Your Tax dollars at work. How many teens Giligan?

    The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy noted many teens report getting their marijuana from others with medical marijuana access.

    Many teens?

    Past-month pot use by high schoolers jumped over five years

    Many teens report?

    Colorado, Washington and other states heading toward legalization are conducting a “large social experiment (that) portends a very difficult time” for drug-abuse control…

    Marijuana Stops Child’s Severe Seizures.

    Charlotte’s making Giligans job harder stopping her seizures when he’s trying to say it has no medicinal value. Gil Kerlikowske, Drug Czar Welfare Queen, stealing medicine from a baby. Sworn to Uphold the profits of Big Pharma so help him Gawd!

    Study Finds Compounds in Cannabis Fight Leukemia,
    Kill Cancer Cells

    â–¬ Scientists Re-Re-Re-Discover Cannabis Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers!
    â–¬ Marijuana” Can prevent Cancer
    â–¬ Cannabis Shrinks Tumors: Government Knew in 74
    â–¬ Cancer in the Family

    Giligan’s Watering Hole, where all the money goes. As I said a long time ago. OiNkDeCePtion and DEAth.

    Kinkykerli’s back and wants to taste more of your piss…

    Drug mishandling may have tainted 40,000 cases
    â–¬ New Study Finds That State Crime Labs Are Paid Per Conviction
    â–¬ NIDA’s Nutty Nora’s Tax Paid Gossip ecp
    â–¬ What the WHO doesn’t want you to know about cannabis
    â–¬ Cannabis Shrinks Tumors: Government Knew in 74
    â–¬ United Nations Drug Report Disappointing XTC v Meth!
    â–¬ Cover-Ups, Prevarications, Subversions & Sabotage
    â–¬ One In Five High Schools Whiz Quiz Students
    â–¬ Why Police Officers Lie Under Oath
    â–¬ Drug War a ‘War on Our Own People’
    â–¬ The Drug War Industrial Complex April, 1998

    Carlton Turner, Robert Dupont and Peter Bensinger became rich men in what has now become a huge growth industry: urine-testing.

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