Drug War Presentation

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 6:30 pm: Prohibition in 2013: Liberty and the War on Drugs.

I will be talking about a wide range of issues regarding the War on Drugs’ assault on Liberty, followed by a Q and A period.

The talk is in Stevenson 101 on the Illinois State University campus in Normal, Illinois. It is being sponsored by the Illinois State University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty.

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14 Responses to Drug War Presentation

  1. darkcycle says:

    Dang…wish I could be there. Good luck, Pete. Knock their socks off!

  2. thelbert says:

    good for you, Pete. it’s hard to counter lies with silence. make some prohibitches squirm.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      thelbert reaches out from the merry go round and grabs the brass ring!
      “Prohibitches” …now that’s just plain funny.

    • Your a genius, thelbert. I second the motion. Make the Prohibitches squirm. Feels good to say it even.

    • primus says:

      Semantics is key; the verbiage affects how the message is received. Words are important, and prohibitches is great. I suggest other changes; non-medical use rather than recreational use, re-legalize rather than legalize, and of course the word ‘prohibition’ is loaded so it’s a good one to use. I suspect there are others.

  3. Duncan20903 says:


    Where in the heck would the world be without tautology? I can’t answer that question but I’m certain that if things were different then they just wouldn’t be the same.

    Now let’s shuffle off to Buffalo:

    High Rates of Marijuana Use Among Teens

    BUFFALO, NY — Illicit drug use among teenagers has continued at high rates largely due to the popularity of marijuana. The National Institute on Drug Abuse found in 2012…

    Well I’m glad that’s settled. “The children” choose to enjoy cannabis because lots and lots of them do enjoy it. Now how many millions of borrowed dollars did it cost us taxpayers to fund the “research” to arrive at that utterly profound conclusion?

    FWIW the comments underneath this piece of hysterical rhetoric are 100% from our side of the table. Some wise guy even pointed out that if you use 1999 numbers as the starting point that youth use is down significantly, then accuses NIDA of being cherry picking fans of Darrell Huff and his sacred (to the prohibitionists) tome, “How to Lie with Statistics.” Well not in so many words but that was what he was thinking, no doubt.

    Quite frankly I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to enjoy a slice of cherry pie again. That makes me very sad. Very sad indeed.

    • B. Snow says:

      I feel like…

      “…kids have become a little more reckless with things and I think that stuff is a little bit more readily available, Paige Prentice with Horizon Health Services said. “So I feel like addiction and the disease and the use of substances has gotten worse.”

      “I FEEL LIKE” – WTF???
      Well, I feel like the people in the article have some serious issues to put it politely…

      Let’s see what sort of issues, skim down, -and- BINGO! Found it, not a paragraph and half later.

      “Our family lost our daughter years ago to alcohol as a result of her addiction. And that pain still resonates with us every day, …”

      Seriously, This is what passes as a coherent, persuasive argument?
      An argument that often goes beyond drugs – But it somehow manages to point the finger of blame at the current “permissiveness” in modern society’ as the cause of any/all current societal problems/issues.

      And similarly finds that -henceforth- all such faults should now be squarely laid upon our modern, diverse, collective society and/or culture…

      Instead of (IDK) -just maybe- being more the fault of the aforementioned alcoholic? Or, how about the person(s) mixing alcohol and pills??

      Or maybe its Because you destroy your credibility with the youth by telling them marijuana is a dangerous drug, and they can find out this is a blatant lie = either firsthand, or from just about any honest, non-prohibitionist source on the web, cable tv, social media, or via other friends, relatives that actually care, etc.

      The advice in one part is basically “Have some very (DIS)-honest conversations with them…” and if you think they may be “using” = tell them how you’re disappointed in them, and you don’t know them anymore because “using” has changed them into someone else and they’re no longer your kid.

      Go Ahead, try that and see what happens…
      Heck, just go Seinfeld on them — “just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

      I suspect this is Kev-Kev’s Mantra he chants for hours before he goes on TV to spew more lies – and it doesn’t seem to be working very well lately either.

  4. DdC says:

    Can you stream it online?

  5. DdC says:

    Can Smoking Pot Be Considered a Form of Free Speech?
    Nov 18 2013
    Activists lit up in protest of the War on Drugs—now they face severe charges.

    Now They’re Coming For The 1st?

    Catch 22²

    • Windy says:

      Can Smoking Pot Be Considered a Form of Free Speech?
      Nov 18 2013
      Activists lit up in protest of the War on Drugs—now they face severe charges.

      Posted to Digg, FB and Twitter

  6. GL Hardin says:

    ProhiBitches is the perfect name for those of the evil NOT “invisible empire” of crime that will say or do anything to keep their unenforceable (illegal) laws in place.
    Put the spotlight on them and burn them right where they are.
    Education of the moral majority on this subject is the answer…keep pushin’

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