Scott Greenfield does an excellent job discussing the latest outrageous bodily intrusion serving the war on drugs: A New Low: Vaginal Probes At The Border

And then there are the doctors, happy to stick whatever they’ve got into unwilling women (as was the case with David Eckert) because an agent said so. So that it’s clear, a warrantless ”forced gynecological exam” is rape. A warrantless forced “rectal probing” is rape. Jane Doe was raped. Unlike Eckert, neither the agents nor the physicians can hide like the sick cowards they are behind a judge’s warrant to excuse their conduct.

And they found nothing. Jane Doe was clean. Absolutely, totally, perfectly innocent of any wrongdoing. Not that it’s acceptable if she wasn’t, but she was.

The list of atrocities that our society has somehow accepted in order to achieve some kind of impossible goal in the war on drugs is astonishing (and should be frightening to a free people).

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  1. Jean Valjean says:

    This fits in with the long established practice of rape as a weapon of war. It would be astonishing if the warriors of this particular dirty war didn’t add rape to their arsenal of humiliation tactics. Of course, treating the victims of the drug war as less than human has been standard practice for decades but I’m glad to see that they are finally getting called on it by the ACLU. Some of these sadists need to end up in prison where their former employment should ensure that they experience rape for themselves.

  2. claygooding says:

    Every person involved from law enforcement,the judge to the doctor should have a rectal examination to see if their brains are that far up their ass.
    And anyone examined that is clean should never have to work again and can hire a driver to stand in for the next time.

  3. Servetus says:

    Human rights violations are never vindicated by results. Yet, had drugs been found, it’s unlikely the victims of New Mexico’s crazed body-cavity explorers would have sparked much public outrage over the use of brute force methods. In a free society, only criminals are expected to fear the law. Due to the drug war, everyone has valid reasons to avoid coming into contact with the police. Good citizen? Bend over….

    Practically everything in the Patriot Act that was designed to counter terrorism has been used instead in the war on drug users. We live in a surveillance state beyond the comprehension of the GDR’s Stasi, or even the Spanish Inquisition’s Edict of Faith, which demanded citizens spy on each other and report any trace of religious heresy to the Tribunal, including the use of herbal potions. The effects these policies had on Spanish culture and the economy were devastating. Foreign ships cargoes were quarantined for years, or ransacked and wrecked looking for Protestants and heretical literature. Exporters quit doing business with Spain. Then, as now, hysteria and policing are a toxic mix.

  4. Nick says:

    I read about this at Reason yesterday..stuff like this happening really makes my blood boil. The worst part about it is, you can’t defend yourself. You can say ” I don’t consent, fuck you get off of me” which will do what? Probably nothing. You can’t forcefully defend yourself without ending up in prison. The agents, cops or whoever who did this deserve some serious punishment. I’m sure they laughed about it, and at her afterwards.. And the “doctors” who assisted… I’ll stop talking now.

  5. allan says:

    these rape events happening to individuals are analogous to what the WOD is doing to our communities, our nation and our Constitution.

    Like I said, traitorous and treasonous.

  6. Duncan20903 says:


    Dammit, this just totally wastes a perfectly good piece of prohibitionist belittling boilerplate. I go as far out on the limb of the ridiculous tree as I can and these twits keep matching and exceeding my efforts. I swear I never woulda thunk it possible to kill this piece of extreme absurdity:

    Q) Mr. Prohibitionist, Mr. Prohibitionist, how many prohibitionists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A) None. Lightbulbs cause perverted acts when they’re “turned on” during sex. We just don’t need any more perverts. We may as well just legalize rape if we go that route!

    Oh well, this one didn’t survive the attention of the censors except on a few MSM websites anyway.
    This one is from the “give that man a baloney sandwich” category: in a stunning and totally unexpected (by me) turn of events Jamie Dimon got taken for a perp walk by the Feds. The last time I was this shocked a Federal arrest for financial hancky panky was when Bernie Ebbers got busted and again when they gave him 25 years in Club Fed. Back in the later mid-1990s the people playing the stock market acted as if that man walked on water. Now that was one of the major events that helped teach me that given the choice between believing what I was told or my own two eyes to believe my eyes. I never did play Worldcom either way but I do recall wondering if I was as stupid as the people who ridiculed me claimed for believing that the man was just building pyramids, not a legitimate business. In the end it was proven that Mr. Ebbers walked like a Egyptian just as I had thought.

    It makes me wonder if there isn’t some perp walking in the near future for some of the clowns from Goldman Sachs.

    P.S. there’s a very good possibility that within the next several months that once the fear subsides that JPM will be a screaming buy. Although I must say that a quick look at the stock’s price chart doesn’t appear to indicate any fear. Sheesh, have the traders abandoned the cockroach theory? (Cockroach theory: if you see a cockroach there are almost certainly scores, or even hundreds more hiding out of sight. Mr. Dimon would be the visible cockroach.)

  7. Russell Olausen says:

    I am nearby the U.S.of A. and it does seem like there is a program to isolate you people behind a wall of anal probes. I was in an L.A. hotel showing a local a dodecahedron that I had made and he ended with a typical southern expression of good will, “you all come back now, hear”. Well at least we can chat, for now. Peckerhead was a word that should make a comeback, capeche?

  8. Jeff Trigg says:

    The next time some prohibitionist says that if we legalize drugs, we might as well legalize rape and murder, we would be wise to let them know that the war on drugs already legalizes rape and murder for those with government powers. They can rape us at will if they suspect we might have drugs hidden in ourselves, and they can plow through our doors with military vehicles and shoot us dead based on anonymous tips made by phone. It is already legal for government authorities to rape us and kill us in the name of the drug war, without any proof whatsoever. And of course, murder is also legal now if its done by drone over foreign soil.

    Has even one Republican or Democrat politician spoken out against these drug war practices of raping people based solely on a hunch? Any legislation introduced anywhere that would put a stop to these rapes? Not that I’ve seen. A vote for a Republican or Democrat is a vote for forced anal probes, unwanted vaginal inspections, and military assault SWAT raids in furtherance of the drug war. If you vote R or D, you are voting for rape and murder.

  9. DdC says:

    ‘Relax Your Muscles as Much as Possible’
    Seems all the fussing and lowness stops once they go behind bars.

    WTF’s Up with New Mexico?
    Have they been annexed by Texas?
    Cops Spray Woman’s Vagina With Mace
    To “Punish” Her After Drug Arrest
    Ben Swann Truth In Media November 25, 2013

    Second Probe Raises Stink
    â–¬ A Complete Lack of Accountability in the Criminal Justice System
    â–¬ Second Anal Probe Lawsuit Being Filed Against N.M. Police
    â–¬ Conviction overturned after police illegally paralyze man, administer invasive probe
    â–¬ The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments
    â–¬ Ganjawar Youth League ecp
    â–¬ “Relax Your Muscles as Much as Possible”
    â–¬ Now DHS Subjects Innocent Woman To Drug Probes
    â–¬ NM Cops Sued Over Traffic Stop Anal Probes
    â–¬ Ohio Cops Are Using Fake Drug Checkpoints
    â–¬ Texas troopers charged for roadside body cavity search
    â–¬ (VIDEO)
    â–¬ Texas trooper suspended after conducting roadside cavity searches

    The AÊ‚Ê‚hole Police

    OT sorta. Looks like Illinois is getting pretty hip
    Congrats Pete. I don’t even think the left coast has drive thru’s…

    Drive-Thru Windows Allowed for Naperville Clinics
    CN By Melissa Jenco December 20, 2013 Chicago Tribune
    Illinois — Medical marijuana dispensaries looking to open in Naperville will be allowed to do so in some retail areas and can have drive-thru windows. The Naperville City Council approved regulations for the dispensaries and cultivation centers before the drug officially becomes legal for medical purposes Jan. 1. Cities are not allowed to prohibit such facilities entirely, but they can impose more stringent zoning regulations than the state, which has rules about their proximity to homes and schools.

  10. claygooding says:

    By-doggities,,we are mainstream when we have home delivery and drive-up windows

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Please remember that CVS, Walgreen’s, and Rite Aid all operate pharmacies with drive through windows. I’m certain that I’m going to see a parade of sycophants claiming that this “proves” that medicine isn’t actually medicine. I do find it rather amusing that the first ones authorized are in Illinois, where people have been squealing like stuck pigs for years that they don’t want Illinois to “be like” California.

  11. allan says:

    OT but something a few might appreciate:

    Matthew Perry takes on Peter Hitchens

    • It’s a good example of a meeting of two brick walls. One (Perry) might as well be a poster child for Volkow’s contention that addiction is a brain disorder. He’s already been brainwashed.

      Where it goes from there is to handle addiction as a brain disease and send them all to mental health. Witness what Michigan is planning: new mental health courts with attendant hiring of new judges to keep them stocked up with all the referrals they will be receiving from drug cases in the regular courts. This of course is to help handle the plethora of mental cases the regular courts can’t handle.

      Mind you, this is the State who brings you the head of the Senate (UN)Intelligence Comittee and home of AG Bill Schuette, family brain trust to Dow Chemical – who BTW just happens to hate marijuana and those dirty people that use it.

      It does not escape me to see another opportunity for Michigan to get loaded up with new Federal funding for mental health and the regular court system as they set up their extermination plans for the potheads and medical marijuana patients in Michigan.

      This is the war on drugs new wave of the future if the prohibs have their way.

      Thank Obama.

      • darkcycle says:

        This is what really, really bothers me about this. While they design drug courts to bring in the masses, the truly mentally ill wander the streets, begging for handouts. There is a special place in hell for the “Third Way” prohibitionist.

        • I don’t want anyone to get the idea I am against helping someone that needs help. I am against coerced treatment thru the court system for marijuana users that don’t need help or treatment and who otherwise would never ask for help because they really and truly don’t need or want it. I have a schizophrenic family member and another who is quite an alcoholic by their own admission (I am not one to rush to judgement on it – I have done my fair share of tipping). Expanding the mental health system in the courts is the inroad to the drug courts in my estimation. I think that’s why Gil goes to Volkow. She can justify any court action against an illegal drug user under the premise of brain disorder. It creates an expansion of the drug war by funneling more funds to NIDA and mental health while still keeping the criminal justice component in place for marijuana. Double your money, double your drug war fun.

          I bet Kevin is on Obama’s Christmas list.

    • In a way its a setup prohib BBC Special-no matter who wins the argument, there is still a drug war.

      • allan says:

        I didn’t think much of the piece either, but I sure liked seeing Hitchens get slapped. Hollyweed is guilty of massive silence on the WOD and lord knows they consume their fair share of illegal substances. That they can afford ‘rehab’ saves many of them the indignities of our unjustice system, but also subsequently colors their perceptions of the WOD.

      • DdC says:

        There ya go… It’s a product the government buys with tax dollars they steal from kids lunch programs and healthcare. Winning means stop selling the product the same as losing. Perpetuate with prisons or asylums. As stated, the truly mentally ill are doing the Thorazine shuffle at soup kitchens since Reagans set them free from the dungeons. Renting cells and selling rehab paraphernalia. Opting out of mandatory minimums and gag rule deterrents to jury trials. It’s all a fascist racket to me. Foster Care living room sweatshops plus tax paid dollars for each kid. Koch detention or maxcap prisons eating taxes if you flunk a whiz quiz. The Ganjawar product sold to those who are told they need to buy it while it’s on sale. Battery’s not included.

        Setting Nixon Lies Aside.
        Now Lets Make Policy on Cannabis. Doh!

  12. Francis says:

    The list of atrocities that our society has somehow accepted in order to achieve some kind of impossible goal in the war on drugs is astonishing (and should be frightening to a free people).

    Indeed. Rape, assault, battery, murder, robbery, kidnapping, torture, child abuse, animal abuse — it’s kinda hard to think of an atrocity the drug war hasn’t played a role in.

    • allan says:

      it’s all an indictment against those names highest on the list of professional and profiteering Prohibs.

      Where else in US media is there even discussion of the WOD atrocities? Save for a few diligent, professional journalists, no one ties ALL the names together – ‘cept us mostly.

      Have I mentioned I pretty much hate xmas? Sure I like pretty lights but the rest… not so much. (Austin, TX, early 1970s, had a giant xmas tree made of lights you could drive in a circle under… smoked a lot of joints driving around under that tree. The strobes at the end of the runway at Bergstrom AFB on foggy eves were pretty groovy too).

      • claygooding says:

        It cost me $24.99 for enough LED ropelights to spell out Bah Humbug on my privacy fence. Love the family bonding most Christmas activities bring but hate the commercials.

  13. allan says:

    A bit of highly appropriate Christmas cynicism over at HuffPo from Eric Sterling:
    Is Obama Channeling Mandela?

    Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle has written probably a dozen times chiding President Bush and then President Obama to release Clarence. Her recent column describes his minor role in the crack cocaine case that led to his sentence. All the ringleaders but one have been free since 2000.

    Truly, I am very grateful that President Obama finally acted on Clarence’s petition but I am very angry that this was so late, that instead of releasing him now, before Christmas, his release is delayed for four months, and that Obama has ignored thousands of legitimate pleas for mercy. My wife, quite rightly, accuses me of “sour grapes.”

    I wonder if Obama’s words of praise for Mandela tasted of ashes because, since he took office, the federal prison population has grown from 201,280 in January 2009 to over 217,000 today […]

  14. Duncan20903 says:


    Well I went over to the Border Patrol Administration HQ to file a complaint in person. Gosh those are some very rude people. I’m probably lucky that I caught them on a mello-day.

    Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, you shut your face! If we want to hear you talk, I’ll shove my arm up your ass and work your mouth like a puppet.”

    Apparently now the phrase “civil servants” is just another oxymoron.

    • allan says:

      thanks man, I needed a good laugh. All these atrocities makes this old feller get a bit cranky. I have a gorgeous 21 y.o. tenant and even she couldn’t make me smile today.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        I really hate reading stories like this. It brings to mind the time when the poop shoot squad actually hit the jack pot and caught a guy “riding dirty” with almost 1/4 pound. Aside from the thought that someone would even think of doing that being very disturbing, trying to understand the logistics drives me stark raving mad. I can’t stop wondering how the heck he did that. Did he use a shoehorn? Perhaps a gerbil injection tool? If it’s cartel brickweed won’t the gerbil eat the seeds and ruin the weed? It just leaves me feeling very confuzzled.

        • Jean Valjean says:

          ” I can’t stop wondering how the heck he did that.”
          Duncan…check out a little more pornography…

  15. allan says:

    left this comment on the article:

    @ Sgt Shulz…

    Pardon me?

    “The only people who find this a “simple” product of the War on Drugs are non-lawyers. We see it in all aspects of law enforcement, certainly drugs, but many others as well. Your simple is far more complex for those of us who actually live with this.

    We are not only aware of the War on Drugs, but far more so than you will ever know. But we also are aware of things you aren’t aware of. We spend a whole lot of time contemplating these things, and do a whole of research about it. You are not a lawyer, and it seems perfectly obvious to you.”

    I’m sorry sir but lawyers judges and cops are hardly the only ones with knowledge of society, culture, the War On Drugs… so excuse my blue collar ig’nance, please.

    Those 100 years of drugs prohibition is all fraud, factoid. The Prohibition on Cannabis the keystone to Prohitibition II’s house of lies.

    There are many of out here that are very educated about the excesses and atrocities of the drug war. From shooting babies and dogs to forced anal and vaginal probes the offenses of Prohibition are virtually uncountable. There is a list of names of those dead, innocents, killed by the WOD. The WOD is but a symptom of a far greater social illness.

    WE live with the drug war. Don’t lecture about your superior knowledge because a JD does not necessarily a genius make. We are the ones with the boot on our necks. Don’t get me wrong, I love lawyers. Some lawyers that is…

    What other policy has led this nation, once proud to proclaim itself as “the Land of the Free, Sweet Land of Liberty,” to now (and has been for many, many years) become the most incarcerated population on the planet? The cases of Eckert and Jane Doe are analogous to what the drug war does to our communities, our nation and our Constitution (drugs even get a “Constitutional exception”). There are profiteers in and corruption at every level of the drug war bureaucracy.

    And if I need judicial or law enforcement corroboration of my views I simply need to turn to those who are cops and lawyers and judges and DEA and border agents belonging to the fine organization Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

    The court of public opinion and shared media (the interwwwebs) has laid waste to Prohibition II’s lies. That folks have their hackles raised by a government raping its citizens should not be shocking.

  16. C.E. says:

    simplejustice.com is a great and useful site, but the author seems to be a might testy about people posting comments to his articles, so I’ll leave this here, instead:

    I don’t think we can discount the importance of the war on drugs to systemic problem of intrusive police procedures. These guys weren’t searching for plutonium or illegal decryption software. They were searching for drugs. While abuses of similar scope can occur in the name of the war on terror–I’m thinking of extraordinary rendition, for example–I can’t recall ever hearing of a body cavity search at the border for illegal ivory or child pornography or even weapons. And I would argue that the near complete erosion of Fourth Amendment rights has developed apace with the escalation of drug prohibition. Although you can find courts upholding the legality of questionable searches for evidence of other crimes, in my experience at least, reasonable people could at least argue about the correctness of those cases.

    But courts rely on the most specious nonsense to uphold drug searches. This is because drug searches often occur in order to determine whether a crime has even been committed; in other types of offenses, officers usually are aware of the commission of the crime and its nature, and they are looking for evidence relating to that specific offense. But the focus of a drug search tends to be based on a hunch–the officer has no idea whether a crime was committed, but he thinks one might have been. So he has to invent reasons to search. And because drugs can (and have been) hidden in the most unlikely of places, the searches have become more invasive. And because courts and politicians habitually overstate the dangers of drugs, judges are less critical of the reasons for and extent of the searches.

    Drug prohibition may be 100 years old, but the War on Drugs began 40 years ago under President Nixon. And I would argue that the absolute obsession with drugs did not really get going until about 30 years ago, under the Reagen administration. Since then, the obsession has become a disease. More importantly, it has become a cash cow for local jurisdictions, so now a primary purpose for traffic stops has become to search cars for drugs or, better yet, money. Once a stop occurs, the focus is either getting consent to search or coming up with some reason to search that will hold up in court.

    So, yes, this is a systemic problem, but the system has been ultimately corrupted by the war on drugs. Would we have come to this point without drug prohibition? Perhaps, but I doubt it.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      I’m certain that Harry J Anslinger used the phrase “war on drugs” back in the 1930s. I really wish that I had marked it because it’s been impossible for me to find in order to rebut the presumption that the war on (some) drugs has been going on a lot friggin’ longer than 40 years.

      But you know something that has just celebrated 40 years? Oregon’s decriminalization of petty possession of cannabis was signed into law by Republican Governor Tom McCall in 1973.

      Beyond that the thing that makes giving “credit” for starting the war on (some) drugs to Dick Nixon laughably absurd is the reality that subsequent to his being run out of town on a rail his favored policies were anathema to the American people. I can assure you from what I saw with my own two eyes that there was no “war on drugs” in the late 1970s at least through the end of 1981.

      Hey, I didn’t realize that Harry J. Anslinger played Uncle Fester on the Addams Family. Huh, whod’a thunk such a total jackass could be that funny?

  17. DdC says:

    Russ Belville ‏@RadicalRuss
    Jacob, headline of the year! Drug Warriors Kidnap and Sexually Assault a Woman After Getting Permission From a Dog http://rad-r.us/1i8IPXD

    • DdC says:

      TransformDrugPolicy ‏@TransformDrugs
      Uruguay: Small country’s move has more than token significance for future of the war on drugs: Aljazeera http://dlvr.it/4YJkZ7

      Looks like it… beyond to the war on people.

      Guatemala Considers Legalizing Opium Growing for Medicinal Market http://bitly.com/JIybbf
      TransformDrugPolicy ‏@TransformDrugs

      Supreme Court strikes down Canada’s prostitution laws http://fw.to/idA4nxI they create severe dangers for women and violate basic values

      Federal appeals court upholds decision blocking Wisconsin #abortion law
      ACLU National ‏@ACLU
      TransformDrugPolicy ‏@TransformDrugs

      Sobering reading: “domestic abuse is the largest cause of morbidity in women aged 19-44, greater than war, cancer & motor vehicle accidents”

      Folks took Phil Robertson’s anti-gay quote out of context! He said, “I’m against same-sex relations unless you’re cousins.”

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  19. lombar says:

    a warrantless ”forced gynecological/rectal exam” = rape

    a warranted ”forced gynecological/rectal exam” = legally sanctioned rape

    The root problem is that people believe in and support the governments authority and right to do all these things rather than see it for what it is, an armed gang of thugs/petro-criminals forcing their will upon the populace using coercion and violence.


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